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  1. MauraRN

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    I love this thread. I have just "voted with my feet" and left clinical nursing for good. All of the reasons cited in this thread were part of my decision making process. I am going to focus my attention, education, training on holistic healing and teaching. I am a terrific nurse if I may say so myself, but I need my life back. Yesterday I worked a 14 hour shift with no food, water or God forbid COFFEE. Nasty family members took the last ounce of love and light from me. I am 57 years old and I have lots more to do in life than living for work only.
  2. MauraRN

    Break the Silence Report Bullying

    Definition of bullying; Any behavior that negatively impacts the physical, financial or mental health of another. It is not failing to smile or engage in social chit chat, it is serious and deadly behavior.
  3. MauraRN

    You Don't Just Stop Being A Nurse

    You are so right on about the whole ADN debate. Another piece of that saga is that so many of us are second career folks like me. I have a Bachelor's in another field, worked in the corporate world of real estate/legal business, owned my own business, raised a child, then received LPN diploma, then ADN. According to the nursing industry here in Massachusetts, none of that counts. Doing a comparison of all of my college credits vs the BSN curriculum, I am more educated in all ways, including having taken Ethics, Philosophy, Chemistry, Macro and Micro Economics, etc. Not to mention real life. It is quite frustrating. I have precepted new grads with BSN degrees, nice people, can write great care plans, but I actually had one administer insulin to a patient's upper thigh...through the johnny. LOL!!!
  4. MauraRN

    Home Care in Southeastern, MA. ?'s :)

    Not me. I did talk to Centrus, but I like skilled nursing visits best. I did pick up a 2nd job doing straight up med visits. they don't have enough pts for full time but it confirms that I need to get out of psych and into med home care. Thanks for the replies, hope the new job goes well.
  5. MauraRN

    What's your nursing kryptonite?

    Dirty nasty feet with 3 inch fungal toenails with toejam. UGH!!!
  6. MauraRN

    What pay are nurses making these days?

    Agreed. Not enough for the knowledge, education, experience, level of responsibility. They are patients, not widgets. I will never work as a nurse for less than $40.00 per hour ever again. That rules out hospitals, SNF's, offices. I am doing psych home care now. Don't love it, my 8 hr day is really 12 hours counting documentation, but at least I can pay the rent and put food on the table without working 2 jobs.
  7. MauraRN

    Are you dissatisfied in being a nurse? Why?

    Passive-aggressive nurse managers with no business world experience, think that their BSN or MSN qualifies them to make real world decisions, LOL!!!
  8. I bailed out of my MSN program. Looked at dozens of others and just could not deal with silly group projects, papers on theorists AGAIN, be it online or in a classroom. I have a bachelor's in another field, (political science) so I am applying for a Master's of Science in Elder Care Mgmt. I am currently doing psych home care nursing for medically fragile psych pts. Love the home care aspect, could do without some of the younger drug seeking psych pts. LOVE the elderly pts. It took me awhile to change focus from MSN, but I will still be a nurse, but using my expertise to navigate the insurance/services quagmire on behalf of elderly patients. Some times we have to let an idea swirl around in our brains before an answer comes to us. Maura
  9. MauraRN

    Therapy for me....

    I agree with the previous post; LPN school made RN transition much easier and I am a better hands on nurse because of it. BTW I am a second career RN, changed careers when my son was a teen, LPN at 48, RN at 51 years old. You will make your career happen, raise and enjoy your babies meanwhile, they grow up so fast!! Maura
  10. MauraRN

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Haldol, clonazepam, Trilafon, Effexor, Abilify, risperdone, Prolixin Dec IM, Risperdal Consta IM, Prozac, seroquel, cogentin, benadryl, colace, insulin, lopressor, lasix, KCL, neurontin, Keppra, depakote, lithium, Elavil, dilantin, ASA, percocet, morphine ER, metformin, thiamine, folic acid, MVI, levothyroxine, Razadyne, APAP, Motrin, lorazepam. And that is just one of my patients med list, lol. I do psych home care. I have a kid in college which explains my current career path, lol.
  11. MauraRN

    Rate of pay for home health nurse in mass?

    I am thinking of applying to VNA Southeastern MA. Does anyone know rate of pay, mileage, etc? I am currently doing psych home care and need a permanent mental health break from these pts. thanks for any info. MauraRN
  12. MauraRN

    Home Care in Southeastern, MA. ?'s :)

    Thanks imelissa!! I look forward to hearing from you.
  13. MauraRN

    Home Care in Southeastern, MA. ?'s :)

    thanks so much for the reply IMelissa. How is the job? Could you pm me with any info? I really need out of this psych only, missing med surg and elderly pts.
  14. MauraRN

    Home Care in Southeastern, MA. ?'s :)

    I am currently doing psych home care in brockton area. Love the elders, but I truly am having trouble coping with the drug seeking, system sapping pts. Plus it is a bit dangerous to go into rooming houses at night to give meds to paranoid schizophrenics, LOL. Does anyone know of a reputable agency in the Greater Plymouth area, Upper Cape to Weymouth for home health RN? I am currently per diem, $39 per hour no mileage, but half of the time my pts don't bother to show up, I don't get paid. I really need to change my situation soon. Thanks in advance for any replies. MauraRN
  15. MauraRN

    more vent: how/why did we let this happen?

    We, as a profession, have allowed ourselves to become billing and insurance clerks. Sure, we dress it all up in NANDA approved language, but clerks we have become. What a waste of education and experience.