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Working with RNs who don't contribute other than stand around joking and bitching about how little other RNs work. Specialties Emergency


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HI: New to working in the ER at a small community hospital but I've been an RN in various rolls for 20 yrs. While I "like" working in the ER I'm finding it difficult working with another RN - surprise! This RN has been in the ER for several years but now almost always does triage and that's it. Between triages this RN stands around chatting, joking and ***ing about how other department staff is so lazy. Meanwhile there are pt's to DC, meds to give, pt calls to attend to and this RN just continues to complain how shitty the patients are. And it's not just me other RNs know they will have more work to do when this RN is on. I know I can't control or change this RNs attitude but I'm having difficulty changing mine and find I really dislike and and avoid interacting with them. Any suggestions how I can adapt? Going to the ER manager I don't think would effect things.

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