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  1. Darjeeling22

    Is nursing your second career?

    BA in theatre, three years working in professional theatre and then six years working in adult literacy and ESL -- started as an educator, moved into administration. Now in second year of an ADN program. I do miss the arts and education sometimes, but if I've learned anything so far it's that if you look hard enough you can eventually combine anything. So who knows where it'll all lead. No regrets.
  2. Darjeeling22

    Going by your middle name -- problematic?

    Thanks all, I appreciate the replies.
  3. Darjeeling22

    Going by your middle name -- problematic?

    Hello everyone, Looking for licensed nurses in a similar situation. My parents decided, for whatever reason, to bring me up using my middle name instead of my first. I can't think of any time in 30+ years that I've gone by my first name; my middle name is my identity. I've become used to being addressed by first name on first meeting with people who've only known me via paperwork and official documents, and having to deal with getting them to call me something different. I've been told by someone in another field that this might be a problem when it comes to life after licensure, and I might want to consider getting the order of my names legally changed. I've got over a year before a license will be in sight, so I figured I'd start asking early. Do any of you go by your middle name instead of your first, professionally? And if you do, has it ever become an issue? Is it important enough that I really would want to consider a legal name change, or is it no big deal? Thanks for input.
  4. Darjeeling22

    Nursing Student Assessment Worksheet

    This is fantastic! I'm going to point the others in my class towards this post, and I'll definitely be downloading any others you come up with. Thank you VERY much.
  5. Darjeeling22

    Losing motivation to study, any tips??

    I'm about to start my second semester as well. Coming from an education background, I've found that it helps me to absorb material if I explain it to someone else. I have two other people in my class that get together once or twice a week, and we come prepared to "teach" the material to each other. Requires us to not only read (which can get numbing) but take the material and logically re-arrange it. Sometimes it's making flashcards, sometimes it's drawing things out on a whiteboard, but however it's done it helps us immensely to identify what we don't know, and focus on those things.
  6. I was a recruiter and assistant hiring manager for several years. This was a non-medical company, but much of what advice I'd give is universal when trying to get a job. I second, third, and fourth the person who said to know the organization. A little homework goes a long way in showing an interviewer that you took the time to make sure you're a good fit. I used to see applicant after applicant who within thirty seconds made it painfully obvious that they hadn't even taken the time to look at basic company information, and those were almost instant rejects. I don't want to hear the same schpiel said to me that I can tell in a heartbeat is the exact thing they said to the last interviewer somewhere else. The ones that brought up specific details to ask for clarification on X training program, mentioned their attraction to specific Y aspect of what we did, spoke up about how they read about Z new location and how they had ABC background that made them a great fit for that...those kind of things impressed me quite a bit. Among other positives, that said to me that they're proactive, and that I could probably count on that in their future work ethic.
  7. Darjeeling22

    How to find volunteer work on Christmas Day

    Very hard to find volunteer things on Christmas Eve/Day here as well. The closest soup kitchen open then is over 300 miles away. The local Hospice organization has been the only place so far that has said they might be able to use a volunteer over the holiday. If you have one near you, perhaps try them?
  8. As something of a flipside. I'm 30 year old career changer, unmarried, no children, minimal debt. A classmate in my final pre-req last year informed me that I should be ashamed of myself, trying to take a job away from someone with a family who really needed the money. I tell you, you can't win.
  9. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    I didn't particularly get "anti-white" as a subtext in the first replies, either. I had to ask for clarification myself because I've heard the term "play the race card" used in a second sense: When someone assumes to have an automatic rapport with someone else based on shared race, and thus expects to be able to get perks or preferential treatment. This is slightly different from what I gather the OP meant. But I have definitely seen this happen, and it happens regardless of what group is in the majority or minority in any given place.
  10. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    Gracious, I explained about this.
  11. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    I'm not sure who Kanye is, so the comparison's unfortunately lost. I really don't, however, see a line between a long-weary struggle with racial identity and whether people are stupid or not. I'm in major agreement with what Julian Bond said in 1999, that the biggest social issue facing the United States in the next century would be the breakdown of racial lines. As a mixed child I was ostracized in school because of the way I was raised -- not identifying with one "race" over another so much as with the individuals of my family. The social ramifications of not conforming to expected behaviors are stiff. It may not seem like it looking in. While I do hope one day racial lines as we know it blend away, it's going to take a lot longer than we want to demand. Anyway, how off-topic was that. Uh, back to OP's post.
  12. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    Most successful?
  13. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    To highlight that racial back-and-forth isn't solely a black and white (pardon the pun) issue.
  14. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    If that is what the OP means, I've got this to say -- and I say it not as a nurse (I'm a student), but as a human being. I live in an area whose population has shocked me at times with blatantly negative attitudes. Not only in regards to race (there is a large Mexican migrant worker population here), but also in regards to homosexuals, Muslims, and women who have had abortions, among other groups. I have heard people in a clinic waiting room say that a man who'd recently died had deserved AIDS because he was gay. I listened to a black woman in one of my prerequisite classes say that she wouldn't give CPR to a Hispanic, because she didn't want to take the chance that she was helping an illegal. I've heard a pastor say he'd never offer help to a woman who was open about having had an abortion. It comes in smaller comments too; I can't tell you how many off-the-cuff negative stereotypes people are careless about spewing from day to day. If people are willing to say things like this in the open, I can only imagine what else is in their heads. I've been on the receiving end of a bad situation regarding my mixed heritage myself, and I can never automatically discount it when someone claims an instance of prejudice. What goes through people's mind influences how they behave, whether they want it to or not. Is it always true when claimed? Of course not. Sometimes it's just frustration coming out. Sometimes it's not even that -- I don't argue that people do tell falsehoods for gain. It's a shame that it happens, especially because it masks a very real problem and devalues the situations of people for whom it is the honest truth. All I can say is if you never want to be accused to behaving in a biased manner, then don't behave in one. So that if it ever comes up that someone claims you did, you can in all confidence tell the truth.
  15. Darjeeling22

    Patients and the race card

    What exactly do you mean by the 'race card'? Call me obtuse. But as a "minority" (I detest that term) myself, I don't want to assume that I know what this means to someone else.
  16. Darjeeling22

    Becoming an NP with little to no nursing experience??

    Ah, thank you for the clarification!