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  1. I know a nurse who did a BSN and then became an investment banker -- I did the reverse.
  2. 2BSure

    You know your pt is a jerk if........

    OMG! Because he, as a meth addict, is sooooooo attractive.
  3. 2BSure

    All white uniforms? Eek...help!!

    Not necessarily. Our tech college just changed theirs and I have a friend working there. Apparently it was like the "great debate". One of our private college uses all white and I think it looks very smart...plus it make student easily identifiable.
  4. 2BSure

    All white uniforms? Eek...help!!

    At least your school reminds you to press your scrubs. I think some students forget to look in the mirror before they walk out the door to clinical. No polishing shoes...that is so cute and old school. Sounds like my old Scottish aunt is on their advisory board.
  5. 2BSure

    hostile staff member

    It seems to me that you have two options: 1) Stay and feel the need to CYA on a daily basis about everything -- this is NO way to live 2) Seek employment elsewhere Ages ago I worked in a place where I actually kept a personal log of everything I did and every interaction I had. Obviously I didn't use patient names but date/time/rm number. Also, put on it my interactions with family visitors etc etc. I "won" if that is what you would like to call it. However, that woman's opinion of me dogged me for about 4 years. Sure she slandered me after she left but suing someone? Life is too short and being someone that brings lawsuits doesn't exactly make you an attractive employment candidate -- even if you are "right" and win. I'd be interested to see what you patient care manager comes up with -- but most managers are rubbish at sorting these things out with a win-win. But if she can do it YAY for her. You can, of course, try discussing it with the RN in question, but you would need to approach in quite a benign manner. Given that it has been escalated to the patient care manager already that really isn't an option.
  6. I had this exact problem. Apparently the immunization records should be "with the State". They were not and as I didn't live in that state anymore (NY) I wasn't likely to get far with my inquiries. If you cannot find them easily just get new immunizations. I got them from my county's public health for free -- the bonus being that these records are on the state's database now and it doesn't matter where my doctor or her records are, I will always be able to provide proof of vaccination.
  7. 2BSure


    This is fine as long as you are able to keep hold of it during clinicals...good luck with that!
  8. 2BSure

    Uh Oh- background/criminal check!

    I am curious...who here has had to submit to a credit check? If you have what kind of facility/position were you going for?
  9. One would think so. See my other post. I don't have any statistics to hand so someone here might blast me.... I understand that if you get TB they usually recommend an HIV test. Hopefully your boyfriend was counseled about this.
  10. Don't worry so much! Go get the 2 step test (usually your city or county public health dept. does this for a nominal fee (mine is $15). If you get a reaction it can only mean you have been exposed, BUT they will do a chest xray if there is a reaction. If that is positive, there are a number of different next steps -- you should go under the care of an infectious disease specialist who can determine what the best steps are for your results. My mother has a calcified node and lives with me, but my tests are always negative. I wouldn't spend anymore energy on worrying about this. Go get the TB skin test done now and if they are positive you will have time to deal with further tests. Good luck with CNA school. I did it years ago but it was a blast. See the CDC's website: http://www.cdc.gov/tb/
  11. Work colleagues but only a couple of them (they are very consistent though). At least the patients are sick/injured/in pain -- people not at their best don't behave their best. Now if the question was "Who is worse, patients or family members?". I'd say family every time.
  12. 2BSure

    Volunteering and Nursing School

    Some hospitals, like mine, only require a 2 hour a week commitment. Normally I would encourage everyone in NS to volunteer in a hospital (or similar) but as you already work in one why don't you try a strategic move? Think about what you want to get from the volunteering. I don't know what you do in your hospital but if it is behind the scenes and not on a unit, perhaps you could apply for a job on a unit. Many of our unit clerks/secretaries have been nursing students and several of them go on to be hired in our unit (or another one) after graduation. We really love it and I think it makes a huge difference to them as a new grad to be familiar with their surroundings.
  13. 2BSure

    nursing abbreviations

    Indeed. Ask for the guidance document(s) on this subject.
  14. 2BSure

    Narc count---missing meds...

    You have had some good remarks. If there was no count when you came in then there was no count when someone before you went off. That would make 2 shifts responsible. I am sure you feel sick as a pig about all of this right now. Keep your head up. Tell the truth. It really doesn't sound like someone pinched anything more like a culmination of a few documentation errors.
  15. 2BSure

    Schedule Issues

    I am so sorry. This sort of thing is really unacceptable. Maybe next time you need to take a picture with your phone camera (that would be a funny remark if it did not seem necessary). What is their policy regarding swapping shifts with other workers? As for the OP it is really not OK to schedule a per diem for a time when they say they are not available. You are per diem for a reason. Someone posted that you should submit your available dates in writing and that is a GREAT idea.
  16. 2BSure

    Done with Pre-reqs.

    Depends on your school. What about electives, have you completed all of those? If you are going to a 2 yr school ask them what transfer agreements they have with the schools providing a BSN (including the private ones). Then seek advice from the college you hope to take your BSN.