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  1. mspontiac

    "You've never said you liked nursing." A vent.

    I hate my job. I've been a nurse now for a year and a half, and I've been telling myself from the beginning that eventually I wouldn't be so stressed and I would learn to love it. Nope. I work in a stroke unit on night shift. We are short several RNs and we only have one night tech. The nights she's off, we often work without a tech even though the matrix calls for one because the house officer says we don't really need one. We are expected to give half of the total care baths on night shift. So, for example, last week I had ALL of the total care pts as my assignments. That means in addition to caring for my duties as an RN for 5 pts, I'm bathing them too and also doing whatever duties that the tech cops an attitude about. And she has quite a big attitude a lot of the time. I'm leaving nursing. I'm not going to jump all over the place and waste my time. I'm 43....I don't have time to waste. The whole culture of health care is cut-throat with short staffing no matter where you go. I've enrolled in a program at a local university and in 3 semesters, I'm looking for a job in a new career field.
  2. mspontiac

    Indiana Wesleyan University Online

    I know this is an old thread, but I spoke to an advisor this week and she informed me that they are revamping the program starting July, 2012, and IWU will no longer require clinicals.
  3. mspontiac

    Home care nursing and wounds

    Hi all.... I am preparing to take a Lab Skills Exam for my Community Health class. We will be acting out a scenario with our instructor and a mannequin who is to be the client. One of the topics we may need to address is wound care in the home; we will need to know what to document (appearance, etc.) and what to teach the client and family. I can find info about documenting appearance and what to watch for, but as far as teaching the pt and family about home care .... I can find nothing in any of my resources. My instructor specifically dropped a hint about MRSA and wounds in the home. Can anyone help me with this or point me towards a good resource?
  4. mspontiac

    Life as a minority in nursing

    If we are picking apart grammar, your sentence structure is incorrect. "If anything, minorities are at a DISADVANTAGED in the hiring process" should read, "If anything, minorities are at a DISADVANTAGE in the hiring process." Just saying, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  5. I can understand being frustrated if she has a habit of being late for class, because that directly effects her classmates as she enters the classroom. It's disruptive. We have a girl who used to make a habit of being late for everything, including exams. It was very annoying to be in a silent classroom, focused on the test, when the door would bang open and she would thump around with her book bag, whispering loudly to the teacher, rustling around as she got her materials, etc. It was disrespectful. One of the instructors must have finally put a stop to it because she hasn't done it this semester. She also slept in class, but I didn't care about that (well, unless she started to snore, which she never did LOL). I later learned that she has a mentally handicapped child at home and also worked full time. And, she is brilliant. The other things that your classmate does...well, that's none of your business because it doesn't effect you. Life isn't fair, time to get used to that idea.
  6. mspontiac

    NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    I don't want to go to mine either, simply because my school sucks and once I am finished, I want to walk away and not look back. I'm older and the ceremony doesn't really matter to me; I'm not planning on inviting family because they live out of town, and me graduating isn't really a big deal for them. I came to get a degree, not a pin. Plus our instructors are going to speak and I feel like we've already listened to them enough. However, my friends are mortified that I would miss it, so I am going for them.
  7. mspontiac

    Terrified of clinicals

    Sounds like you have it good! We are required to come in the day before, select patients, and do a 20-page writeup prior to clinical the next morning. It's brutal and most of us perform patient care running on about two hours of sleep. I'm in my last semester and our instructor has waived the paperwork because she said it's time to "act like real nurses." Hallelujah!!!!
  8. mspontiac

    Terrified of clinicals

    Sometimes the instructors who seem the most intimidating and threatening at first turn out not to be as bad as you expected. They are usually the ones who bark the loudest at first, have the highest standards, and who you will learn the most from. Try to let it slide off of you, be prepared, and maintain an open mind about the instructor. I'd be willing to wager that once you show her that you are capable, she will step back and allow you to do your job. I had two instructors just like her. Scary at first, but not as bad as I expected as time went on. You may be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!
  9. mspontiac

    Drug Calculations: what works for you??

    I am also "math challenged," and I use the exact same method you use. I *always* use a ratio/proportion formula and I excelled on my dosage exam and never have a problem with calculations. My former Med-Surg I instructor taught us to do it this way. I read the problem and ask myself, what do I need? What do I have? That allows me to toss out unneeded info that is placed in there to throw me off. So say I have a problem like this: "Potassium chloride is available as 16 g per tablet. Potassium Chloride (K-Dur), 8 g, is ordered. How many tablets would the nurse administer?" I ask myself what I have: 16 gram tablets. I ask myself what I need: 8 grams. So I set up the proportion like this (sorry, it's difficult to type a proportion on a computer screen and have it look right): 1 tab = ? tab _____ ______ 16 g = 8 g Then cross multiply and divide to get the answer - 8 x 1 divided by 16 = 0.5 tablets. It is also vital that the student knows conversions.
  10. mspontiac

    Do You Regret Nursing School?

    Perhaps it's a matter of perspective. My husband is an RN on a cardiac med-surg floor and he regularly states that he loves his job. I am confident that I will too because I thoroughly enjoy clinicals. We both used to do factory work before getting laid off and returning to school to pursue nursing. Maybe when you've worked in factories for years, you can appreciate something intrinsically rewarding like nursing a little more. It really bothers me to hear nurses paint everyone with the same brush: "All direct patient care nurses do not like their jobs." It's something I see on here all the time. How can they speak for everyone? What I don't understand is why, if floor nurses hate their jobs so much, why they don't move on and do something else? No ill patient wants a grumpy nurse caring for them who obviously doesn't want to be there.
  11. mspontiac

    Irritating Classmates

    Same old, same old.... https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/things-you-would-298866.html
  12. mspontiac

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    Your post is so, so sad. I am moved to tears to know that your mom experienced this terrible thing. I was even more moved to tears by your last paragraph...I'm so sorry for you. I am a student, and this has been a great thread for learning. Thank you all for educating less experienced people in a patient manner. I am 41 and tend to be a little jaded about life in general at times, so a thread like this will go a long way to remind me to keep an open mind and a compassionate demeanor when I am working as an RN.
  13. mspontiac


    I feel the exact same way. This semester, I have stopped sitting quietly by and tolerating the stuff that goes on in my program; I have become the sqeaky wheel who is an advocate for myself and the rest of the students. I'm sure I have become known as the "vocal complainer" this semester. I am so burned out I could scream, and I am just ready to be DONE.
  14. mspontiac

    About to leave nursing school

    Please don't leave! I am 41 and am 4 months from being done, and I can barely tolerate school. My husband is an RN and continually assures me that he hated school, felt overwhelmed and unsure at clinicals, and he loves his job now on a cardiac med-surg floor. I'm hanging in there because I hear that over and over.
  15. mspontiac

    "The New Style" of education.

    Great post! I looked especially close at #1; I am in my last semester of nursing school and instructors drill it into us that we should never suggest that RNs are short on time because of the patient load. We're supposed to make them feel as if they are the only patient. I suppose it's because it may make the pt feel as if they aren't getting optimal care if they know the floor is short-staffed, but I have always wondered...what could come of that? Some hurt feelings? Or would there be more lawsuits if pts thought they didn't get the attention they feel they deserve? I don't have the answers but you have put up great food for thought here.
  16. mspontiac

    Has anyone ever put down your career choice?

    More often than not, I find that people in the general population are supportive. My husband is an RN and when he says what he does, he gets the "Oh, okay," with a positive tone of voice and a nod of approval. When people ask what I do, I tell them I am in nursing school and get, "Good for you!" My only naysayer has been my sister in law. Now, I am 41 and she is only 24, so we have the generational difference going on, but she's also a very self-centered, immature, miserable person to boot. I see her maybe once a year, and she spends the whole time slinging underhanded insults at me. She started school with the intention of doing Occupational Therapy. Then she switched to Biophysics. Then she said she was pursuing Pharmacy. When it became apparent that she can barely pass her classes, let alone get accepted to Pharmacy school, she said she was going to be a Physician's Assistant. This is the same person who said to me, "I would never want to be a nurse and wipe asses all day. I hate old people. They stink," with so much vitrol in her voice that it was almost confrontational. My husband (her brother) and I both set her straight fast. What's sad is that she thinks she would be good as a PA, when she can't stand the elderly? The girl has no business being anywhere near health care, because she has zero compassion for anyone but herself. I think she's better suited with a career as a stripper, actually...and I'm only half-kidding.