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  1. all4ofus

    CarePlan Medical Diagnosis Question

    I *think* IMN stands for intramedullary nail, which I suppose would be a type of internal fixation device for the broken hip. Good luck!
  2. I have been told (or read somewhere) that actual nursing diagnoses are always a higher priority than "risk for" diagnoses. However, I have a patient with liver transplant rejection who is at risk for infection due to the rejection processes, immunosuppressants and chemo, splenectomy, etc. In my opinion, this should be a priority over things like disturbed sensory perception: visual due to normal age related changes, or even nausea, which is an expected side effect of her meds. What do you think? Thanks!
  3. all4ofus

    Patient teaching

    Restraints!! What types and when they are used! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) :)
  4. So, it looks like risk for bleeding is a fairly new NANDA diagnosis, and I can't seem to find anything that addresses terminology for the related factors. My patient has an increased PT and esophageal varices, also lots of other GI issues (liver, UC, Crohn's). I can't really think of a "nursing diagnosis appropriate" way to describe increased PT and esophageal varices without using the actual medical terminology. For the other GI issues I am thinking of saying "r/t impaired intestinal mucosa" or something along those lines. Any suggestions?
  5. all4ofus

    I think my clinical professor hates me

    I don't think she hates you just because she nit-picks. There are a lot worse things she could have said, lots of examples of which are on this forum!! Only a couple more clinicals this semester, right? I think you should take a deep breath, smile, shrug, and roll with it. Sounds like you are passing and she hasn't made any personal attacks against you, so not worth calling attention to your insecurities by requesting a special conference with her...
  6. all4ofus

    List of NANDA diagnoses 09-11????

    I knew I could find the list if I came here! This is the exact copy of a list that my instructor gave me last semester (that I lost). Thanks!
  7. all4ofus

    A Pre-nursing Student who believes...

    This actually makes me giggle. I wonder what she imagines will happen when she has a 250 lb man in a halo who is incontinent with c diff and brain damage? Does she really imagine that "her" tech will be able to keep it all neat and tidy without any assistance? LOL!! Or two patients who need bed pans or emesis basins at the same time. Or one patient who needs wound care, for that matter. Oh gosh. Let's not forget teaching ostomy care... Boy, the list goes on and on, doesn't it? That being said, though, there are some RNs out there who are blatantly callous about letting patients lay in their own feces until a tech is available. Hope I don't get stuck working with her!!
  8. Our hospital does Employee of the Month, but the most recent postings I've seen are from last year, LOL! What I think would be the COOLEST thing is if the EEOTM was acknowledged in the monthly newsletters that are mailed to our homes (put it in a scrapbook!), also in all the elevators and break rooms at work, ON TIME, and WITH the names, positions, and quotes by nominating persons (what did this person do that was outstanding besides know someone?). It's a big hospital, so recognition is rare. The next obvious thing would be monetary rewards, whether in my poaycheck or as a gift card, or whatever. A pat on the back by my manager twice a year would be better than nothing, too.
  9. all4ofus

    Young female patients

    When I was about 11 or 12, I broke my collar bone on a youth group canoeing trip. The adults in the group had to take me to the nearest ER. My shirt and bra had to be cut off of me, in front of the men who drove me to the ER, in front of the ER doctor, and in front of whatever nurses or techs had to lift me onto the x-ray table, who were all male. The whole thing was so humiliating to me at the time, that I would have rather suffered the broken bone until I got home than the treatment. Twenty years later, I am NOT saying that they shouldn't have treated me, but I AM saying that if they had the choice, and there were females around who could have helped more, or at least held my hand, it would have made a WORLD of difference, at that age. So I think the OP was correct in his actions, and I would hope that if the same thing happened to my UNDERAGE daughter, or son, that the people helping them would give as much choice in gender as possible at that moment.
  10. I am in the ADN program thru El Centro (Dallas County). I go to school with a single mother who works 32 hours a week to maintain insurance while going to school with three kids (she's in the hoteling/hospitality industry or something). Another guy has EMT experience, like you, and works as an anesthesiology tech full time (36 hours a week) while he is in school full time. He doesn't have to study as much as the rest of us due to his background. So I know it's manageable, although most of the students only work part-time. Also, one of the instructors told me that El Centro is coordinating with UTA to make it shorter for ADN students from El Centro to enter the RN to BSN program at UTA later on. I currently work as a tech at Parkland part-time while I am school, and have met many, many nurses who bridged from RN to BSN online through UTA. One told me you can do it "with your eyes closed in nine months." Right now I work 12 hours a week and could probably handle 24. El Centro also has a program where if you already work as a tech in a participating hospital, you can do the ADN program online and your time at work counts as clinicals. I don't know any details, since I am in the traditional program, but this sounds ideal if you have to work while in school. I have also met many nursing students who are in the accelerated BSN program at UTA. I think it is a 15 month program. Not sure what your options for work would be in an accelerated program, but if fast is what you want, maybe with your experience you could pull it off. They do all their clinicals at Parkland and even take their tests at Parkland. If you start looking at Dallas County Community College, be aware that El Centro and Brookhaven have separate programs with different pre-reqs, etc. Good luck to you!
  11. all4ofus

    Nursing instructors and heart "palpations" ???

    We had one who recorded lectures off of another instructor's power points, and I don't believe she ever actually read them prior to starting the recordings. All she did was read from the PP - verbatim - and if she stumbled upon an unfamiliar word or medication (and there were plenty), she would just pronounce the first couple of letters and then just make up the rest of the word!! Needless to say, I didn't bother listening to most of the recordings.
  12. all4ofus

    Is bsn over adn worth paying twice as much for?

    You should definitely look at the hiring trends in your area. Where I live, ADNs have no problem getting hired, so it made more sense short-term and financially for me to go the ADN route initially, although I do plan to bridge to a BSN or maybe MSN later on.
  13. all4ofus

    Nursing school students problem.is it racism???

    I am a non-minority as defined by this post. Meaning, I look like a typical "white girl". But, in the world I live in, I am a minority as a white person; in my neighborhood, at school, and definitely at work. The area I live in is 85% hispanic, and where I go to school is extremely diversified, with all nationalities, plus I am one of four white people at work on a unit of about 60 people. My race has never been a problem at home or at school. My neices and nephews are ALL mixed race children; my best friends are hispanic and black (majority, in my world). My mom is Turkish, so her and two of my sisters are assumed to be either hispanic or at least "non-white" generally. But another sister and I look pretty much Irish, and honestly, I have wished my whole life that I looked like my mom and other sisters (I hate the term "white girl"). When I got a job at the hospital I work at now, my race became a HUGE issue. The hospital is in the city, and I am from the suburbs, and my coworkers, who are mostly African-American, African immigrants, and Indian immigrants, all assume I have never been exposed to non-white populations in my life and that I am WASP, Republican, racist, and scared of them. I hate it, honestly, but I feel that anything I say will be interpreted as racist, so I say nothing.
  14. all4ofus

    Ironing your Scrubs

    My hair is just like the "before" frizz in shampoo commercials, so I flat-iron it most days. And my Chi works wonders on those wrinkles around the edges and collars. No need to iron, just a touch-up here and there. My hair, on the other hand...
  15. all4ofus

    Anyone graduating Dec 2011 ?

    On one hand, I am totally fed up with my nursing program and feel like clinicals at this point are a waste of everyone's time, so I just want to enter the workforce where I can really learn. On the other hand, I feel like nursing school so far has been nothing but a broad overview, therefore I am not really prepared for real-life nursing, and from that perspective, December is so close. Either way, it's gonna be a long, hard summer of tech work...