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Leonardo Del Toro has 13 years experience as a RN and specializes in "Wound care - geriatric care.

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  1. Every 3 Hour Vitals and Lung Sounds

    I don't know how sick these patients are. Q4 I've heard but Q3 is too much. Lots of nurses are obsessed with BP. To wake up a pt q3 seems to create more harm than good. You can always tell when a patient is in distress because when you look at them, ...
  2. You show up for work and there is no one there. What to do?

    For the longest time, they have been saying "we have sufficient staff" but they never add, sick days, vacation, and people leaving into the equation. These three neglected items are always covered by the staff. Then came Covid and things started to g...
  3. You show up for work and there is no one there. What to do?

    Thanks. They have always pinned the responsibility on the nurses. Such as scheduling and finding another nurse if non are present. But now we are reaching critical levels of shortage, and these are uncharted territories. The dwindling staff is burned...
  4. You show up for work and there is no one there. What to do?

    Small SNF, 40 beds, two RN's or LVN's for each side. I'm an RN, DON not in facility. Charge RN.
  5. I am dreading the day when I show up to work and find out that I'm the only nurse on the floor. And I think that day is coming soon. The other unit RN, or LVN didn't show up. What are we supposed to do in a case like this? Certainly not sign up for t...
  6. Nursing jobs applying covid vaccines?

    How much are those jobs paying? Any leads for Bay Area sites?
  7. Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

    It goes both ways doesn't it? No loyalty goes both ways. You can't commit to me, I can't commit to you. I'm looking around, who pays more? Is that good for health care? No it is not. Do they care? No they don't.
  8. I don’t want to work extra!

    And for how long will these issues be resolved? I think we are going to have a melt down one of these days. When they finally realize the problem it will be too late.
  9. I don’t want to work extra!

    That's right. We have to adopt that same frame of mind in our facility. This thing about asking to be a team player, help out etc...is not flying anymore. Where is the incentive to work extra, but not more time, but in a much harder working environme...
  10. I called in sick today, they didn't accept it.

    And here's a nightmarish though: In 2024 Trump America, health care corporation managers will hire a couple of tugs to escort you back to work...or else face the consequences. Life in America: work, work, work and no fun.
  11. I don’t want to work extra!

    Yes, they get you there. Good job, the taste of victory is theirs, but only for a few hours until they realize you called off for your next shift. Now is somebody else's turn. Good lord I hate this s***
  12. I don’t want to work extra!

    Meaning, you don't have to stay if you don't agree? I often have to stay and work 16hs because the NOC nurse calls off and no replacement is sent. It is a given well established practice. No need to replacement whatsoever. But lately I've became...
  13. I don’t want to work extra!

    I'm done with the helping out BS. I've been helping out since day one. Doing an extra shift here, coming 3 hrs earlier, living late, and working on days off. They have demolished their welcome. Used our nice nature to death. Hire more nurses. Oh, the...
  14. I don’t want to work extra!

    That's right. In big centers they will never, never hire nurses. End of story. Only until the whole system collapses and maybe whatever is born from the ashes will hire nurses. The current corporate health care system in this country will never chang...
  15. Are You Wanting to Leave Your Nursing Job? Feel Guilty? What Should You Do?

    This whole thing about nurses are heroes is such pile of BS. Imagine how great it would be for all corporations to have this little racket.