Age of graduates coming out of Nursing School!?

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Hello I was wondering to myself whats the average age that graduates are coming out of nursing school these days?! Im 23 going on 24 in december and this is my first year of Nursing school! I hear from alot of my peers that the Nurses are starting off at a later age than expected because of how hard it is to get in nursing school as well as finishing all prerequsites!:nurse:

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When I start, I'll be 3 months from my 29th birthday and will be a few weeks from my 30th when I graduate. I started late because I'm a career changer.

O Ok thats still young and a excellent age to be just started off in the medical field!

This year we graduated 88 new BSN students and 23 Direct Entry MSN students at the University of Virginia. Nearly all of the BSN graduates were 21-22 years old (most of these were admitted directly from high school). The other 10 BSN students were ages 23-29.

The age range for the Direct Entry MSN students was 24 - 56 ( most of these were second or third career folks).

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I'll be 55 when I graduate. Second career plus I've been an LPN for the past 14 years.

Ok thats kinda what i thought! thx

Wow! Thats great! I was actually going to become an LPN until i got accepted into my BSN program!

I'll be 41 when I graduate in May. I'm also a second-career person (or third, or fourth.... :) Our class has several older adults so I'm not alone...thank goodness, because you young whipper-snappers wear me out (LOL just kidding!!)

I'll be 31. There's quite an age gap in my class. Young (19-20) all the way to early 60s.

@ mspontiac...Lol!:)

Yeah Nursing ranges from all ages which is the neat part!!

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Yeah Nursing ranges from all ages which is the neat part!!

And that, my friend, is the beauty of nursing school. Everyone brings something different to the table..different paths, different career goals, different outlooks, experiences, etc.

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