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  1. scrubsrn24

    Master's Practicum

    Hi everyone! I have to do a practicum project to complete my MSN through Aspen University (highly recommended as of right now!). It is supposed to be a "quality improvement" project. It's so open-ended that I'm having trouble coming up with an idea. Any thoughts out there from my fellow school nurses? I work in an elementary school, and as of now my topic of interest is substance abuse prevention, but that might be a big undertaking for an 8 week period. Help!
  2. scrubsrn24

    Health Condition info to teachers

    Hi everyone and welcome to another school year! How does everyone share health info (asthma, food allergy, etc) to teachers? Since lists are a big no-no, in the past I have created a folder for each teacher with a page for each individual student with a pertinent health condition. These folders stay with the teacher and are put in the substitute folders. Specialists are made aware as well. Every year I debate if this is the best way to go about it, and would love some input from fellow school nurses. Along the same lines, do you have IHCPs/ ECPs for students with health conditions requiring treatment (inhalers, EpiPens, etc.)? Thanks in advance!
  3. scrubsrn24

    Storing medications

    Do you keep your EpiPens in a locked cabinet? I currently have my daily meds and most inhalers locked, but I have Epipens in an unlocked cabinet
  4. scrubsrn24

    C'Mon Now!

    THIS! Parents and teachers both! EVERYTHING is going around, the kids are little sponges of germs that touch each other and everything else with germy hands!
  5. scrubsrn24

    Live Lice Experiment, Game On

    I only want it if it is a confirmed super louse
  6. scrubsrn24

    Live Lice Experiment, Game On

    Does that put my guess of 9:44 (EST) as the big winner?!
  7. scrubsrn24

    Live Lice Experiment, Game On

    Oh PLEASE don't let a rumor like this start!!!
  8. scrubsrn24

    Live Lice Experiment, Game On

    Are we placing bets? My guess is 9:44 tomorrow morning the little bugger goes down.
  9. scrubsrn24

    For those of us lucky enough....

    HAPPY FEBRUARY VACATION! Enjoy your week off!
  10. scrubsrn24

    Planning Periods

    It also depends on what state you are working in. That said, 2.5 years into my school nursing career and I have yet to actually take a lunch...I need to get on top of that soon.
  11. scrubsrn24

    How many students do you treat on a regular day?

    I typically see 20-30 with 8+ daily meds. My first year as a school nurse I was seeing 50-60 a day. SO happy I was able to put a squash to that! K-4 school, 500 kiddos
  12. scrubsrn24

    "I want to go home" Story Time

    Exactly! I have only had one little one use a cell phone to get a parent, and that was enough for me! (Why a 4th grader has a cell phone at school is a whole other conversation for a different day!)
  13. scrubsrn24

    Wet Clothes - VENT!!!

    A foot of snow last weekend + warmer temps this week = about 20 kids this week asking for dry clothes after recess. Fresh out, kids! Make better decisions!
  14. scrubsrn24

    School Nurses Hoping for a Snow Day

    Snow not coming until Saturday afternoon into Sunday here in southern MA...no snow days for us!
  15. scrubsrn24

    Counselor, too?

    My adjustment counselor has been out for almost 2 months, so I feel your pain. I have had to step into her role a little and it has made me appreciate her all the more.
  16. scrubsrn24

    Hand washing lesson

    I did hand washing lessons for my school using GloGerm lotion and a black light and showed a short video. I did this in individual classrooms though, so I only had about 20 kids at a time and access to a sink. While the other kids were waiting their turn to wash their hands or to see the "germs" left behind, I had activity sheets for them to work on. You can find these activity sheets on the GloGerm website. The kids and teachers really loved it. Not sure how helpful this is, since you'll be in a different setting with a lot more kiddos.

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