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  1. Prescribing Phentermine in ohio

    Wait, so NPs may prescribe Qsymia, but not phentermine? I wonder whose pockets got lined with that one.
  2. Gender discrimination in pay

    That's BS. Hospitals should be ashamed to treat their existing employees with such disrespect and lack of appreciation. LOLOL what am I saying??? I crack myself up. Anyway, I would not be able to stay there unless I was paid equitably. Sounds like it...
  3. The culture of silence and police brutality

    Well said. That said, nurses, aka imperfect human beings who make mistakes like the rest of the world, are taught the ethical principles of nursing. Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Autonomy, Justice, Veracity, Fidelity, and Integrity. Admittedly, we a...
  4. The culture of silence and police brutality

    Nurses and police are both in positions of power over vulnerable populations. Power corrupts. Can't count the number of times I've seen a nurse on a power trip. So yes, there are similarities between nurses and police.
  5. NP's how are you these days?

    Eleven frontline employees in my clinic furloughed yesterday. Heard the hospital group I work for has laid off 15 providers in my city. But, we have surgical masks LOL.
  6. COVID-19: Dangerous Conspiracy Theories In Government

    I've seen these posts on Twitter, and I agree, you can't tell what's going on inside the hospital based on an empty parking lot. The thing is, even here on this forum, there are many nurses reporting low census, no hours, etc. My nurse friends in NY ...
  7. Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    ? ? ? ??? People who all of a sudden NOW give a crap about their health crack me up But...she's right, she's at risk of being exposed. We all are. It's everywhere. When you say she wants "medical leave" do you mean she wants use FMLA? Because if tha...
  8. Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    To those whose hospitals say they are not allowed to wear masks: Wear one anyway, even if you have to furnish your own. If you are disciplined/fired/whatever, call the news. And a lawyer. Perhaps I'm naive, but I believe that very soon we will have a...
  9. Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    Amen to this. I'm sick of the uber-wealthy preaching at us in general, but especially right now. A few have made donations - but at such a tiny percentage of their net worth. There are billionaires out there. Why aren't they paying for masks and vent...
  10. not to mention the number of false negatives, considering rapid flu tests have a sensitivity varying between 10%-80%
  11. Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    I wish I had adequate PPE. The death rate in my age group is 0.25%. If I had no mask at all, I would willingly strap on a bandana and take care of a patient who would likely otherwise die.
  12. Refusing Care of a COVID-19 Patient Due to Inappropriate PPE

    If you are referring to yourself, please do not come back from retirement unless you're going to work phone triage or something like that. You have done your part and we thank you eternally.
  13. Considering Quitting my Job

    The point I was trying to make is that in the beginning, PPE shouldn't have been treated as if they were neverending breadsticks at Olive Garden.
  14. NP's how are you these days?

    Yes, the medical assistants are now being offered positions in drive through testing sites. Volume improved some today. We still have people with COPD exacerbations, or extremely high blood sugar, blood pressure, chest pain, abscesses, etc. And, in o...
  15. Considering Quitting my Job

    Agreed. Who knows how comparable this is to covid19, but for influenza aerosols surgical masks not inferior to n95: Also, I've been thinking the one time use and disposal of these supplie...