December 2016 Top 8 Captions Contest - Select $100 Winner

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    It's so easy why wouldn't you?

    Should you accept this challenge, it involves coming up with a caption to the above cartoon. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have a few days to submit your entry.

    Need ideas? (brainstorm session)

    Christmas, New Years Eve/Day, hard day at work, patient to nurse (vice versa), doctor to nurse, nurse to nurse, etc

    Caption Contest Rules

    To qualify for the $100 prize, your caption must be posted here on We will select the Top 8 captions in a few weeks where you (the community) will choose the winner.

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    UPDATE Dec. 27, 2016

    Congratulations compassionresearcher!

    You won $100! Your entry was selected by the community as the best caption.

    Cartoon can be viewed at Nursing Dreams and Nightmares
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  3. Poll: Select your favorite captions for the cartoon above...

    • MAN: "Merry Christmas, my lovely nurse!" NURSE: "Bah Humbug. Get me some coffee."

      5.68% 5
    • MAN: Happy New Year! New Year??? NURSE: What's the time now? Is it morning? Evening?

      9.09% 8
    • HUSBAND: Must you fall asleep while I am talking?! WIFE: No- it's purely voluntary.

      13.64% 12
    • HUSBAND: Oh no, the dream with the IV beeping again? WIFE: It just won't stop no matter how many times I hit the button...

      28.41% 25
    • MAN: Some of your coworkers say you're two-faced! WOMAN: Do you think that if I had two faces, I'd be wearing this one?

      21.59% 19
    • DOCTOR: I'm discontinuing the patient's Seroquel, Loxapine, Zopiclone, and Ativan tonight. Let's see how he does. NURSE: .... *speechless

      27.27% 24
    • NURSE: Hey your patient's been yelling for you to come see his bowel movement in the bathroom for like 10 minutes... DOCTOR: *sigh* I should have become a nurse...

      5.68% 5
    • HUSBAND: "How was your night?" WIFE: "Full moon. 'Nuff said about that. Now how about that margarita?"

      25.00% 22
    88 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  5. by   NURSEinprogress91
    I'm so tired
  6. by   nievesa
  7. by   m1lkofamnesia
    Husband: "I know you had a long night at the hospital, but do you think you could take the kids to school, clean the house, and cook a nice dinner for us tonight?"

    Nurse: "Bob, the little energy I have left right now is going to be used to dive face-first into my pillow."
  8. by   WKShadowRN
    He: Looks like you really 'decked the halls' last night, eh?
    She: I'll deck YOU in a minute.
  9. by   WKShadowRN
    He: There's no place like home for the holidays!
    She: Unless you have to pull 12-hour shifts and eat cold pot-luck.
  10. by   compassionresearcher
    Man: It takes a special person to work nights...

    Woman: zzzzzzzz
  11. by   evastone
    Him: I'm so glad you're home! Now we can snuggle on the couch and-

    Her: Honey, I just spent an entire night taking care of one patient with C-Diff. One of the eight times I changed him, he accidentally spilled the contents of his bedpan all over me... Do you think now is the right moment for this?
  12. by   anitalaff
    Are you free for a drink Friday?

    Yes... in 4 years.
  13. by   anitalaff
    "What you need is a holiday"

    "What I need is a holiYEAR"
  14. by   bdw062590
  15. by   BabyFood26
    Guy: Hey, tell me quick before you crash. How was your day, huh?

    Lady: Ok, well ya know Veronica right? Oh she's a riot... Ver' said... ZZZzzz
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  16. by   momtotwonurse
    You're a Nurse - Does that type of bee sting?

    Well, I don't know...but I can help you if it does!