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Gampopa has 10 years experience and specializes in Adult M/S.

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  1. Gampopa

    Wuhan Coronavirus - We Want to Hear from You

    The CDC recommends for healthcare providers to use glove, gown, N95 and eye protection in an AIIR room for COVID19 patients. Yet, in nearly all photos of anyone dealing with COVID19 they are in full body isolation suits with shoe and head coverings. I'm having some cognitive dissonance between what the DCD says to do and what other countries are doing. What am I missing?
  2. Gampopa

    IV Tube organizer

    Does your facility use an IV Tube organizer at bedside for pts that have multiple IV lines to keep tubing off the floor and in one place? I am thinking about something other than a wooden tongue blade taped to the bed rail.
  3. Gampopa

    Useless Shift Report Information

    Was passing off a pt who came into the hospital d/t a fall at home. The oncoming nurse was adamant that I tell her if the pt had fallen in the bathroom or in the living room at home and was upset that I wasn't able to tell her.
  4. Gampopa

    House sup down time

    What do other house sups do with their down time when you have it at work? It has been really slow at my hospital and I am bored to tears. For that matter what do you do other than problem solve and staffing when it is busy? I think I'm in the wrong position and need to move onto something else.
  5. Gampopa

    Wastefulness in healthcare

    Single patient use lift sheets and hover mats! Designed so they cant be cleaned and go right to the landfill.
  6. Gampopa

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Not sure of the outcome but I think $ was involved.
  7. Gampopa

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Nurse was not fired when her patient, who came into the ED with chest pain, was not put on a monitor and, after having called for assistance and was ignored, went to the bathroom herself and was later found down by housekeeping in the same bathroom in asystole and cold.
  8. Gampopa

    Stupid hurts.

    Do not take a nap while caressing your hand gun. It may go off resulting in a gun shot wound to your groin, just like it did last year when you also had to visit the ED.
  9. Gampopa

    Playing Cards

    I work in a Washington Critical Access Hospital and I can assure this politician we DO NOT have time to play cards!! That would adversely effect out Bon Bon and knitting time.
  10. Gampopa

    Different Q...Pediatrics to Adults??

    Typically if a hospital was hiring into an adult med/surg position they would want relevant experience which would be previous adult m/s experience. However, I was able to transition from peds into adult m/s fairly easily when I went from school RN to adult m/s RN in a very rural far northern Cali. County that had difficulty filling positions. I did receive a decent amount of time for orientation. If you can find a hospital that is really in need of adult M/S RNs then you could have a decent shot at a position. Also, depending on the location, the hiring hospital may look at having peds experience as a plus. At my current hospital we occasionally get a peds pt (a small rural access hospital) and the RNs w/o peds experience freek out. Having the experience can show your versatility.
  11. Gampopa

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Some recent lab results from 3 different pts: K Less than 1.5 Pt with renal tubular acidosis; a FF and once the K get gets above 2.5 he feels better and leaves. BG 1780 A1C 12.5 K 6.5 pt with hx T1DM and non compliant. Still has toes and feet but can't feel them. BAL .43 which is kind of baseline for pt.
  12. I hope she sues the pants of that cop. He should be off the force.
  13. A few days ago we admitted a 96 yr old who had 2 chest tubes placed for pleural effusions. Got me wondering how old is the oldest surgical patient that you've seen?
  14. Wandering if, when you accepted a House Sup position, did you receive additional compensation? If so how much increase from your previous salary? What position did you have before becoming a HS?
  15. Gampopa

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    When just starting out I didn't realize that tube feeding bags had caps on them. When I went to refill the feed it poured all over me. My scrubs stank all day long. Another time as a nurse with more experience I floated to the ICU. We had a pt who was not doing well at all and a CT was ordered. As I and the nurse I was working with got the pt ready to be moved to the CT room the nurse told me to take along his monitor. I had the whole monitor detached from the wall to take to CT when she started laughing and said "no, just detach the little portable monitor from the whole thing!" Took me a while to figure out how to reattach the big monitor but I got it done! Next day my nurse manager got a laugh at my expense when she heard the story.
  16. Gampopa

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    OP…good luck at the career switch. This winter/flu season has been brutal where I work and I'm nearly ready to walk out too. Waiting 20 min for another set of hands to help boost a pt or toilet them (oops! to late! I just wee-weed the bed again!), getting senseless orders on pts who are trying to die, and having to listen to pts and families who just want to jabber on and on as if I have absolutely nothing else to do. If you're 103 do you really need that echo, CT and Foley? If you are in your 80's with severe dementia and flash backs to childhood trauma do you really need to be tied to the bed and forced to have a Foley, mri, multiple lab sticks, and gee he's not eating so lets place a feeding tube, even after ativan and haldol and benadryl and morphine does not sedate you? The biggest problem I see in nursing is people's denial that death is part of life and while yes we can do lots to keep a body "alive" is it really worth it when it's clear the quality of life is abysmal?

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