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School Nurses: Who Works a Second Job? - page 2

Hello fellow nurses, Do any of your work a second job? For those work a 7-4pm school day, do any of your go straight to the hospital after work for a few days a week? Does anyone work home health on... Read More

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    @schooldistrictnurse & @fetch: I actually just managed the tech crew of the yearly musical at the school I work at. I love it and the school was excited to have me help . I still am very active in community theater and the hours school nursing offers let me stay that way (plus I love it). Community theater is how my husband and I met, actually, just before I went back to nursing school...
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    I was working for one of the big home health care agencies (no need to name names), but they closed down the department I was working for. So... I contracted independently with my client, to visit once a week ... which I was doing through the agency.
    I also work per diem at a local LTC facility. I picked up a bunch of hours over the summer, and they love me because I'll pick up hours over the breaks/holidays.

    My first summer, I worked as a Camp Nurse for 2 weeks. It was complete hell, and I will never do that again. LOL. The place that I worked for was very disorganized and chaotic. I was there for the full two weeks, and hardly ever slept. Very rough.

    I enjoy my 3 jobs, because they offer me such a range and variety. I love working with kids, but I did feel the need to seek out something else to help me sharpen some of my nursing skills that I worked so hard to achieve in nursing school. I enjoy the adult population, and like establishing rapport with patients who have complex health histories.
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    When I first got into school nursing I went PRN at the hospital and would work 1 -2 weekend days a month or pick up partial shifts if someone needed to leave early. During the summers I would work 1-2 days a week. Then the hospital decided to change how they scheduled PRN folks - wanted me to commit to 1 shift per week - I couldn't do that so I quit.

    Two summers ago I started to work at a home health agency - we were going on a big trip at Christmas and I wanted to have extra spending money. Well I am still working my "summer job" though only 1-2 shifts a month - just to fill in if someone calls in or needs time off. I do pick up extra shifts during Thanksgiving break, Christmas break & spring break if needed - So far it has worked well for myself and the agency.
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    I work weekends at an inpatient mental health facility that concentrates on eating disorders. I have been working in this field for 5 years now and it is still fulfilling. I would love to not have to work 2 jobs, but my pay for school nursing is atrocious!
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    I am not...but looking so hard! I love my job, but the pay doesn't cut it I'm having a problem finding a job however, the hospitals no longer use LPNs where I live, LTC isn't interested b/c I'm basically a "peds" nurse, and HHC/Hospice says my schedule isn't flexible now I'm looking outside of nursing :/
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    Currently working part time for the schools. About 20 hrs week and per diem for the county hospital 2-3 shifts a week to get back into floor nursing as I am transitioning out of school nursing.
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    Yes, I work at the Jail on weekends, holidays, and summers. The pay is double what I make at the school. I would leave the school job but I absolutely LOVE it and wouldn't trade it for anything
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    I work a home care case one evening a week and occasional Saturdays. This summer I will bartend at a seasonal restaurant. As a first year school nurse, there is far more $$ in bartending than in school nursing (sadly!)
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    I guess I'm the exception here. I don't have a second job aside from school nursing. I am, however, working on my MSN full-time and mom of three. It definitely keeps me busy!
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    Quote from skoolnurseTN
    I guess I'm the exception here. I don't have a second job aside from school nursing. I am, however, working on my MSN full-time and mom of three. It definitely keeps me busy!
    I don't have one either. I love having my time off to myself and my family and soon I will be starting my Masters in Education. Busy, busy...
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    I also teach childbirth education and babycare classes per diem for the local hospital.