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  1. First Emergency Scare

    Hello basketball13, wow that is a scary situation! I have not had any students with that condition at my school, but a few with seizure conditions. I myself experience Vasovagal Syncope. Mine happens anytime I vomit. The last time was a few month...
  2. Jurisprudence Requirement

    Hello fellow nurses, I had a question regarding the Jurisprudence CNE requirement needed for our license renewal. I am a little confused as to when I need to get this requirement done. I got my license 2/2012. My next renewal date is 1/28/2019. I ...
  3. I Got Head Lice

    To this day I still think it about like crazy, wondering how I could have gotten it! I am so careful when I do head checks. I don't like the students get too close to me. I honestly have no idea - I do not have children, I do not have nieces and ne...
  4. I Got Head Lice

    My first two treatments I used over the counter lice treatment recommended by the pharmacist. Third time I went somewhere different and bought another brand also over the counter.
  5. I Got Head Lice

    It happened. The one thing I never thought I would get as a school nurse....I thought "no way it would ever happen to me, I'm way to careful". I was itching for 4 days straight, but I thought "Oh, it's probably that new shampoo I bought....". I w...
  6. School Nurse Sub doing Assessments?

    Hello fellow school nurses, I had a question that struck me recently when I had to take a day off from work. Firstly, let me give you some background info. I am a RN with a BSN and have been a school nurse fro 3 years (my first job as a nurse ). I ...
  7. Inhaler before Recess & PE?

    Hello fellow school nurses, I am relatively new and wanted to ask something about inhalers. My 3rd graders have Recess at 12:50 and PE at 1:30. Each of their action plans states "take 2 puffs of inhaler 15 minutes before sports". If they take thei...
  8. Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    I see what you mean. I was striving for something that meant so much to me back then....my drive was to finish nursing school, to graduate and become the nurse I worked so hard to be. I guess now....I'm lacking that same drive in life. My life is ...
  9. Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    Every day before work I tell myself I'm going to go to the gym and try to get some exercise, when 4:00 hits.....I am just done. I know I should still go, I always feel energized after. It's getting there that's the problem. lol.
  10. Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    Hello fellow school nurses, I've been a school nurse for almost 3 years now. I came right out of BSN school (could not find a job in a hospital). I also work PRN at a pedi home health company. I am 25 years old and have no children. My question is:...
  11. HEAT Index

    In my case, the coach still wants to take them to "walk laps" outside when the heat index is over 100+, and there is no shade outside at our playground.
  12. HEAT Index

    Good Morning, I wanted to hear how you all handle Recess and the heat index at your campuses. Here in San Antonio, we cancel recess when the heat index hits 100. My principal and teachers really want to go outside and hate for cancelling recess, bu...
  13. Yay! Got it!

    Congrats Bacykard Gardener! I too work in a elementary school in Texas
  14. Sunscreen

    In our district, we are not allowed to administer/apply any OTC meds/products, including handing out cough drops or sunscreen. Unless we have a doctor's order of course. Liability issue.
  15. ALMOST made it through the whole year ...

    I made it until May 12th when a parent collasped in the principal's office and started having a seizure!