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  1. HCollier

    ADN students, how much do you study?

    i probablystudy about 20 hours a week for school(except finals time, I studied 16 hrs in 3 days this quarter). I have VERY little time between school, clinical, studying and work to spendmuch time at all with my 2 year old. I would say that no, your kids cant expect for you to be around much. I only work 6 hours a week ad its a struggle to balance...i just tell myself/family/child its only for a short time nad Ill be back. NS really does take alot of sacrifice. Good lUck.
  2. HCollier

    how far is your clinical?

    My psych clinical is 120 miles away 1 way. it takes a little over 2 hours to get there..and we have to be there by 730. My medsurg clinical is about 60 miles away.
  3. I wore black plants, white shirttucked in) with a purple sweater and closed toe heels. Minimal make up, and jewlery too. good luck! OH! and NO strong perfume!
  4. HCollier

    My most important tip for a nursing student is....

    What makes it different is that nursing is a completely different way to think. You have to realize that there really isn't 1 right answer(espeically on an exam) there are probably 3 or 4, its decided which is the BEST right aswer and why. And you will get asked"Why is THAT one the BEST answer? Why not this one?" and you need to have a rationale to explain your answer, even if it is wrong the instructor will understand why you chose that one and be able to show you why it wasn't right more easily. Also, RESPECT your instructors. There is a reason they are teaching you, they WANT you to succeed. Hope this helped!
  5. HCollier

    Tips on surviving through nursing school

    Dont let the rumor mill get to you! If you think about it, nursing is a predominately female profession and your class is probably teh same...which means there will be rumors, drama, etc...ignore it. its the only way to survive is to ignore hte BS nad realize you are there for school adn thats all :) good luck! Oh and i agree with pretty much everything everyone else said too lol
  6. HCollier

    Had my oh **** moment!

    It happened. I had my oh **** what the hell am i doing here moment the other day! I was sitting in Acute Skills(quarter 2 of 7) and as the teacher was explaining why communication and critical thinking are so vital in the nursing profession..I got a deer in teh head lights look and my mind literally screamd at me"WTH are you doing here?! you cant do this! youll never learn to think like this! WHY ARE YOU HERE!" I spent hte rest of hte day literally in a daze, I couldnt tell you what I learned that day bc I have no idea. I was so out of it...I kept trucking through that week(this was probably 2 weeks ago). So flash forward to Thursday, a fellow classmate asked me a question(about why her answer was wrong on the test) and I told her, in no uncertain terms, what I thought. Right after I said it, the teacher said the same thing! And again, i got an oh **** moment. this time, my brain screamed"YOU CAN DO IT! You are officially a critical thinker and are going to be a great nurse!" Just thought Id share my happy moment!
  7. HCollier

    How many uniforms should I buy?

    We have to wear our scrubs every day(class or clinical, it doesn't matter) The school starts you out with 2 and you can buy more if you want, i just do laundry every night(since im doing it anyway)
  8. HCollier

    What is your school schedule?

    My school does things a little differently. We integrate some pre-reqs into the program, and we have 4 12 week quarters a year. We start clinicals in our 4th quarter(so Jan for me). But here is where we are at now(we have NO say in our schedule whatsoever, and this one sucks.) Mon/Tues 1015-1225 Intro to Professional Nursing(i think im going to burn this book instead of selling it back) 1-3 Fundementals To Nursing Prac(skills lab) 315-420 Anatomy and Physiology 2 425-530 Computer Class(annoying) Wed/Thurs just the Anatomy and COmputer classes. With the drive, on Wed/Thurs i have NO time to do anything before I leave and I HATE finding childcare for 3 hours btwn the time I leave the time hubby gets home. Hoping for a better schedule next quarer.
  9. HCollier

    How did you react when you were accepted into nursing school?

    I actually got a phone call(and a letter a few days later). I wa in the car with my husband,My phone rang, I had no idea who the caller was and almost didn't answer(I had my interview that morning and knew they didnt' call you that fast). But I aswered, and I heard Hana? I said yes. "I just wanted to let you know, you ahve been accepted to the School of Nursing." I almost dropped teh phone. I got off the phone, looked at my husband and asked him how he would like to have a nurse for a wife?! We both cried and screamed...its been a journey adn it finally happened!
  10. HCollier

    Should you buy new or used books for your program?

    Im probably the minority but i get new books. Mostly I get new books because my school just mails you your books :) They make it easy and a pretty little box shows up on your doorstep that weighs about 38427lb. People CAN buy their own but Id rather not deal with the hassel. i also like not having ANY writing in my books when i get them. I want to be able to write MY notes nad not deal with other people being highlighter happy. Just my opinion though.
  11. HCollier

    Is anyone commuting really far away?

    My drive is about an hour and 15 minutes most days. So I drive a total of 2 and a half hours everyday. There are days I have an 8am class, so I HAVE to leave town by 645, which means leaving the house at 615 to get my little guy dropped off at daycare, which means im up at 5am(coffee in hand before leaving the house and a 32 oz pop as soon as i drop my little one off) its a struggle, but i just tell myself its only for 16 more months and it will be all over :) I haven't had to drive in the winter yet but I drive mostly highway there and if i HAVE too, i can go the long way and take highway and interstate (the normal way, i drive the last 10 miles or so residential roads). Just stay positive nad look at the drive as time to review to yourself on the way there, and relax/decompress on your way home! its really not that bad. After a while you dont even realize how long youve been driving.
  12. HCollier

    Nursing School Must Haves??

    Mine is more of a travel suitcase almost lol. i really do love it though and the days i have ALL my classe and all my books dont fit, i just throw the ones that done in another back and set it on top :)And I drive a minivan too...with 1 kid and im 22 :)
  13. HCollier

    Nursing School Must Haves??

    I know it sounds dorky but a rolling backpack! I REFUSED to get one until I had to carry all 7 million of my books to class. and now i have it, i love it :)
  14. HCollier

    WOW!!! I just saw how much first semester books cost!!!

    I spent $725 on my 1st quarter(3 months) and that was for 5 books, and then i spent another $720 for my 2nd quarter(3 months, currently in) and that was for 10 books. I like new books bc i dont like people that get highlighter crazy, i like a clean slate with no marks so i can mark the crap out of my books. Ill be selling most of my books to my sister whoe is 1 quarter behind me though.

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