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Anyone from CT?


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I'm looking into applying to WGU, but was wondering if there was anyone else in CT going through their RN-MSN program?

Anyone know if the hospitals (that are starting to require BSNs) view online BSN programs differently than that of a "traditional" school?

Thank you!!

Kathy H

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Hi SchoolRNAmy,

Yes I am from Middlebury, CT. I am planning to begin the RN-MSN in Leadership May 1. I just submitted all of my documentation and have been communicating with an enrollment specialist since applying back in December. I researched many online programs and this one seems ideal in terms of moving ahead at your own pace and paying by 6 month term not by the number of credits. So if you actually work through it quickly (time permitting of course) you can save a lot of time and money. There are a lot of posts for this school and you can learn a lot by reading the different blogs for WGU.

As far as online programs, I know many nurses who have gone that route and did not find it a barrier at all. I work for the state and online school qualifies for tuition reimbursement and career mobility (if you're a union member). However, there are a few online programs just like there are some brick and mortar schools that have bad reputations.

Good Luck!!



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I'm starting the MSN education program early 2016