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  1. uthscsa2011

    First Emergency Scare

    Hello basketball13, wow that is a scary situation! I have not had any students with that condition at my school, but a few with seizure conditions. I myself experience Vasovagal Syncope. Mine happens anytime I vomit. The last time was a few months ago when I had food poisoning. One second I was running to the bathroom to vomit, next I woke up on the floor bleeding from my cheekbone, eyebrow and lip. I try to always assume a sitting or kneeling position as to avoid falling and injury. So weird though. I don't know how long I'm out, I assume for a minute or less. I think parent should have notified you that this student has this response prior, like at the beginning of the school year.
  2. uthscsa2011

    Jurisprudence Requirement

    Hello fellow nurses, I had a question regarding the Jurisprudence CNE requirement needed for our license renewal. I am a little confused as to when I need to get this requirement done. I got my license 2/2012. My next renewal date is 1/28/2019. I read this requirement is effective with licensure renewal cycles that start after January 1, 2014, and we have to have the 2 hours CNE before our 3rd, 2yr license renewal. Would this mean I need to do the 2 hours before my next renewal in 2019?
  3. uthscsa2011

    I Got Head Lice

    To this day I still think it about like crazy, wondering how I could have gotten it! I am so careful when I do head checks. I don't like the students get too close to me. I honestly have no idea - I do not have children, I do not have nieces and nephews, little children that I hang out with, etc. I rarely go to the movies and if I do I wear my hair up and try not to lean back because I am always paranoid about getting lice from the seats. There is a case with a certain student who I have heard reports that the lice are "falling" out of her hair on desks in the room. This particular student loves to come see me and give me hugs....needless to say I put a stop to that right away.
  4. uthscsa2011

    I Got Head Lice

    My first two treatments I used over the counter lice treatment recommended by the pharmacist. Third time I went somewhere different and bought another brand also over the counter.
  5. uthscsa2011

    I Got Head Lice

    It happened. The one thing I never thought I would get as a school nurse....I thought "no way it would ever happen to me, I'm way to careful". I was itching for 4 days straight, but I thought "Oh, it's probably that new shampoo I bought....". I was WAY wrong. I had to apply 3 treatments over a span of 3 weeks to totally get rid of it. I also passed it to my poor husband and he needed 2 treatments. We treated our house of course, our cars, carpets, couches, etc. Several times. I must say, I never knew the extent of how tedious it is to get rid of until having it myself. I didn't have just 1, I had 9 adult sized lice in my hair the 1st day I did my treatment. I cried like a big baby and was mortified, not to mention I found out at work because one fell out of my head onto my papers I was writing on. I had to leave work to have my aunt apply the medicine. They allow students to stay in school with lice in my district, but there was no way I could work knowing my head was infested. So my aunt did my treatment because I didn't want to risk missing anything. I still had nymphs on my 2nd treatment, most likely because she missed a few nits. By the 3rd one, my scalp burned from the medicine and it burned my skin like crazy when I washed it off in the shower. A lot of my hair has fallen out, and still falling out now. It's thinned pretty bad. I still have dreams that I find lice in my hair. I still itch, here and there. I have a friend at work check my hair weekly. Ugh the horror.....
  6. uthscsa2011

    School Nurse Sub doing Assessments?

    Hello fellow school nurses, I had a question that struck me recently when I had to take a day off from work. Firstly, let me give you some background info. I am a RN with a BSN and have been a school nurse fro 3 years (my first job as a nurse ). I noticed at my district, things were way different that you would expect at a hospital (obviously). Here, we do not have a "policies and procedures manual". Also, when the RN's are out, they do not fill our spot with another RN, or even LVN. They choose from a pool of subs, that also sub for teachers. These are unlicensed personnel. I assume they can do first aid without much trouble, but my one concern was assessments. These subs have students coming in with asthma attack sx, and have to make the discernment whether or not to administer the inhaler. (Our kiddos sometimes fake sx and come to the nurse because they like getting out of class, and after I assess, they are perfectly fine, normal vitals, so they get sent back). But how do these subs know what to look for? How can they tell when these students needs their meds or not? I find that bad practice for district. What if something ever went wrong, and a sub ends up giving the inhaler, or even worse, DOESN'T give it and the student dies from an untreated asthma attack??? These thoughts run through my head all the time, and really keep me from taking days off that I need sometimes. I'm just wondering, who subs fro yall? Do you have RN's or LVNS?
  7. uthscsa2011

    Inhaler before Recess & PE?

    Hello fellow school nurses, I am relatively new and wanted to ask something about inhalers. My 3rd graders have Recess at 12:50 and PE at 1:30. Each of their action plans states "take 2 puffs of inhaler 15 minutes before sports". If they take their inhaler at 12:50 before going to Recess AND before to PE at 1:15, is that too close to be getting that many puffs? Should they only be getting the 2 puffs before Recess and should it still be working through PE? (Recess is 15 minutes and PE is 40 minutes) I didn't want to give them too much albuterol in such a short period of time.
  8. uthscsa2011

    Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    I see what you mean. I was striving for something that meant so much to me back then....my drive was to finish nursing school, to graduate and become the nurse I worked so hard to be. I guess now....I'm lacking that same drive in life. My life is pretty much wake up, go to work, come home, sleep and repeat. Maybe I should get a hobby lol
  9. uthscsa2011

    Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    Every day before work I tell myself I'm going to go to the gym and try to get some exercise, when 4:00 hits.....I am just done. I know I should still go, I always feel energized after. It's getting there that's the problem. lol.
  10. uthscsa2011

    Anyone Else Feel This Way?

    Hello fellow school nurses, I've been a school nurse for almost 3 years now. I came right out of BSN school (could not find a job in a hospital). I also work PRN at a pedi home health company. I am 25 years old and have no children. My question is: Is anyone else completely drained after a work day? I never used to be such a tired person. During college I could pull an all nighter and study from 6pm to 2am, go to bed, and wake up for clinicals at 5:30am and be fine, and go out on the weekends with my nursing friends. In college I had a weekend job at a hotel where I worked outside constantly running around in the sun. I feel like back then I had so much more going on and I had so much more energy. Now, when I get home from work (I work elementary so I get home around 4:30) I am completely DRAINED. I am so tired that if I even try to sit down in a chair or lay down, I knock out within 10 minutes. And it feels like someone slipped a sleeping pill in my drink kinda-tired. I try avoiding sitting at all when I get home because of that. I get to work at 7:00am, so I wake up around 5:45am. I try my best to go to sleep by 10:30pm. Some people tell me it's because I sit down all day. I don't sit ALL day. But yes I am at my desk alot, documenting, calling parents, ect. I went to a doctor had all my labs drawn and I am completely healthy. No anemia, no thyroid issues. Everyone always rags on me at home because I always full asleep so early. But I am just so exhausted. I can't help it. My school is pretty demanding of me, but I feel every school nurse jumps through hoops daily at their campuses. I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this when they got into school nursing? side note** I am not in any way asking for medical advice, just if anyone else feels this way after work. Please do not delete my post, thanks!
  11. uthscsa2011

    HEAT Index

    In my case, the coach still wants to take them to "walk laps" outside when the heat index is over 100+, and there is no shade outside at our playground.
  12. uthscsa2011

    HEAT Index

    Good Morning, I wanted to hear how you all handle Recess and the heat index at your campuses. Here in San Antonio, we cancel recess when the heat index hits 100. My principal and teachers really want to go outside and hate for cancelling recess, but down here the temps have been up to 105 everyday by 12pm. My principal asked me if I cancel recess due to the heat index, can the coach still take the kids outside to "walk laps". And if I cancel recess, can the kids still go outside in the shade? How would you all handle these questions? I thought I was clear when I said "no recess". help!
  13. uthscsa2011

    Yay! Got it!

    Congrats Bacykard Gardener! I too work in a elementary school in Texas
  14. uthscsa2011


    In our district, we are not allowed to administer/apply any OTC meds/products, including handing out cough drops or sunscreen. Unless we have a doctor's order of course. Liability issue.
  15. uthscsa2011

    ALMOST made it through the whole year ...

    I made it until May 12th when a parent collasped in the principal's office and started having a seizure!
  16. uthscsa2011

    2 questions for school nurses.

    Hello LevitateMe, I am 25 years old and did not get hired in a hospital right away (my passion was OB) so I took the only place that called me back, which was my elementary school. Been here ever since bc no hospital will hire a nurse that's been a school nurse for 2 years and no clinical experience (trust me I've tried). But anyway, my day consists of getting here at 7am, wiping down the clinic, my desk and phone and keyboard, just really sanitizing everything. I read and reply to emails (bc I get 100+ day) and call parents back if any left voicemails. I make sure I have enough ice packs for the day (these go quick). Once 8am hits, I have a line of kids already at the door. I basically do triage with the students. Mostly minor first aid, but I've had to call EMS already 3 times since I started in 2012 (for students and parents on campus). I hand TONS of medications (mostly PO), but also neb tx, straight caths, ect. There were no diabetics on my campus this year. While giving meds and documenting my vistits and meds given, I am checking shot records, writing referrals to doctors, sitting in 504 meetings/ARDS, giving presentations/demonstrations over EPipens, monitoring the ozone for Ozone Action days, cancelling Recess as needed, presenting the maturation video for 5th graders, sitting in on registration day to check shots, ect. If I'm lucky I can go to the bathroom and eat lunch lol. With my school district, when you start, you start at the base pay. Even though you have nursing experience they don't count that here. You salary goes up as your number of years here increase. Hope this helps!