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mysticalmoonray has 10 years experience and specializes in Orthopedic, Pain Management, Psych, Family.

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  1. mysticalmoonray

    Will I be shunned?

    Congrats, I just got accepted to the RN program at LSUE. Most of the LPN-RN advance track are all adult students who do not live on campus. I'm 26 and in the middle of the age range. I think I'll attend study groups to see what they contain, get to know everyone in the group, etc. If the study group helps my individual studying then I'll join, if its not helping then I'll still be friendly but be more inclinded to study independently.
  2. mysticalmoonray

    How do you incorporate faith into your daily nursing tasks?

    "Whatever you do unto the least of men, you do unto me"~Jesus Its all about keeping patience, trying to stay calm with difficult situations or people, and doing the best job that you possibly can. I don't preach to my patience but I do encourage them to use respect. I pray prior to work, and sometimes during work on stressful days. Its a matter of perspective and how you individually feel, and treat people. I know co-workers who are religious and those who are not. As long as we work together to care for our patience and do our workload, thats all that matters.
  3. mysticalmoonray

    Questionable decision

    I'm an LPN have have approx 3 years of medical experience in my background. I don't know everything and am still learning something new everytime I'm on the floor. I went with my mother to the hospital today to get bone marrow drawn for testing. After nearly 3 months of contant exhaustion during ADLS, always cold, and poor appetite she went to the ER last week for dehydration. After some IV fluids she was okay except for one thing, her blood levels were extremely low. The docs said she's either not making enough or losing some blood somewhere in her body. During several days of work I thought they did an Occult blood test, and I knew they drew over 7 vials of blood for routine work. However today, she has a bone marrow test. Very painful. I was allowed to watch the procedure since I'm a nurse and wish I did not. However after bringing her home, the original doctor calls and states he wants an occult blood test and her old blood results came in showing Vitamin B12 deficent anemia. Isn't it a point for doctors to rule out every possible blood test, occult blood, and other tests PRIOR to something as drastic as a bone marrow test? Like I've said I'm not saying that I know better than a doctor but this really got me questioning their ethics and decisions. Why would a doctor make a drastic call when not all of the 'lesser evils' are figured out? Looking forward to other perspectives on this. Thank you in advance.
  4. mysticalmoonray

    LSUE LPN-RN Advanced Program

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has gone through or knows of anyone who has attended LSUE and advanced by way of LPN-RN program. I've taken the ACE exams and was wondering if there was an average score or overall GPA they looked at to accept students into the program. There accepting 20 LPN's this year and over 50 took the ACE exam at LSUE while others took the test elsewhere. Just wondering what I should pay attention to as to having a better chance at getting into the program.
  5. mysticalmoonray

    UL or LSUE? please help!

    I'm currently attending LSUE for the nursing program. I just have statistics left to take for the pre-reqs. The staff is usually very helpful in anyway they can be, my advisor is great for helping make decisions for the college career, if she doesn't know the answer I'm directed to someone who can.
  6. mysticalmoonray


    It varies from place to place as to what their acceptable passing rate is, on the ACE Fundamentals 70% is usually the passing score.
  7. mysticalmoonray


    I used a NCLEX RN book for the nursing fundamental exam I, for the second I'm still not sure what would be the best study material. I saw several coming to take the exam they brought Maternity and Pediactric books to study by.
  8. mysticalmoonray


    Not sure just yet. I was told by the administrators it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the results.
  9. mysticalmoonray

    IV Certification in Shreveport for LPN

    I know this post is pretty much dead since last year but I was wondering if anyone knew the number for the shreveport hospitial to ask about the IV courses? I called the main number on the website and just got voice messaging that never lead me anywhere.
  10. mysticalmoonray


    Hi has anyone here taken the ACE-PN part one fundamentals and part two OB/peds? If so what did you use as study material for part two? I just finished taking both today. To me part one was pretty basic and straightforward with a little bit of everything thrown in. However the OB part looked so alien to me . I've worked over 1 year as an LPN and its mainly been geriatric and psych no OB, maybe since I don't see that everyday it threw me off? So worried about the second test results. Any ideas of study material for test 2 incase I need to retake it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. mysticalmoonray

    IV Cerfication courses for LPN's

    I'm an LPN who went to school out of state. Where I went did not offer IV certification as RN's were responsible for IV's. After moving here I've noticed that the majority of jobs require IV cerfication of LPN's and am having a difficult time finding places that offer the course that is not just a part of the LPN program. I've talked with Lafayette General and they do offer one but it will not be until April next year. I am looking to get into a certification class earlier so that I can get a better job in a local hospital. Please let me know of any courses you may know of, anywhere from Lafayette, or elsewhere that I might get certified. Thank you in advance.
  12. mysticalmoonray

    Locations of CPNE?

    Hi, I emailed excelsior a few days ago asking this question this is what they responded with: The Clinical Performance in Nursing Exam sites are as follows: Albany, Schenectady, Utica, Queens and Syracuse, New York Plano, Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Riverdale and Savannah, Georgia Madison, Janesville, Milwaukee and Racine, Wisconsin Mansfield, Ohio Chambersburg and York, Pennsylvania I've heard its simulation to ensure you can properly do the tasks but I've also read that some people had real pt's. Hope the locations help.
  13. mysticalmoonray

    Anyone who has taken Excelsior's Program

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for anyone who has taken Excelsior's online LPN-RN program. Did it go well if as long as you were self motivated? Where are the weekend testing destinations located, Lafayette, Baton Rouge? Where did you go (or will go for) the CPNE Examinatation. I think the closest is Plano TX for me. Were the Certitified Examiners fair? I've read a few horror stories of some CE's. Please let me know how things are or how they went. I'm an LPN looking to take online courses while I work full time.
  14. mysticalmoonray

    Anyone in an online LPN to RN program?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tried online LPN to RN degree programs and if they feel they liked it vs. tradtional classes and clinicals. I was just wondering as I may have to work full time and might not have time time I need to take off a few days for classes.
  15. mysticalmoonray

    Jobs prior to Nursing

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering what other jobs we have held before Nursing 'Called' to us. I started as a day care worker or "child care provider" and worked my way to a Pre-school teacher. After a MVA and 8 visits to the hospital within a four month timeframe and a lot of chaos, tears, and a lot of personal growth I remembered all the nurses I met. Those that were angels sent to help those in need and those from the other end who I wondered why the heck they were in the health care field and working with people. After my experience, my personal desire to help those in need, and knowing I was smart enough to make it through I decided to become a nurse. I'm a recent graduate with June 2010 being my one year mark. I look forward to reading everyone's diverse stories.
  16. mysticalmoonray

    You Might Be A Nursing Student If......

    When you get excited that you UNDERSTAND the conversation on House, ER, or other medical shows. Even more when you get to explain it to family members during advertisments. Groan when you watch Injections on T.V....no one ever sticks a needle in the bend of the elbow to administer a 90 degree injection during an emergency. What are they aiming for?