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You See, It's Like This........

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    Here's a slice-of-life look at what happens in the break room of the average health care facility, where 'war stories' from the front lines of nursing mingle with ex-boyfriend/husband/kid dramas, mid-life angst, and the ever-popular "did you hear the latest about so-and-so?" Here, too, is where the personal and the professional meet.....and so, oftentimes, do the minds of people who might otherwise have nothing in common.

    You See, It's Like This........

    "Hey, you should've been there when I finally let Arwen have it," Sarah (not her real name) tells me as we sit down in the nondescript break room of our assisted living facility to sip go-go juice and discuss our weekends. She's telling me this because I think her live-in dipwad---excuse me, significant other---is a horse's patootie who sponges off her and treats her like last week's garbage. "You'd have been proud of me...I threw all his junk out the window, then I told him where to go and how to entertain himself when he got there!"

    The mental imagery of shy, five-foot-nothing Sarah screaming curses at the POS in question and flinging his fishing gear out the window of their second-floor apartment tickles my funny bone, but of course I bite down on the laughter because I know she's completely serious. I also know this isn't the first time she's been serious, nor will it be the last: she always forgives him and lets him come back home no matter HOW rotten he is. And I let her pretend that she really means it this time.

    You see, it's like this in employee break rooms all over the world.....this is where you really get to know your co-workers as people, not just people you work with. Confidences are shared, grievances aired, tears shed, hugs given. And unlike Vegas---or most places on earth, for that matter---what happens in the break room stays in the break room.


    Have you ever heard healthcare workers discuss bodily functions in terms of food? too. The other day, one of our CNAs ran into the break room with no two hairs going in the same direction, and she was panting like a black dog in July. "Did you give Benny the Hot Slider this morning?" she demanded, glaring at me as though I'd just betrayed some dirty, dark secret. (FYI: this "slider" is a concoction made up of 240 mL prune juice, 30 mL of Lactulose or MOM, and two pats of butter---zap for 45 seconds in the microwave, stir well, and drink daily PRN for constipation. It's failed only twice that I can recall, and since I've spent most of my career in geriatrics, you KNOW I've mixed this brew a time or ten.)

    "Yes, I did. He hasn't 'gone' in almost a week," was my explanation, to which the aide promptly responded with an outraged sigh. "Well, he's more'n made up for it. You should SEE the river of (brown word) I just cleaned up in there---it was pourin' off the bed like uncooked brownie mix!!"

    The break room is also where one goes to hear fascinating tidbits about co-workers' personal lives, whether one wishes to or not. It's where I discovered that not one, but four of my staff were expecting babies.....all of them in the third week of August! After finding out that two more were due in mid-September and early October, I wondered about how safe the drinking water in the place is.....and while pregnancy at my stage of life would be next to impossible, I'm bringing in my own bottled H2O anyway.

    And then there the tales from the dark side that are told in the break room....

    Some days it's like Comedy Central in there; others, it's more like a morgue. But either way, it's often instructive and always entertaining. Here's an exchange between several staff members that I walked into recently:

    A CNA with dripping hair and a slightly greenish cast to her face was standing by the refrigerator, evidently trying to decide whether or not she really wanted her turkey sandwich as she told the story about her most recent encounter with "Ed", a resident who is notorious throughout our community for his eye for the ladies, his poor hygiene, and his resistance toward any procedure that involves water or might scrape more than a millimeter of dirt off his ornery hide.

    "......and THEN what did he do?" Uncomfortable laughter and a few grimaces.

    "Ugh, he put his (brown word)-stained hand on my back and started playing with my hair!"

    Expressions of disgust followed. "Eeewwww!" "Gross!!" "Oh, barf!" "What did you do after that?"

    "I told him, very nicely, that I didn't want him to do that. Then I got the (fritz) out of there and stuck my head under the whirlpool sprayer till it ran cold."

    "Nice work, Candace," agreed another CNA. "But is Ed still running around with (again with the brown word) all over his hands?"

    "I dunno. Maybe Marsha got to him and took care of it. All's I know is that I'd-a puked if I'd stayed there a second longer."

    More cries of "Yeccccccchhhhhhh!" and fake dry-heaves along with snorted laughter and a hint of eau de poop filled the air, briefly pushing aside the day's chosen Scentsy fragrance. And what I learned from this lovely little tale is that I never want to be demented, incontinent, and living in a place where fingerpainting is not allowed and the employees run away when I try to pet them.

    Such is life among the denizens of our dingy, poorly-lit oasis, hidden behind a dented door with a sign that reads "Employees Only". What's yours like?
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    Another gem, Marla. Really and truly--you have a book in you!
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    I always look forward to reading your posts, Viva!
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    Always love your posts Viva. Make me laugh almost every time! Just love my AN nursing 'seniors' for all the gems they share on here!

    My current breakroom is kind of disappointing. Most of the staff at the office is non-nursing and don't appreciate the stories we have to tell. Then I go home and my fiance, who has the most sensitive stomach ever, is far from receptive too. I don't know what I'd do without all of you on here!!
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    So funny. The breakroom is my favorite place. Filled with gross patient stories, good news, bad news, and we get to rant about management.
    My favorite part is how we all go silent when we hear the knob turn and as soon as the person walk in we know whether it is safe or not to continue our conversation.
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    FYI: this "slider" is a concoction made up of 240 mL prune juice, 30 mL of Lactulose or MOM, and two pats of butter---zap for 45 seconds in the microwave, stir well, and drink daily PRN for constipation.
    In the neck of the woods where I live, we call this cocktail the "Butt-Blaster."
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    Lol we had this thing once, only ever saw it once, referred to by the doctor as an 'explosive laxative'. I don't remember exact ingredients, but I do know there was mucomyst in there.
    Only instruction on the order besides the ingredients:

    *****DOUBLE GOWN******

    Is there anything that can ruin morning rounds quicker?

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    Well-written, just like always. (:
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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    And what I learned from this lovely little tale is that I never want to be demented, incontinent, and living in a place where fingerpainting is not allowed and the employees run away when I try to pet them.
    Thank you for that.

    Not only did I get to experience first hand how much Pez hurts when sucked into a sinus (everything smells....grapey) but my brain immediately scampered to the following:

    Why do you do these brilliant things to me?

    Please don't ever stop.


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    Quote from TheCommuter
    In the neck of the woods where I live, we call this cocktail the "Butt-Blaster."
    Ours is "The Secret Sauce."
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    Quote from NurseDirtyBird
    Ours is "The Secret Sauce."

    Ugh, just once, I'd love for the 'secret sauce' to actually be something good.....
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    I mix chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, prune juice and milk of magnesia. It's called a "brown cow". Makes it seem like a treat!
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    Dear Abby
    In the break room where I work the nursing staff disscusses things that would be deemed totally gross and unaceptable in most polite company...besides bodily functions, disfuntions and medical issues we discuss sex!!! No, we dont discuss our own personal sex lives, we discuss others and things like that. In fact, 80% of the banter is sexually related. I have to add, we are not being sexually harrassing to any men, as all of the nursing staff are women.
    Are we sick and demented? Do we need professional help?
    Signed Naughty Nurse?

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