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  1. Blessed S.N.23

    Hello Semester #2!

    I start my second semester 2moro! Im really excited and kind of nervous but prepared!! I have 4 more semesters down to go!
  2. Blessed S.N.23

    failed foundations of nursing

    Im in the BSN program also and its alot of work!! It will be okay! Hang in there! I know how u feel! Nursing is Hard but u can survive and get through it! I struggled my first semester but made a B average despite my test anxiety and nervousness! Its completely normal but i had to study my butt off in order to feel more cofident and pass my classes. Im now in my second semester and have learned so much from the last. Nursing is a skill and you have to keep building your foundation and working your way up! You will get there! I wish you the best of luck!
  3. Blessed S.N.23

    Student in dire need of advice.

    Go with your gut and do whats best for you!!! Dont listen to anyone's negative comments or anything that will distract you from your dreams! Im 24 and in my second semester of Nursing school and i love it! I knew from the start i was meant to be a nurse regardlessof what my peers thought or said!! Nursing is a wonderful profession to go into and is very rewarding! If Nursing is what you want to do then there u go! You seem like you're heading in the right direction! Just keep a strong mind and stay focused and you will be absolutely fine! Good Luck and i wish you the best!
  4. Blessed S.N.23

    Starting NS in a week!

    Yes its totally normal!! I was like that when i started my first semester and im like that now going into my second semster! I start next week also but im prepared and ready! I've learned alot last semester and now know what to expect so my nervousness should hopefully go away! Good Luck!;)
  5. Although we all study differently some tips i would suggest would be 1st: stay organized and always prepared! 2nd: flashcards are an excellent way to generalize and memorize material definately if your a visual learner like me! 3rd: studyiing in groups seems to be more effective and helps you to get better understanding of the material sometimes! 4th: I use a memo board also to map any conceptual ideas i get and is very helpful! hope i helped! Good Luck this semester!
  6. Me too! I will be in the library more this time around!
  7. working out is on my list also! i promised myself that i would make time for that this semster!
  8. I can relate! I feel like last semester made me strong and ready to approach 2nd semester differently!
  9. same here! i promised myself i would not procrastinate or wait to the very last minute to do anything!!
  10. Blessed S.N.23

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    thats how i view it also!! this semester will go by fast!
  11. You made it this far so you'll definately be fine!! Good Luck on ur last semester of Nursing school!
  12. Blessed S.N.23

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    I start Next week and im ready for this semester and im kinda excited! I have 4 more semesters to go and im done which will be here in no time it seems!!
  13. Although last semester was kinda rough with it being my first semester of nursing school im extremly excited and proud to enter my second semester with 4 more down to go!! Its going by kind of fast to me which is a great thing! Anyone else in their second semester? Is there anything you would change this time around?!
  14. Congrats!!!!! Im really happy for you!! I know youre really excited!!
  15. Blessed S.N.23

    Study tips for final exam!!

    So my finals are coming up! Im in my first year of Nursing School BSN and i just wanted some advice and tips on how to study for finals in nursing school! I have a 100 quetion final in my clinical and 50 quetions in my fundamentals class and the other classes are not that many quetions! How do I develop a technique and be able to cover all the material i've learned and prepare for finals??!!! Thx!!
  16. Blessed S.N.23

    I MADE IT!

    Congrats!!!! Its the best feeling ever!!