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BA in theater tech then ADN for RN, what can I say, I like to do things out of order.

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  1. fetch

    What cracked me up today

    Had a really rough week, but a 2nd grader just unintentionally turned it all around. Lots of classes had pajama parties today, and this child wore his footie PJs that zip from the ankle to the neck. And wouldn't you know it, today the zipper broke an...
  2. fetch

    Thermometer woes...

    I had the same issues with my VeraTemp, ended up giving it to another nurse in the district to try and fight with. I use an Exergen temporal scanner, which is sometimes a degree off, so if I get something funky I check with an oral.
  3. fetch

    "Gift" Ideas

  4. fetch

    Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    Stop picking your nose and you'll stop getting "mysterious" nosebleeds!
  5. fetch

    What School Nurses REALLY Do?

    Two more skills to put on my resume . . . Xerox fixer and paper towel filler. Also bloodhound: tracking down the kiddos who don't want to take their daily medication is an adventure.
  6. fetch

    What School Nurses REALLY Do?

    Oh, and don't forget the cleaning! With limited seating and cots, and no paper covers (at least I don't get any), Sani-Cloths are my best friend. I actually like the smell of Vo-Ban these days, as it covers up the stench of the boys' bathroom as well...
  7. fetch

    What School Nurses REALLY Do?

    1385 since Sept 3 . . . oh wait, now at 1386!! Revolving door today!
  8. fetch

    Wheelchair use in high school

    Yes to everything amoLucia said!
  9. fetch

    "Gift" Ideas

    It's a "medication" in that we can't administer it or give it at school, same as sunscreen. But if I see a child with it I don't have to take it away or anything. Cough drops on the other hand, I have to take away. I don't go looking for them tho,...
  10. fetch

    "Gift" Ideas

    I personally see nothing wrong with them either! But my school board has decided that it falls into the same category as suntan lotion: the parent can provide and apply but the school nurse cannot. Aggravating.
  11. fetch

    "Gift" Ideas

    I trust Dr Oz about as far as I can throw him . . . anyone who advertises for "miracle" weight loss is more interested in money than true science. Dr. Oz’s bad medicine - Salon.com
  12. fetch

    Florida Hospital EDNIP

    Anyone have any familiarity with this? (Emergency Department Nurse Internship Program) It sounds pretty great but is it super competitive? I'm from out of the area but have been looking to re-locate to central Florida, it sounds pretty awesome to me.
  13. fetch

    "Gift" Ideas

    I never even thought to look for that! You have just turned my life around, haha. (Of course with my luck I'll find that lip balm is considered a medication in my district.)
  14. fetch


    I've had more kids today than Weds and Thurs combined. I should have known it would be a crazy day when I woke up with my alarms (yes, plural) not getting me up. Five! Days! Left!!!!
  15. fetch

    sick (pardon the pun) of teachers

    If you want to start a thread about all the awesome things school nurses do, go ahead! We'll join in. But to say something like that on this thread is posting off topic and against the site's TOS. Please leave us to our venting and take your aggr...
  16. fetch

    sick (pardon the pun) of teachers

    What? A venting thread is negative? NO WAY!