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  1. MauraRN

    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    If I had to do it over, I would become a Physician’s Assistant.
  2. MauraRN

    Exhausted; I want a way out.

    I am a veteran of the IVF wars - 7 tries, 7 failures. We adopted a 2 year old from Russia who is the light of my life, he is 27 now. We moved from CT to MA in 1989 because MA has health insurance mandate infertility treatment. I did home care for several years while my husband was sick and dying, it gave me just enough flexibility in my life to care for him and our teenage son. I would end up documenting until midnight then be up at 4 am to prep for days visits. The stress that this profession dumps on us is not conducive to trying to conceive. Home care nursing can be hell on earth. Maybe consider a paper pushing position and give getting pregnant the old fashioned way? Or move to a star that has IVF coverage? Or get your spouse to work a second job? Try to get out from under the stress
  3. MauraRN

    Bcbsma RN case manager

    does anyone here work for blue cross blue shield Massachusetts? I just applied for a RN CM position but the description has me nervous: "highly matrixed" is the term that has me concerned. Thanks
  4. MauraRN

    How to get into Case Management

    Have you thought about home health? The RN is the CM or the team usually consisting of some combo of home health aide, PT, OT, SLP, medical social worker. You will learn all about Medicare regulations, discharge planning, case mix, etc.
  5. MauraRN

    Best automatic bp cuff?

    Panasonic or Omron are good. I don't use them often because most of my patients are cardiac/heart failure. Sound and quality of BP and HR are important in these patients, lots of stuff gets missed in the hospital because they use nurse on a stick or CNA's for vitals. I can often pick up impending fluid overload by the muffled BP sounds even if the numbers are still ok.
  6. MauraRN

    Where are all of the holistic nurses?

    Lately, I have seen a lot of marketing by Integrative Nurses, AHNCC and other organizations trying to get on board the Holistic bandwagon. I studied for, and passed all of the pre-testing for HN-BC but ended up not taking it. Something about the Nursing profession hijacking the fruits of the Holistic movement is annoying to me. Why take such awesome modalities and twist them with crazy NANDA language?
  7. MauraRN

    Where are all of the holistic nurses?

    This is a snarky comment about Holistic practices. I did not miss the sarcasm "wheatgrass juice and Reiki". If getting a patient to drink less soda is all that you accomplish with that patient, you have not helped much at all. If we Holistic Nurses weren't out here making a difference and a living, the ANA and the FDA would not be so interested in us.
  8. We would though make sure we check all equipment and ourselves to make sure we don't have any "hitchhikers". We've put ambulances out of service to allow crews to shower and change after exiting certain residences. Yeah, Paramedics and EMT's are further up the food chain than RN's,(LOL) It would be a cold day in hell before a Home Health manager allowed the RN to "go out of service" to clean up equipment, car, go for a shower, change clothes. Pity the next patient when the hitchhikers find themselves a new home. BTW, the night I was mugged in a drug infested project building, and it was at night, my manager said that if I didnt go see the next 2 psych patients on my schedule that I would be fired for "abandonment". I took a good punch to the side of my face which broke my glasses and knocked my jaw out of alignment but I kept working. Had rent to pay, food for my child.
  9. MauraRN

    Where are all of the holistic nurses?

    I have often asked the same question: why is this specialty not on fire?? I have been the recipient of CAM measures for 20 years, acupunture, massage therapy, herbals, essential oils, yoga. Three years ago my husband died of a massive MI, I was 54 years old and had a child still in high school, I was doing cardiac/palliative home care. I have had to work a lot of hours to make ends meet for the last three years but soon after my husband died I took a Reiki class and loved it!!! Since then I have become a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Herbalist, and now I am working on Clinical Aromatherapy, focusing on therapeutic uses of essential oils. I feel as if this is my true path, combining Nursing with Holistics. I recently gave up my job and am going to take the financial risk to get an Holistic practice off the ground. I was so discouraged with nursing in the last few years, now I feel alive with knowledge that can help clients directly.
  10. MauraRN

    Accessing central lines/IV starts

    Do not access a port a cath without inservice. Some states do not allow IV starts in the home, you need to check your Scope of Practice. If you know what the med is you might be able to "guess" at what kind of line it is. If your agency does not get you an answer pronto, call infusion company or MD to get the answer.
  11. To RN-DC: I disagree with most of the comments to your question. I have done home health for several years in inner city an suburbs, have done psych, hospice and cardiac home care. Hoarders are no problem for home health nurses. Drugs, guns, dogs, etc. are not a problem. Bringing disease and bugs home to my family is a problem. I have been the lucky recipient of fleas, scabies, crabs, bedbugs. My PPD now shows positive, cxr negative. Been mugged and got through an attempted carjack. Been chased by dogs and wild turkeys. My husband died suddenly and I still have a child to raise, I have decided I will not take any more chances with my health and life. Only you can decide what you will tolerate. Risking your health is NOT a requirement for any nursing job.
  12. MauraRN

    Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    I will let you know in a few months. I am just starting up my business.
  13. MauraRN

    Are all nurses perpetually exhausted?

    To answer your question: YES!!! But I was a home health cardiac nurse, working 80 hours weekly, getting paid for 40 hours. And I am 57 years old. Nursing is a tough gig
  14. MauraRN

    Do you like your job?

    My body can't take floor nursing anymore, even though I am in good shape for my age (58). Love patient care, talking with, teaching them, love solving the medical mystery of s/sx. Can not stand the amateur hour politics, backstabbing crap that goes on, piling on more and more mundane clerical work onto nurses who are stretched thin to begin with. I agree with the above posts. Some of the negatives associated with our profession won't change until it reaches critical mass.
  15. MauraRN

    My First HOME HEALTH Job :)

    Loved this post!! A day in the life of a home care nurse. I may go back to it someday soon, I totally was due for a break.
  16. MauraRN

    Nurse with anxiety/depression