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campercass specializes in Emergency.

I graduated from Keiser University in Dec 2012. I just started my first nursing job, in the ED!

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  1. campercass

    Florida Nurses, I have questions

    I lived in the Palm Bay Area for several years, then middle of the state, now Tampa area. We miss the Melbourne/Palm Bay Area horribly and hope to move back over there this year! Beautiful area!
  2. campercass

    Florida Nurses, I have questions

    Both of the hospital systems I have worked for in Florida always offered plenty of opportunity for overtime. Where I currently shift did is 2.75/HR for 3-11 and I think 5/HR for 11-7. $1/HR on weekends. We also have a bonus incentive during season of an extra $150 per extra shift worked.
  3. campercass


    Does anyone have any experience with Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville? Thanks in advance!
  4. campercass

    Northside Hospital

    Does anyone have any experience with Northside Hospital in St Petersburg? I was just offered a position in their ED. I only had a phone interview, and I'll be relocating, so I've never been to the hospital, so looking for some insight/opinions. Thanks!
  5. campercass

    Phone interview only?

    Has anyone ever been offered a job after a phone interview only? I've done quite a few phone interviews, and had some request in person interviews after. However, I had a phone interview last Thursday ( hospital 2 1/2 hours away), and received a call today offering me the position, based on the phone interview. No request for in person! I didn't see much of a problem with that, but my husband just can't believe it, and is worried about it. Should I be concerned? Or is this common? Thanks!
  6. campercass

    Hospital search in Florida

    Sorry to hijack a thread, but scrubs_are_pjs, what's it like at Bayfront? Do you like working there? I just applied for an ED position there.
  7. The other day, I saw a posting on baycares site, taking apps for a critical care internship for experienced nurses. They are in Tampa.
  8. campercass

    Help!! Is Keiser University a rip-off???

    I graduated from the RN program at the Melbourne campus in December 2012. I thought it was a fantastic program. The school is very highly regarded at the hospitals we had clinical in. Everyone in my class passed nclex first try. We also all had jobs within 6 months.
  9. Yes thank you for all the information on the assessment. It definitely made me more confident going into it.
  10. After all the hassle and runaround from other schools, I have decided to make the switch to WGU. Working on my readiness assessment now. I have all parts done except the essay. It hasn't been too bad so far. Dare I say easy? Then I clicked on the essay part and I have to write a persuasive essay. Eek, those are the worst for me. Wish me luck!
  11. campercass

    New Grad, FL Hospital Heartland Division

    Keep applying. I think I had 6 or 7 apps in for different positions.
  12. campercass

    New Grad, FL Hospital Heartland Division

    I work at the Lake Placid location. I was hired as a new grad in April, for the emergency department! Heartland Division does hire new grads. They use the same orientation books and schedule for new grads as the Orlando locations. They just do not have the classroom part. It's all clinical. They do not have postings that specify for new grads. Another new grad was hired into my department in September. There's a couple new grads on Med/Surg. I don't think there's any in the ICU. You just apply to a regular opening that does not specify a specific number of years of experience. I love working there! The orientation was fantastic, four months. Everyone has been super nice and helpful. Always willing to answer questions and help. None of that "nurses eating their young" that is so prevalent. They pay for you to get your certifications. I now have ACLS, PALS, CPI, NRP. Taking TNCC and ENPC in the spring. The Sebring hospital is much larger than the Lake Placid hospital, and I haven't worked any shifts there, so I don't know if the climate is the same or not. I too had applied for Orlando and Tampa as well. Had an interview for one in Tampa, but this was the only offer I got. So far, it's been a great experience though, and I'm not sorry I took it.
  13. campercass

    Keiser University as of June 2010 reviews

  14. campercass

    New Nurse Grad Blues.... : (

    I just started at Florida Hospital Heartland Division. They have 3 hospitals in the Sebring/Lake Placid area, and are very new grad friendly. They don't post a new grad or residency position. You just apply to the regular RN positions. They use the same orientation/training program that the Orlando division uses.
  15. campercass

    Health First May 2013 new graduate residency

    I don't see the new one on there yet. They don't always post it on the first week, sometimes the second week. I just always checked like every other day until it posted, then applied. You drop down to registered nurse, then the second search box, pick graduate nurse. Good luck!
  16. campercass

    Health First May 2013 new graduate residency

    I did all my clinicals at Health First, and did get one interview there for the RN Residency back in February (didn't get the job). They don't have a set number of new grads that they hire each month. They screen the apps, then forward the qualified ones to unit managers that have openings for new grads. Some months, they may hire 5-6 system wide, other months maybe only 2-3. They do put a posting up every month though, so keep trying.