After 4 Attempts, I HAVE PASSED!

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It has been a long battle with this test since early 2007, but yesterday I finally passed it! I did the trick last night which relieved some anxiety since it didn't let me pay, but I was still skeptical. This morning, on a hunch since I was waiting for my Quick Results tomorrow, I search on the PA BON website for my name and there it was: I had an active RN license issued today. I think I am still in shock honestly. But so happy. I just wanted to let everyone on here know that I passed and to those of you that failed once or twice or like me, 3 or more times, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! You can do it, believe me, if I did it, you can do it. Thank you all for your support and prayers and good luck to everyone else either testing soon or waiting to hear GOOD NEWS!

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Congratulations! Yay!


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Oh how wonderful ! I am so happy for you ... congrats

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Congrats...what did you do this time that made the difference?

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Congratulations! I just passed my LPN Boards so I know what you mean by the shock. Enjoy this moment!!! Its sureal but definatley pays off all the hard work and dedication. Good Luck with all you do in your future.


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Congratulations!!! you deserve it!!:yeah: I too will be taking my test for the 5th time!! I believe and Trust that things will work out for my good this time. Enjoy your new, life long career! To God be the Glory!!

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YAAY! Congrats! You deserve it!


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Congrats! Now you can stop beating your head against the NCLEX wall & get on with your nursing career.


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YAY!!! Congratulations:yeah:

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