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raidermom has 19 years experience and specializes in med surg, geriatrics, peds.

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  1. raidermom

    Is the flu in your school?

    It hit both my schools in December and we had 45 diagnosed cases at one school and 43 diagnosed at the other with a student body of 134 and 122. That was teachers and students. We have recently had a few more diagnosed these past 2 weeks. Our state is telling us that we haven't hit peak yet.
  2. raidermom

    Chiari malformation care plan

    Does anyone hve a care plan for Chiari malformtion? I have looked and have not found one that applies to school. Thanks!
  3. raidermom

    Worst part of being a school nurse

    I understand how you feel, had to do that very thing Monday. Just goes to show us that we never know what our kids go home to. I have been so upset this week with all that I was told. There are days that really get to me and this whole week has been that way. Just remember that you are doing what you can to protect the kids.
  4. raidermom

    Respect....or the lack thereof...(RANT ALERT!)

    I understand 58 days left for me!!!
  5. raidermom


    I will speak for myself, I have a low normal body temperature of 96.7 so when mine reaches 99 and above I feel awful. I also have an auto immune condition that I have a normal low WBC. I would explain to the mom and ask for documentation. We are all individuals and react differently to many things.
  6. raidermom

    Vent! Teachers,parents and students ready for break!

    Okay guys D-Day is here!! counting down the hours!! Wehave parties , sing a longs and then out principal is grilling steak for us today for lunch. So my motto is if they send them to me I think they are all going home:yes: Sounds Like a plan!
  7. raidermom

    Vent! Teachers,parents and students ready for break!

    Thanks guys! I feel better today and I just had to vent yesterday. I also think some of it comes for being unappreciated and knowing that unlike everyone here I havent been able to take off to do any shopping because I cannot even find a sub for when I am sick. Also we have given money to buy gifts for the pricipal, secretary and custodian. I have never received a gift from the group collectively only a few of my parents even think of me and most of those are not students that I take care of on a regular basis. So my plan is to bring cheer today wherever I go as tomorrow is our last day and I can shop for Christmas on Monday. I have realized I was throwing a pity party and I don't have it as bad as some, by any means!! So I hope you all Have a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  8. Okay I am so ready to be out of school, I have reached my limit of teachers trying to override my decision about whether a student needs to go home or stay at school. I have a teacher that wants her students out of her room for a runny nose!! Then I have had teachers send the same students back to me 5 times in an hour because they tell them they dont feel good. I was actually very harsh with a student and teacher this week because they wanted to send the student home without any signs of sickness and they said the student was running a fever because they were hot even though my thermometer said temp was 97.6. I actuallytold both the teacher and student that there was nothing wrong with them and they would not be going home that day until the bell rang and then I told the teacher that I don't come in her classroom and tell her how to teach so don't come to my office and tell me how to be a nurse. I have never done that and I am ashamed that I let my temper get the best of me. Of course I am working sick with bronchitis because there are no subs to be found. I have had 4 shots this week to try to prevent pneumonia and a hospital stay and they don't want a kid who has a runny nose in their room???!!!THEN you have the parents who after calling 5 phone numbers you still cant get ahold of to come pick up their vomitting, running fever child so they are in your office all day/afternoon. I am sorry this is so long nd a vent but I had to let it out someway!No one seems to understand why I am upset and have said that I really needed to take a day off if I was gonna act like I was acting. My reaction to that is Friday cannot get her fast enough!!!
  9. raidermom

    More Hospitals Banning Elective C-Sections

    I have had 3 C-sections. The first was an emergency at 39 weeks(after being on bedrest for preterm labor @ 24 weeks) the next was at 37 weeks and my son was born at 36 weeks on the day. None of these were scheduled, I had to have a clear labor pattern for the last 2. I even tried a VBAC with the second child and that didn't work out. I had to present in labor before we could do the C-section. And this was 17 years ago, I guess I just don't understand the reasoning, I mean there shouldn't be a surgery unless there is a true reason for it. Since when are babies a convienence?
  10. raidermom

    Any ideas for this student?

    You might try Pediasure milkshakes. I have used this with my own underweight child and it helped.
  11. raidermom

    Just need a shoulder !

    I understand! Hugs sent your way!:hug:
  12. raidermom


    Yes we have one in my office/lounge area. It is connected to the main office and centrally located.
  13. raidermom

    Anyone using electronic medical records?

    We use STIHealth but are going to INOW next year. I love the EMR! I do keep a backup paper copy since you never know what may happen. Only a handful of times that it has been down for more than an hour or so. It really makes it easier to keep records.
  14. raidermom

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    I celebrated by getting a pedicure!!!! I took time afterschool for me, it was GREAT! I was then able to go home relaxed and able to enjoy my family! I have learned from the tragedies that have happened here in my community. I am taking time to enjoy the moments with my family, we never know when it might be our last. I got hugs from my Kindergarten students and that made my day! Last year I chose to let it bother me that no one noticed me, this year I chose to celebrate myself. I didn't announce it and they probably didn't know, so no big deal. Life is all about choices, how do you choose to live yours?
  15. raidermom

    Vote for the school nurse!!!

    I voted!
  16. raidermom

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    Happy School Nurses Day!! I hope you all have a great day! What are you doing if anything special today?