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cjcsoon2bnp is a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

My specialties are Psychiatric/Mental Health and Emergency Department nursing for the past 7 years. Up until recently I worked as a staff nurse and an adjunct clinical nursing instructor and I’m transitioning into the role of an ED Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. I am new to prescribing as an NP and I can't tell you how helpful all of the local pharmacists have been when I have had to call in scripts. I work in an ED and we have to call in antibiotic prescriptions for positive culture results if someone didn'...
  2. cjcsoon2bnp

    When to delegate to CNAs?

    I seriously hope that this is a joke. When I was an ER nurse I had no problem delegating tasks to CNAs and I certainly wasn't a pushover but I also learned that asking for help and showing a little humility from the get-go made a lot fewer conflicts...
  3. cjcsoon2bnp

    Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    I don't work in LTC but I have a deep respect for those who possess the skills and disposition suited for that setting because I do not. My experience in LTC is limited to what I saw in nursing school and briefly as a CNA before I worked in a hospita...
  4. cjcsoon2bnp

    Multiple CNA's refusing assigned task

    I think that CNAs/techs have a role in the delivery of healthcare as do nurses (RNs/LPNs), advanced practice providers (MD/DO/NP/PA) and all of the other disciplines (pharmacy, social work, case management, psychology, physical therapy, occupational ...
  5. cjcsoon2bnp

    Length of Orientation for New NP

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get some feedback from NPs who work in acute care settings (ED, Urgent Care, Hospitalist, ICU etc.) regarding the length of orientation that their faculty/practice group provides for brand new/new graduate NPs. I realiz...
  6. With all due respect, your response comes across as dismissive and is exactly the reason why I wrote this article in the first place !Chris
  7. cjcsoon2bnp


    Back when I was a nurse manager my unit had self-scheduling and while I loved the idea of staff being able to have real influence over own schedules I found that for every schedule period I would often have to "fix" the schedule so that the unit woul...
  8. cjcsoon2bnp

    Many nurses do not chart?

    I haven't been a Med/Surg nurse in a while because I'm in the ED now and the charting requirements are completely different but my previous nurse manager regarded me as a pretty thorough in the documentation department and I didn't have to stay late ...
  9. cjcsoon2bnp

    Accusing Hospice

    This is a great story, your message and choice of language created a really solid picture, at least in my mind. I agree with the user who suggested that it must be the family who brings up religion in these situations and I can appreciate that you we...
  10. cjcsoon2bnp

    Nurse-client Relationship Boundaries

    I'm a clinical nursing instructor and I would tell my student that this is a matter of professional boundaries. I agree that it was a mistake and a momentary lapse in judgement but I understand how a student could have done it with the very beat of i...
  11. I understand the the idea of supply/demand and the concept that quality programs will produce quality graduates and only quality graduates will get jobs. However, I can't seem to get past my personal experience of seeing recently hired NPs in my facu...
  12. As usual I think that BostonFNP is right on target, programs that don't or can't secure sits for their students are sending a message that tuition dollars are valued above the quality of their students education. I am a FNP student who comes in with ...
  13. Ivan, I appreciate your feedback and did not create this post solely for the purposes of offending anyone or diminishing any education track. I understand the word "broken" may have come across a little strong, it was primarily for the purpose of dra...
  14. I really like the idea of post-graduate residency programs that combine NPs and PAs, I think it brings together the strengths of both disciplines and will advance the combined education. I am lucky to work side by side with quite a few PAs, many of t...
  15. NURSE PRACTITIONER HISTORYWhen Drs. Loretta Ford, RN and Henry Silver, MD developed the first NP certificate program in 1965 it provided experienced registered nurses (RN) with the additional training to work in pediatric primary care settings collab...