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    I am trying to figure out what kind of pay to expect from a LTC facility. I'm going to interviews soon and don't want to ask for too much (or too little). I recently moved to North Austin, TX (Round Rock, Cedar Park are all options for work) so I have no idea what the going rate is. I have been a LVN for over 5 years.
  2. i didn't mean LPNs were bad, I was talking about the schools and the fact that their programs are so fast! I am not sure of you read my post completely but I am an LPN. I was strictly talking about the schools, not LPNs personally
  3. Nurse Cathy Foley

    any one know ?

    That sounds very shady..?
  4. Nurse Cathy Foley

    young mom, nursing school, job can i do it?

    I went to school with a lot of people who were parents, and working. You can totally do it!
  5. I think that schools that churn out nurses are good and bad. Good because if we decided all nurses need to have a University education we would have a great shortage... so going that route will probably never work out. Bad because being a LPN in one year seems too soon (I am one). I think to really BE a nurse you need more education then the basics in everything thrown into a year. My school was 6 week long classes. 6 weeks mental health, 6 weeks med/surg 1, 6 weeks med/surg 2.. etc... I do not think that is a very good education and honestly forgot a lot of what I learned because I had to cram it all in so fast. So it has it's benefits: we need nurses at all levels (LPN, RN, BSN). Having a BSN work the cart at a nursing home for 17$ an hour would never fly, so we NEED LPNs. But they are bad because it's too fast and too easy, and I am new to nursing but I have already seen the difference in understanding of nursing between LPNs I work with and RNs I work with....
  6. Nurse Cathy Foley

    Difficulty with a CNA

    I would first have a serious talk with the aide and make sure they understand they need to follow what you say. Then I'd write them up until they did what they are suppose to or were fired.
  7. Nurse Cathy Foley

    My First Interview!(LPN)

    Good luck!
  8. Nurse Cathy Foley

    Would you marry a Doctor?

  9. Nurse Cathy Foley

    needing some advice, what would you do?

    Pay cut would be way too much (for me personally). At the same time... you should do what you love, but if you're content where you are at the moment, you should stick with it.
  10. Nurse Cathy Foley

    Can't Find References

    You should volunteer.. then you can use them as references! :)
  11. Nurse Cathy Foley

    To write up or not???

    You did exactly what I would have!
  12. Nurse Cathy Foley

    Why are CNAs paid less than telemarketers?

    Exactly what I was going to say.
  13. Nurse Cathy Foley

    Commuting.....Need advice!!!

    30 minutes
  14. Nurse Cathy Foley

    HELP! Social question-over the line?

    You probably should do nothing more than go out to dinner with them...
  15. Nurse Cathy Foley

    Remember me? I Got Accepted!