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  1. NewAggieGrad09

    The Case Against Med-Surg!

    I wanted to do L&D...always have. Peds was a second choice. After 6 months of looking and looking, the only unit who would hire me was...you guessed it...peds med-surg! I had applied to other units at my peds hospital, but this med-surg one came through! I am so glad you were able to go str8 to the type of nursing you were attracted to. I've been here for 2 yrs. I still wish to do L&D, and while I wish I had landed there first, I did learn alot from med-surg, and will chalk it up as one tough and educational portion of this journey of nursing.
  2. I have been a day/night rotator since I started in Dec 2009. I was hired for rotation, which was good for me because I wasn't sure what I would like better. Our scheduler told me that she could see me as a night person...and she was right! Even though I prefer nights, I am not ready to commit to one, because sometimes days works out for me (like when I work weekends). However, I only do days about every 3 weeks, and 3-4 day shifts tops...anymore than that, and I'll have a serious attitude! I'm naturally a night owl, so when I am on day shift, I can't sleep til about 12am or later, even after coming home from a rough day! I do sometimes have nights and days in the same week...IDK how I do it, but I manage! Maybe next year, I'll ask to be strictly nights. I would ask if you could try mixing first, then have the opportunity later to pick just one. If not, I'd go for the nights. I didn't see much of a difference as to what I was able to see and learn on day shift vs night shift as a new grad. Good luck!
  3. Yes...we purposely have your child, who is here for PNA and JUST came off oxygen like 2 hours ago, on the monitor so that it will drive you both crazy overnight. If I have to be up for 12 hours overnight, as should you! Hospital does not equal hotel. Of course your child is whimpering in pain...you are touching AND lifting the elbow he just fractured. He was just asleep, and looked quite peaceful after getting morphine 30 minutes ago. If you leave his elbow alone, he'll stop crying. Voila! You have a call bell AND I wrote down my ASCOM phone number as a way to get me when you need me. Stalking me and entering another patient's room to tell me your baby needs a bottle is inappropriate...and scary. Sooooooo sir....you are 17 and have been bleeding from your butt for 4 days, and felt that waiting to tell your parents that long was a good idea, but as SOON as you hear your IV pump beep completed, you lean on the call bell? Priorities young man....priorities. Wait, let's not fight all night about refusing vitals, meds, labs, etc...I'll go get your AMA form! I'm sure I have more, but I have to run and force my DKA teen pt to let me take her blood sugar...funsies!
  4. NewAggieGrad09

    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    i am currently going through this....
  5. NewAggieGrad09

    Dead bodies?

    I am TERRIFIED of dead bodies....which I can attribute to my love for horror movies. Even at funerals, I am silently screaming in my head "Get me the hell away from this casket!" when I walk up to view the body. I have touched two of my friends in their caskets, but all that kissing and stuff I have seen people do at funerals is a tad too much. Luckily, I haven't had to do any post-mortem care (knocks on wood...HARD!). I would definitely need someone else with me and to take the body down to the morgue, because I am very jittery.
  6. NewAggieGrad09

    honestly, how soon will you leave bedside nursing...

    I'm unsure...I don't necessarily mind bedside nursing as a whole, but doing it on this unit is what bothers me. However, it'll be 2 years next month since I started, and I can say that I have grown so much during this time.
  7. NewAggieGrad09

    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    Him: I had a fever last night. Me: Really? How do you know? Him: Well, my body felt dumb-hot, and I felt lightheaded. I was sweating bullets...and I was tired when I got home from work. Me: Did u take your temp? All of those COULD be signs, but it doesn't mean you had one. Him: I mean...no...but I felt fever-ish, so I must have had one. Me:
  8. NewAggieGrad09

    i feel guilty, help!

    Yeah, I feel like that sometimes, but hell, in order to take care of these kids, I need to be sane!
  9. AMEN! LMAO If this does happe, however, we are called between 5 and 5:30 am/pm, and given the option to be on-call (PRN staff or OT staff are automaticaly cancelled for that shift) for 4 hours IF they think they may need someone. If they do not need us, they call us back by 9 am/pm to let us know if we need to come in at 11 am/pm, or if we can just stay home. If they know for sure that the chosen person is not needed, they will tell them so at the first call. I have only been cancelled once in the summer of 2010. I calso ame to work sick one day (I laid back down hoping a nap would help, but woke up too late to call out sick), and the census was low. I only had one patient, so they begged me to just go home because they would end up sending me home most likely anyway due to low census.
  10. NewAggieGrad09

    Water Pitchers

    I forgot the rest of my post lol. Anyone can fill them up...RNs, techs, PSAs (here, we have Patient Service Attendants, who help with trays, menus, making beds, etc). If my patients are on strict I&O, I usually like to handle getting beverages for them myself so I can keep track of their intake. We have a water/ice machine in the hall, so patients/families are also able to fill them up; if they are I&O, we just ask them to keep track or write down how many cups from the pitcher they have had.
  11. NewAggieGrad09

    Water Pitchers

    I work at a pediatric hospital, so here we always give patients/families empty pitchers when they are admitted, but only fill them up when asked. A lot of these kids either drink bottle water (they can get one or two bottles with each meal), or are in the "I hate water" stage, and therefore drink other beverages.
  12. Telling time in the 2400 format. Anytime I'm watching a military show, I get so excited because I understand what they mean by "We will start running at 1400 hours". SMH
  13. NewAggieGrad09

    You Know You Are a Nurse When...

    When you envy your friends who have jobs where they don't work weekends or holidays, work less than 12 hours, and actually get off on time.
  14. NewAggieGrad09

    Theme song to your Nursing career?

    "Oops I Did it Again" by Britney Spears :chair: "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson
  15. Patient's Mom: He is so fussy...what is wrong with him? Me: Let me recheck his temp. The tylenol we gave him an hour ago should have helped, but let me do that and look him over to see what else may be wrong. What I really wanted to say: Aren't you the mom?? How the f*** would I know why he's crying!! His diaper is full of urine and poop, but when I asked to change him, you said no. He keeps holding out his hands to the bottle of milk, too....MAYBE HE'S FUSSY BECAUSE HE'S STINKY AND HUNGRY!! ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE HIS MOTHER? Needless to say, I got him a new bottle of milk...slept like a baby for the rest of the night.