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  1. rbytsdy

    Teacher’s Union?

    I was a member of the teachers union when I was full time. They were useless in helping me when administrators ordered me to improperly administer a medication. As I was dealing with that, I called the union rep for a meeting. We agreed to meet during my lunch. I told my school I was leaving, the counselor sat in my office (to cover) and I signed out and went to the school 0.5miles down the road. My school called 20 minutes later and ordered me back to deal with an emergency (1st grader with a loose tooth). Then the administrators wrote me up for leaving the school during my contracted lunch period (we were allowed to leave but they wrote me up anyway). The union rep tried to help but ultimately, the union said there was nothing they could do (mostly because I wasn’t tenured).
  2. rbytsdy

    1 wk into School Nursing ready to quit!! Is this normal?

    I’m a Nj SN. I’m subbing right now. I’ve been in 4 different high schools and your situation is ridiculous. I don’t blame you for resigning. If you are open to another SN job, they aren’t all that bad! They aren’t easy - the issues, the paperwork, the parents... people have no idea how intense the job is. But $48k? You should have started higher for having so much nursing experience. That sounds like a first year teacher salary in NJ. You should’ve be “on par” with 1st year teachers.
  3. rbytsdy

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    I teach childbirth classes and parenting classes at my local hospital. But you could work prn with a home health agency too. They are always desperate for nurses and you can usually negotiate your hours. The agency I work for is happy if you just pick up 2 shifts a month.
  4. rbytsdy

    Shake it off

    It’s frustrating! There was a mom in a local school who tried to get a sub teacher fired. Why? He was the 5th kid in a hour to ask to see the nurse (and the kid, of course, never asked to see the nurse). The sub said, “no.” He threw up an hour after arriving home. Mom was livid he was denied the school nurse. I can’t imagie what the nurse would have done (other than temp and a few minutes of rest). But maybe I missed the day in nursing school where we learned how to predict vomit 60 minute prior....
  5. rbytsdy

    Managing allergy symptoms

    I had a teacher who was so tired of sending me kids that she kept a cooler of ketchup packets in a cooler in her classroom. She had the kids put those on their eyes.
  6. rbytsdy

    Unusual med order?

    You can call to clarify the orders. I would not hesitate to call for something like that. I had a student in a similar situation. The doses were ordered 2 hours apart. I called and the NP was surprised that she had the timing so close together.
  7. rbytsdy

    Epi Question (new to school nursing)

    So who would report you to the BON if you administered Epi to someone in severe anaphylaxis? Does the school have standing orders from a physician? I'd start there. Then I'd googled "Emergency Epinephrine in [your state schools" and see if you can find any specific laws. Also check the school's BOE policies on Epinephrine. I'm of the mindset that I'd risk losing my license rather than risk living with the memory of seeing someone lose their life when I could have injected epi. I've been a school nurse for 4.5 years and I've given 3 epipen (2x as a sub!!!). I still get anxious when I think about the incidences. The one school was fairly rural and it took 10 minutes for EMS to arrive and 20 minutes for them to get to the hospital.
  8. rbytsdy

    Sending home for suspected conjunctivitis?

    It's really a judgement call. The teachers have sick days so if they want to stay home, they can. But I wouldn't try to force a teacher home unless it there was discharge or they could barely keep the eye open. My kids ophthalmologist said it's not a big deal if it's viral pink eye - think of it like a "common cold in the eye." Unless it's dripping, just practice good hand hygiene.
  9. rbytsdy

    Christmas Gifts for Staff.

    I love baking desserts so I just brought a variety of treats in. I put it in the staff room with a note thanking everyone for being a great staff to work with!
  10. rbytsdy

    The Not So "Nursey" Things...

    I love the poop on shoes. How did that become a nurse's job?? I had a kid come down once with a backpack that smelled like cat urine. The teacher wanted me to call home for that since clearly that's a medical issue. I loathe being asked to call home for kids who smell. If it's not a medical issue, why am I addressing it? Because you (other staff member) feel uncomfortable with it?? But if the student isn't in my office and I don't know the student, what am I supposed to say? Mrs. Jones asked me to tell you that you smell and need to take a shower? In my old school, I was the official "documenter." Any time a kid came in with the little red mark or scratch, I was asked to "document it." Sure. "Johnny presented in the health office at 8:45am with a 1" scratch on his left lower arm. He stated his little brother scratched him before school this morning." Sigh.....Luckily, I work in schools now where staff members are a little less paranoid.
  11. rbytsdy

    The Not So "Nursey" Things...

    Ugh!!! I worked in a school where my desk was 2 steps from the health office bathroom. When someone went, I'd have to go sit in the treatment room to breath.
  12. rbytsdy

    Mast cell activation syndrome

    I was coming here today to search for this. I'm subbing in a district where a student has this diagnosis. It is horribly debilitating. In spite of seeing all kinds of specialists, they don't have any solid answers on what is triggering her. The IHP should certainly include any known or potential triggers. Ideally, anyone who works with the student should be an EpiPen delegate although I found this type of anaphylactic event is hard to distinguish from other common illnesses. For instance, in my student's case, she starts off with a cough and progresses into wheezing. Without other symptoms, it looks like asthma. But albuterol doesn't touch her symptoms (she does have an asthma diagnosis). Some other precautions in place: she has a buddy that accompanies here everywhere. She uses the bathroom in the nurses office. She carries an epipen in her purse. The bus driver is an epipen delegate. Of course a plan for how to handle a crisis (Benadryl, epipen, etc). I'm curious to hear anyone else's experience!
  13. rbytsdy

    I miss you guys

    I did my certification work through Rowan even though I was living in central NJ at the time. I only had to make the trip down to Rowan 3 Saturdays each semester (6 visits total although I missed one because I was working so I really only got down there 5 times). I think the cert is important but I'm sure it keeps a lot of nurses out of school nursing! It's a solid year of courses. Good luck with your decisions!
  14. rbytsdy

    New school nurse poll

    Ice packs, bandaids, saltines. And hopefully stock Epipens and albuterol if your district doctor writes the order.
  15. rbytsdy

    Things that make me grumpy

    Yep, I agree - something is going on. It's a tough situation since I'm a sub. I don't want to butt heads with a teacher who sends me a lot of kids each day. This morning, this student came in at 9:10am along with another student from the class. School starts at 9:05. Both c/o a sore throat. I sent them back with a note telling the teacher I needed 20 minutes to get attendance done (no blackboard robocalls so I have to call all students whose parents have not reported their absence). I send the counselor an email the other day asking if she was aware of any food insecurities in the house. I haven't heard back. Every time the student c/o a bellyache, she says she only had a piece of cheese that morning. But mom said she eats more than a grown man at each meal. Next week is a 3 day week so I'm sure I will have more patience!!! Today's grumpiness: student who came down 3 times with a wiggly tooth. Each time I let him sit x5 min to try to wiggle it out before sending him back.
  16. rbytsdy

    Things that make me grumpy

    So I left the insanity of my old school and took a maternity leave position at a school half the size. Most days it's a picnic (compared to the old school) but it still has it's share of special snowflakes. Today I was asked, "When is the real nurse coming back?" I'm not a real nurse? Better tell the NJ BON. On Tuesday I had 3 kids come down from the same class. They all seemed to have the same symptoms. "My stomach hurts." "Mine too!" "And mine!" Sure, sure! Temp checks and crackers for everyone! I've been there for 4 weeks I've seen the same kid 20 times already (no joke). She comes down multiple times a day with a headache, stomachache, nausea, etc. Today her eye hurt. I've spoken to mom but the teacher just keeps sending her.... Already learning to work the system in 2nd grade.