Age of graduates coming out of Nursing School!?

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Hello I was wondering to myself whats the average age that graduates are coming out of nursing school these days?! Im 23 going on 24 in december and this is my first year of Nursing school! I hear from alot of my peers that the Nurses are starting off at a later age than expected because of how hard it is to get in nursing school as well as finishing all prerequsites!:nurse:

I'm starting an ASN program in Jan. at 54 (third career)!

It is so cool to see all the post of the different age groups in Nursing school nowadays! I'll be 25 when i graduate in December 2012! :[anb]::[anb]::[anb]:

I'll be 31 at graduation. The oldest in our class will be 42, the youngest will be 23. I started "late", I guess you could say, but this is a second career :D

I will be 44 when I graduate. I got accepted into a nursing program when I was 25, but dh got transferred out of state so I gave up my spot before I even started. My kid is old enough and responsible enough to be on her own during the day now, so I decided it was time to try again. It's the best decision I ever made.

I am 24 and will graduate in December. This will be my second degree, received my first in 2008.

I am 33 now and will be 34 when I graduate. This is my 2nd degree/2nd career. I think I am right in the middle at my school. Most of us are married with kids and jobs, but we all get along with each other, regardless of where we fall in the bell curve. Maybe it's because we are all in the same boat, which is up **** creek without a paddle, LOL!

I will be almost 42 when I graduate in May. However, I have been an LVN (same as an LPN for you non-Southerners...LOL) for about 22 years. I am in a class of 114 students and I am about the 2nd or 3rd from the oldest. One of my friends is 43 and I do not know the age of the other lady. Congratulations on making your decision to become a nurse at a young age! Way to go!

PS. I was the youngest in my LVN class :redpinkhe

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I will be 41 when I graduate in 2012. I got a late start. Just started my pre-reqs in january of this year.

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I'll be 41 when I graduate. The vast majority of my class is in their 30s. We have a few late 20s, almost no early 20s and a couple of 40s and 50s.

Ill be 23 when I graduate in december.

Ill be 25 when I graduate in August of '12

I'll be 32 when I graduate next summer (this will be my 2nd career). I'm in a second-degree program, so the youngest people in my class are 22-23. The oldest are in the upper 40s-low 50s. The majority are in the upper 20s, low 30s.

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