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  1. fetch

    All the Things We Carry

    I've only had a short career so far, but I know I will always carry the first young man who I had to tell had tested positive for HIV. I'll carry his denial and bargaining - "I had a negative test 6 months ago, I've only been with my boyfriend since then, how could this happen?" and his realization that he'd have to tell his partner to get tested as well. I carry the dementia patient who had extensive family but never any visitors. She would care for her "baby" (a doll) and get frustrated with being unable to communicate - but I carry her delighted laughter when a fellow student nurse had the babydoll start doing the Dougie. I carry my grandfather, who was unable to leave the casket of my grandmother for her entire wake, just weeping and asking for her to open her eyes. I carry my own regret, when a few years later I waited too long to go visit him in the hospital.
  2. fetch

    Humble Pie

    This whole article was a great read, but this line in particular really struck home for me: Oof. So true.
  3. fetch

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    A 4th grade teacher at my school growing up was Mrs. Blitch. Yeah.
  4. fetch

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I never got all the way through the older threads, but I remember posts from 2003-2005ish saying how weird Nevaeh was . . . well now I have 4 students named Nevaeh in an elementary school of only 500! Also saw a baby boy named Bear. And if he takes after his father, he's going to be a very tall, hairy man...