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  1. SchoolRNAmy

    Racial Refusals In Nursing

    I think I'm a dreamer.... I just don't see how there is room in this world for racism. Why can't we all just enjoy the differences in people, and embrace something bigger than us. Race has nothing to do with the level of care one receives, or one giv...
  2. SchoolRNAmy

    31 more school days

    Happy Friday, friends.... Geez... 31 more school days.... but who's counting. I've had a day where I could literally scream................................................. Ugh.... thank goodness for weekends.
  3. SchoolRNAmy

    School Nurse Salary?

    CT : I'm in a small private school.... hired as a contract employee for the town. I'm paid by the hour, no benefits like PTO, Insurance... but my rate is pretty good. I work 30 hours a week.
  4. SchoolRNAmy

    If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become?

    Hmmmm...... *sigh*. I always wanted to be a veterinarian (so cliche... I know).... received my first degree as a BS Animal Science from UCONN (GO HUSKIES!!). Going to vet school turned out to be a pipe dream.... somehow the student loans for an out-o...
  5. SchoolRNAmy

    At scene of fatal accident yesterday...

    ((((Hugs)))) to you....... I have been in your shoes a couple times, and it's tough. You get this gut-wrenching feeling that you could have done more, or should have done more, etc. Just know that you did everything you could do, and you kept yoursel...
  6. SchoolRNAmy

    Nurse Dracula overqualified

    LOL.... thanks for the laugh this morning.
  7. SchoolRNAmy


    You aren't kidding!!! TGIF!
  8. SchoolRNAmy


    We use Motorola.... I don't know the model, but they are yellow and black. That may not be too helpful.... but we did get some last year, so I would think that they're relatively easy to find. Some days, the reception can be a little fuzzy, but for...
  9. SchoolRNAmy


    Hey 100kids... We have walkies here..... one of the walkies goes out with the medical bag, out to recess with the kids. It's very convenient if I need to get in touch with the teacher outside, and vice versa. I think it was a good idea to have.....
  10. SchoolRNAmy

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!

    10 days left over here..... I'm pre-k -8th.... my 5-8th graders are going on a trip the last week of school!!! Can't wait.
  11. SchoolRNAmy

    Let the COUNTDOWN begin!

    LOL... Only 35 more days.... but who's counting. :yelclap:
  12. SchoolRNAmy

    My day today...

    LOL.... I can sympathize. You're a superstar!!
  13. SchoolRNAmy

    Let the COUNTDOWN begin!

    Minnie.... I would love a copy of your list as well. This is my first year..... and any help would be wonderful and appreciated!!! Amy
  14. SchoolRNAmy

    So happy it's Friday!

    AWESOME JOB! Every day is a learning experience. I'm in a similar situation as you are.... new school nurse, feeling overwhelmed sometimes.... etc. I love my job too.... love the kids.... but DEFINITELY psyched it's FRIDAY! :yelclap:
  15. SchoolRNAmy

    What do you go by?

    I have been referred to as Nurse Amy... or Nurse. I think it's cute when the little ones refer to me as Nurse Amy. This wasn't a choice on my part... the teachers just kind of implemented it on their own. However, I think it's pretty nice, and not sn...
  16. SchoolRNAmy

    New School Nurse - looking for ideas

    Hi Everyone! I just started as a school nurse for a small private school at the end of August, and I'm enjoying the challenges as they come my way. I'm wondering what kind of activities you plan, or how involved you are with the students outside...