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School Nurse "Holiday Wish List"

  1. 6 The post the other day about how excited Jen was to get an ice maker made me think about what I would put on my imaginary "Nurse Wish List" for the holidays

    I would love a microwave for my office to heat up a rice-filled sock for heat (HS nurse uses this and it is great)

    Some really nice models of anatomy stuff (like the torso with all the organs in it)

    A full-size skeleton that hangs from a pole (just because the kids would get a kick out of it and I could use it for teaching)

    An aquarium

    An endless supply of saltines that I didn't have to buy myself
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    A bulls**t-detector. My built in one is pretty good, but not yet foolproof.

    Oh! And a full shelf of books for the kids waiting (what seems like) forever for their parents to pick them up.
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    i'd like a few more outlets, a working clock on the wall (although it hasn't worked in so long i barely notice it), maybe a new desk - although it would require moving out of this one, and i think i'd like a full sized skeleton too!
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    A real office that can be made quiet, a sink and real desk. My over the top list, 2 recovery couches and and AED.
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    -ice maker
    -I Heart Guts plushies (all of them)
    -In fact, a stuffed animal pit in my office
    -A giant Pusheen to replace my desk chair
    -An ice cream maker
    -more students to get their Flu shot
    -for my husband to make up his mind about what he wants before he gets socks filled with coal
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    I'd love both an ice machine and a microwave!

    A spot eye screener - Man those are nice!

    Budget money for granola bars/crackers.

    I have a nice shelf full of fun books to read thanks to my own kids growing out of them and my love for books!
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    A utility sink
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    3 weeks of winter break
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    Physician's offices that automatically fax updated immunization records to the school.
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    -A REAL office that only I use. I'm currently in a tiny closet-like room that I share with our active students filing cabinets.
    -My own office phone
    -A desk instead of the 4 ft. long table I currently use
    -Ice maker
    -Recovery couch. I'd even settle for just 1!!
    -First aid cabinet that is FULLY stocked
    -A bookshelf for the kids
    -An open budget for consumable items like bandaids, crackers, gauze...
    -A utility sink
    -A better thermometer
    -A bulletin board

    I feel like I'm being greedy.....
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    Quote from Supernrse01
    Physician's offices that automatically fax updated immunization records to the school.
    and physicals! not an office visit summary.
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    Duty free and uninterrupted lunch at least twice weekly!
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    I'd like a skeleton. Then I could dress him/her up for holidays!!!

    More outlets.

    An easier way to get food for my office. I just buy granola bars, saltines, and gummies out of my own pocket.

    A bulletin board. Thinking of asking for one for next year.

    Uninterrupted lunch.

    More color in my office.

    A quieter bell/announcement speaker. Holy cow, I can't hear myself think some days!!

    A slightly bigger office so I could have a waiting area and another cot.

    A cot that is not the ugly brown color I have right now. Our school colors are blue and gray- how I ended up with a poop brown cot I will never know.

    A color printer.