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Kathy H has 20+ years experience and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. I live in CT and am looking into University of North Dakota's online psych NP program. I am having a difficult time finding out whether my state recognizes online practitioner programs out of state. Any CT nurses out there who have done a program li...
  2. Hi Proverbs 16:24, I was giving one last look at programs and continue to confirm that NIWH is probably the best fit for me. Start next month!
  3. Changing to a non-nursing career?

    I worked part time for a pharmaceutical company in the past, entering labs for a high risk medication in a national database. You can also work sales especially for meds you are familiar with - cardiac meds/CCU nurse, psych meds/psych nurse, etc. Th...
  4. Flunked out of WGU Rn to Bsn.

    Salmo23, Great to hear you've decided to do this, you won't regret it. So for Biochem I would take my time with this course, it's not a course you want to rush through like some of them, especially if you don't feel knowledgeable about the subject. E...
  5. Just did some diggiing and it's $6000. There's also quite a few complaints I found as well as a few staunt proponents defending against the criticisms. Decided not to go with it or continue to look into it.
  6. Flunked out of WGU Rn to Bsn.

    I just finished my BSN at WGU. The totally asynchronous format and no discussion boards were a definite plus for me. If you don't want to take biochem with WGU, take it at a community college and transfer it in, but any courses transferred in must ...
  7. I have been researching different programs on health coaching, health educating, nutrition, etc. Recently I was looking at IIN, an online program, and although they seem reputable and have affiliations with a few colleges that will grant you about 6...
  8. WGU RN to BSN Grads/Current Students

    Hi PocketSize I just got my BSN and I highly recommend WGU. Biochem is biochem, you need it and can take it elsewhere if you want but it has to be before you start in order to transfer. Probably easier and makes more sense to take it at WGU since you...
  9. Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    I just completed my BSN at WGU. Loved the program and some courses are just more difficult than others- like biochem. The online platform is very flexible and there are no mandatory discussion boards or synchronous classes, everything at your pace an...
  10. Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Proverbs16:24- The whole health educator for nurses looks like the best bet since you qualify to take the certification test for CCP and you get an NPI number recognized for billing nationally as an educator (not billing as a nurse). I'll likely take...
  11. Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Patient Engagement and Behavioral Health Change Workshop for Medical Professionals | National Institute of Whole Health I know you mentioned behavioral change, this is offered but it is separate from the Whole Health Educator for Nurses cirriculum.
  12. Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Thanks Proverbs16:24. I have done some research online and have spoken with NIWH. There are many benefits I like about this program and they are recognized by ANCC, and others. I checked the BBB and are rated A+. Have you checked them out and if so d...
  13. Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    Are there any programs you've done or researched that you would recommend? Thanks
  14. Holistic Nurses Entrepreneurs

    CBD oil has recently been deemed a schedule I drug.
  15. Holistic nurse vs nurse health coach

    Have you checked out the thread in Holistic Nursing titled "Has Anyone Done the NIWH Whole Health Program"? It's very interesting and looks like a viable option. I started looking into it after seeing comments and I am seriously considering this.