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  1. HCollier

    Sat for boards Thursday...

    and freaking passed my 1st try! I was the 1st to test out of my group...a friend tested Friday and passed! Our class is 2 for 2!
  2. HCollier


    I took my boards today and Im wondering when i will get my license number (if I passed). Any idea?
  3. HCollier

    How soon after can you do the PVT

    How soon after finishing your exam can you do hte PVT? I have a 45 min drive home after.
  4. HCollier

    Want to vomit

    I take NCLEX on Thurs. I have been studying nonstop but feel SO unprepared. I am literally on the verge of tears every single second because I am so stressed out. i want this so badly. Im so afraid of getting home, doing the PVT and going to the cc page. advice?!
  5. HCollier

    Last quarter! 14 weeks until graduation!

    Jealous! Its going to be the best Christmas present ever!
  6. HCollier

    Last quarter! 14 weeks until graduation!

    Our last final isnt until December 23!
  7. Holy Cow! Cant belive im posting this! 14 weeks until graduation...and only 12 of them are school! So excited! Who else graduates in December?!
  8. HCollier

    ADN students, how much do you study?

    i probablystudy about 20 hours a week for school(except finals time, I studied 16 hrs in 3 days this quarter). I have VERY little time between school, clinical, studying and work to spendmuch time at all with my 2 year old. I would say that no, your kids cant expect for you to be around much. I only work 6 hours a week ad its a struggle to balance...i just tell myself/family/child its only for a short time nad Ill be back. NS really does take alot of sacrifice. Good lUck.
  9. HCollier

    how far is your clinical?

    My psych clinical is 120 miles away 1 way. it takes a little over 2 hours to get there..and we have to be there by 730. My medsurg clinical is about 60 miles away.
  10. HCollier

    12 hour shift clinicals

    We have always done 12s until this quarter. our psych is 8s but med surg is 12s. Its a long day but i actually like it.
  11. HCollier

    Curious about your class schedule

    My schedule this quarter is Mon-clinical Tues-clinical(12 hours) Wed off Thurs/Fri class 8-1230 so I can work. I actualyl just got a job and an hoping to pick up another one for weekend waitressing.
  12. HCollier

    Hmmmmm Why Do Nursing Students Fail?

    Nursing is a completely different way of thinking and some people just cannot think like that. Its hard, but you just have to use your brain differently.
  13. HCollier

    psych help!!!

    Our rotation is at a mental hospital. I am afraid of getting hurt. ALOT of these pts are there bc they cannot function in prison. The first thing we were told was about a nurse getting her cheek bone fractured by a resident last week. I am terrified of this. I am 115 lb and my "parter/buddy" is about the same. We would have NO hope of gaining control over a pt who is haveing a psychotic break(which apparently happens often as they are of course not forced to take their meds and thus their conditions are not controlled) The whole time I am there all I am focused on is how to keep myself nad my partner safe and not so much on the pts care or being an effective nurse. I just am not really sure what to do. I am really overwhelmed. My instructor basically says we need to get over it(Im not the only one to feel this way).
  14. HCollier

    psych help!!!

    I am in my psych rotation now and we are doing part of our clinical (6 weeks) at a state hospital. I am terrified of psych nad really dont want anything to do with it. Im so nervous while Im there that I dont know taht I can be effective for my patients. Any advice?
  15. HCollier

    What are your clinical times ???

    We go 1 day a week from 7a-7p. Its a long day but I like it.