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Hello I was wondering to myself whats the average age that graduates are coming out of nursing school these days?! Im 23 going on 24 in december and this is my first year of Nursing school! I hear from alot of my peers that the Nurses are starting off at a later age than expected because of how hard it is to get in nursing school as well as finishing all prerequsites!:nurse:

the youngest in my class is 20, everyone else is mid 20's to about 50... there are 40 of us total and i think the average age range is probably mid 20's.... i dont see any ageism... we all get along well regardless of age or situation... marrried, kids etc. everyone in my group is super nice and super supportive : )

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I am 20 and for the first half of the year I was the youngest in the class (at the time 19). The last half of the year I was the second youngest as their was a girl who turned 20 4 months after me.

My class was like this: 7 19-22 year olds "right out of high school", 10 23-27 year olds who gave up on going to the University after being denied entrance into the nursing program 2 years in a row, 15 28-40 year olds on their second career from either being laid off or hating their job, 6 50+ year olds who were probably in the same boat as the 28-40 year olds.

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I am currently in an LVN program and I just turned 23. I will be 24 when I finish this program (Dec '11). I am one of the youngest in my class. I plan to start my RN bridge Fall '12 and I will be 26 when I finish. Whew.

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I will be 33 when I graduate in May 2012 :)

Good luck to you all!:)

I have noticed that there really isn't a set age for graduates now-a-days. At my school we have students who came right out of high school and we have others that are grandparents and in their 60's. I am in my 20's and I will be graduating in about a year with my LPN and I seem to be one of the younger students in the program.

I'm 22 and will graduate when I'm 23 (thanks to having a summer b-day), but the ages range from about 19 to 55 in our class. Sadly, though, the younger students, especially those that just got their prereqs and went for it, seem to have a harder time grasping the "critical thinking" part of nursing.

Actually, I like being in school with people that have had more life experiences then I have, because they are more inclined to share their story, so to speak, and help you look at life a little differently! Thing is, three of our instructors are under 35, so sometimes that's a little different for the older students, but it all works out in the end.

Oh, and the best part about older students in nursing school: they don't giggle when someone says member or lady parts!

I will have just turned 22 when I graduate with my BSN. I graduated high school a semester early and went straight into pre-reqs and did summer classes too...and was just admitted into a BSN program!!

My class is a huge age range from 19-52(and she never lets us forget that shes 52). Im 22 and Ill be 23 when I graduate.

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