Worst part of being a school nurse

  1. 5 Filing a CPS report.

    Something is going horribly wrong in a child's life, and all I can do is send a report and hope someone else is able to help. I can't put a bandaid on this.
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    Sorry you are having a bad day....thank you for reporting what needed to be reported. Sucks some days, doesn't it?
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    So sorry fetch. You are starting what needs to be done to help the child.

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    Guess I just wanted to share, it's such a hopeless feeling, even though technically I'm doing something it always feels like it's not enough.

    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    Sorry you are having a bad day....thank you for reporting what needed to be reported. Sucks some days, doesn't it?
    Yes, it really really does. Thanks.

    Quote from SchoolRNAmy
    So sorry fetch. You are starting what needs to be done to help the child.

    Thanks. Just wish there was more I could do.
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    Yeah, I hear you. I think we've ALL been there. It's our last resort, but sadly, sometimes that's what it comes down to. You did the right thing - even though it doesn't feel like it
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    I understand how you feel, had to do that very thing Monday. Just goes to show us that we never know what our kids go home to. I have been so upset this week with all that I was told. There are days that really get to me and this whole week has been that way. Just remember that you are doing what you can to protect the kids.
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    Sorry this is going on, just keep doing what your doing... Hugs
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    I agree, it is very difficult. The worst feeling is when the bell rings at the end of the day and you see them getting on the bus knowing they are going back home when they probably would much rather stay at school. You did such an important thing. Whether it feels like it or not, you have made such an impact on that child's life with just a phone call.
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    yeah - i think we've all been there - especially watching a student walk out the door to go home to a personal hell and knowing that we've only done what we could do for the day because our hands are bound by red tape.
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    This happened to me recently. The kids are in a local foster home now. I'm glad I made the report. It wasn't hard. It was the right thing to do.

    The hard part was the red tape as Flare mentioned. That's a bit crazy-making.

    But the kids are safe now. That is good.
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    Ugh! That's so hard. I'm sorry. I always try to remind myself at those times that I am doing something good for that child and hopefully their situation will improve because of my report but it's hard. It is sad to see the situations some of these kids live in. HUGS to you!
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    I had to do it last week too. It is so hard. I find comfort in the fact that by one little phone call, we can get the ball rolling on maybe making a difference in some of these little kiddos lives.
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    Good news -- I called back today to follow up and they confirmed they ARE taking it on as a case. This was especially relieving as it was a medical neglect case, and a student in a similar situation in a nearby district died a few months ago.

    Thank you all for the kind comments and support, they really meant a lot.

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