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I am the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Virginia. Among other things, I coordinate admissions and financial aid for all the nursing programs.

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  1. UVA Grad Nursing

    UVA MSN CNL 2015

    After Saturday morning, there will be a link that indicates that the letter is available. The link will become valid on that day. Information about the Conway Scholarships will be sent in February (after we know who has accepted the offer of admiss...
  2. UVA Grad Nursing

    Help! Non-nursing best path to Psychiatric NP

    While there are many Direct Entry MSN programs that would prepare you to become a nurse and a NP in one 3-year (full-time program), none of these are fully online. None of these are in Kansas. Since you are not available to relocate to another sta...
  3. UVA Grad Nursing

    NFLP loan repayment--has anyone had trouble after graduation?

    Are you open to relocation for a teaching position or a long commute? My University has offered the NFLP since 2006, and we have seen the opportunity for loan cancellation if you are open to moving where the jobs may be. It is hard to know precis...
  4. UVA Grad Nursing

    CNL vs NP?

    ®Nurse The finance component is covered in our Care Environment Management I & II classes. The course description for the second semester class is: The course emphasizes the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader as a leader, educator, and advocate...
  5. UVA Grad Nursing

    Lenght of bsn- dnp

    Our BSN-DNP tracks are 71-79 credits (depending on the track). This should take 3 years fulltime. Part-time will take longer (depending on whether you take 1, 2 or 3 courses per term).
  6. UVA Grad Nursing

    CNL vs NP?

    We've had a CNL program for a decade now, and have three entry points (Masters Entry, RN with an Associates Degree, and BSN-prepared). We instruct our Master's Entry folks that they will be interviewing for the same novice/new grad positions that ...
  7. UVA Grad Nursing

    UVA MSN CNL 2015

    Phil: In the second summer of the program all students take a course in Community & Population Health. The classroom part of this course is taught across 2 weeks. Then students have 4-6 weeks for their practicum experiences for this course. Ab...
  8. UVA Grad Nursing

    UVA MSN CNL 2015

    elefant: Most of our applicants are instate residents anyways (nearly 70% last year), so we have not needed to focus on the 50% Virginian requirement. The admissions committee focuses on selecting the best candidates -- instate/out-of-state status h...
  9. UVA Grad Nursing

    Direct Entry APRN Programs

    Feel free to PM me if you have more questions, kmn.
  10. UVA Grad Nursing

    Direct Entry APRN Programs

    The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has a helpful database of nursing programs. Here is a PDF from last fall showing the 66 Direct Entry programs (by state). The list does not differentiate which ones are Generalist and which are APRN. ...
  11. UVA Grad Nursing

    UVA MSN CNL 2015

    We do offer a very holistic review process. The faculty on the admissions committee consider your overall undergraduate GPA, the particular grades received in the 5 prerequisite classes, your volunteer experience, your healthcare experience, your p...
  12. UVA Grad Nursing

    Looking for BSN-DNP programs

    There are currently four universities with BSN-DNP programs in Virginia. These are Radford, Shenandoah, UVa, and Old Dominion. The different schools offer programs in different specialty tracks. I would encourage you to first decide the certifica...
  13. UVA Grad Nursing

    UDC community college LPN- AASN

    UDC = Univ of the District of Columbia. You would either need to contact the Washington DC nursing board, or look on the website for the ACEN for the accreditation status for any associate degree or LPN program in the US.
  14. UVA Grad Nursing

    direct-entry bsn advice

    The University of Virginia also accepts students directly from high school into the nursing school. The nursing classes and liberal arts core are threaded through all 4 years of the program.
  15. UVA Grad Nursing

    ASN/ADN Online hybrid schools?

    There is a small number of online programs to learn to become a RN. But I would be wary of them. In many states, graduates of these online programs are prohibited to sitting for the RN examination and becoming licensed. In my own state of Virginia...