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Kathy H has 20+ years experience and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. I live in CT and am looking into University of North Dakota's online psych NP program. I am having a difficult time finding out whether my state recognizes online practitioner programs out of state. Any CT nurses out there who have done a program like this with clinical hours done locally in CT? Thanks
  2. Kathy H

    Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Proverbs16:24- The whole health educator for nurses looks like the best bet since you qualify to take the certification test for CCP and you get an NPI number recognized for billing nationally as an educator (not billing as a nurse). I'll likely take advantage of the Behavioral Health course, and possibly expand on the wellness inventory training that is offered now within the cirriculum. The WH Nutrition Educator Program requires that you work in the nutrition field and nsg credentials don't fit the bill. There's also a Nutrition certificate but many of those courses are part of the Nursing Educator program and it is not as comprehensive as the program for nurses. As far as what I want to specialize in later once I get through a program, I am not 100% sure. I will see where this learning process leads me. I recently retired from a full time +, stressful nsg management job and now want something more flexible, part time and in line with my interests. I worked in psych at all levels over the years so wellness and behavioral concepts are areas that I have an interest in, value and feel comfortable with. I spoke with someone at NIWH and they were informative and zero pressure. They sent me an email with alot of additional info and links (a bit more than you'll find on the website). I'm going to look at a couple more programs before I decide but NIWH partners with some of those other programs in that you can get big discounts if you want to do portions of their offerings. I will let you know what I decide. Keep in touch and good luck!
  3. Kathy H

    Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Patient Engagement and Behavioral Health Change Workshop for Medical Professionals | National Institute of Whole Health I know you mentioned behavioral change, this is offered but it is separate from the Whole Health Educator for Nurses cirriculum.
  4. Kathy H

    Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Thanks Proverbs16:24. I have done some research online and have spoken with NIWH. There are many benefits I like about this program and they are recognized by ANCC, and others. I checked the BBB and are rated A+. Have you checked them out and if so do you have any reservations about their program?
  5. Kathy H

    Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Are there any programs you've done or researched that you would recommend? Thanks
  6. Kathy H

    Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    CBD oil has recently been deemed a schedule I drug.
  7. Kathy H

    Holistic nurse vs nurse health coach

    Have you checked out the thread in Holistic Nursing titled "Has Anyone Done the NIWH Whole Health Program"? It's very interesting and looks like a viable option. I started looking into it after seeing comments and I am seriously considering this.
  8. Kathy H

    Anyone done NIWH Whole Health Educator program?

    Conor, Thanks for all the info. Would you happen to know whether there are any limitations to this in Connecticut? Thank you Kathy
  9. Kathy H

    Anyone done NIWH Whole Health Educator program?

    Interesting info. How can I go on the program's monthly call without being registered in the program? I'd love to get an idea of the program before committing. Thanks
  10. I currently attend WGU RN-MSN program and just now planning to switch from leadership concentration to informatics (just got through BSN part of program) so I can't tell you about finding a job post grad, however, I can tell you about WGU. I really love WGU, it inexpensive ($3400 per 6 month term), you can add classes without incurring more tuition if you complete your assigned term courses early, work at your own pace, and you get an assigned student mentor throughout the program who gives you support and helps to keep you on track as well as course mentors for each specific course.
  11. I am currently in the RN-MSN Leadsership at WGU, and just got through the BSN portion, I'm planning to switch to Informatics, still have MSN core to complete which is common to the different MSN tracks. Are you doing RN-MSN or BSN-MSN?
  12. What's the tuition at Excelsior?
  13. Kathy H

    Online Only Informatics Program

    What programs have you looked at so far and are you looking for Nurse Informatics or Health Informatics? Usually if youre looking for strictly health informatics you need some prior IT experience or education unless youre starting from square 1.
  14. WGU offers an RN-MSN and a BSN-MSN in Nursing Informatics. Tuition is approx $3400 per 6 month term. They also offer other programs that are not specific to nursing, e.g., BS in Healthcare Informatics and MBA in Info Tech Mgmt or MS in Data Analysis.
  15. Kathy H

    Nursing Informatics OR Healthcare informatics????

    If you want an online program try Western Governors (WGU). They just added an Informatics degree which you can do as RN-MSN or BSN-MSN. They also offer other informatics without the nursing degree. They also have a BS in Health Information Management but its not specifically nursing. I am going there now and thinking about the MSN informatics program vs leadership. WGU is very flexible and inexpensive as well as CCNE accredited. I really love the program because its totally asynchronous and you can work at your own pace over the 6 month term and add more courses if you have time without incurring additional tuition. It's wgu.edu I would go with nursing vs healthcare informatics because it highlights your license. I don't have all the info but you might want to look at and explore the programs WGU offers to give you a better idea of which one is a better fit for your career choices.
  16. Kathy H

    Nursing Informatics

    That's fantastic! May I ask if you're studies are online and where you are going to school? I am currently at WGU online in their RN to MSN program and just completed the BSN portion of the program, I'm in the Leadership/Management concentration but I can change to an Informatics concentration, which is new at WGU. Thanks