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Phone interview only?


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Has anyone ever been offered a job after a phone interview only? I've done quite a few phone interviews, and had some request in person interviews after. However, I had a phone interview last Thursday ( hospital 2 1/2 hours away), and received a call today offering me the position, based on the phone interview. No request for in person! I didn't see much of a problem with that, but my husband just can't believe it, and is worried about it. Should I be concerned? Or is this common?



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I've had that happen to two of my candidates in the past. One accepted the offer and seemed to do great for the time we stayed in touch. The other declined the position because they had not seen the facility yet.

If you have a concern for the location or the facility then ask for an on site to get a chance to interview them.

If it is that far away you obviously will consider relocation. Make sure that the benefits include what you need to have in order to make the move.

At minimum ask them for the on site visit so you can make an informed choice.