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Skips is a MSN, RN and specializes in L&D.

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  1. Skips


    Your career started in the midst of a pandemic, which hadn't happened in the U.S. in one hundred years. That would be enough to send many people to therapy without the added stress of a tough specialty. I remember feeling unhappy with nursing f...
  2. Skips

    Should I get RN certification in OB or EFM?

    I got my RNC-OB certification first, then did C-EFM second. I'd say get either one first. If they're both paid for, why not both? If only one is paid for, get C-EFM first.
  3. Skips

    Having problems with cervical checks

    Hello! It's been a few weeks since you posted, but just in case anyone else needs advice I thought I'd chime in. Cervical checks are difficult. You never learned how to do them in school. It's not a typical nursing skill across the board...
  4. Skips

    Am I competitive applicant?

    I didn't have to do an interview with Frontier. I'm surprised, but it wasn't too bad of an application process.
  5. Skips

    Am I competitive applicant?

    Best of luck to everyone! I got accepted to Frontier, so I gave up my interview spot. I hope everyone gets in, you will all rock it.
  6. Skips

    Am I competitive applicant?

    Shortly after March 1st, we should hear back about interviews. Best of luck to you all! Report back!
  7. Skips

    Am I competitive applicant?

    Oh we are applying to the same class! Best of luck! And congrats on graduating this year! I think it’s great that you know what you want to do. Frontier does not find clinical preceptors for you like Bethel does, but they have mentors who c...
  8. Skips

    Am I competitive applicant?

    Hello! I am finishing up my application for Frontier's next class for nurse midwifery. Frontier is very competitive, so I'm nervous. I also plan to apply to Bethel's midwifery program. -My undergraduate GPA for my BSN is 3.5. My graduate G...
  9. Hi, Amanda! I am interested in applying to Bethel’s CNM program. Please message me, if you are able. 

  10. Yes, you are spot on in describing my experience as a labor nurse. This helped a lot. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your reply. It is appreciated. I think some of it was related to having to be away from home at night 3-4 nights per week. I only saw my fiancé (now husband) half the week due to working opposite schedules. We were having a rocky ...
  12. Skips

    Job Shadowing After Interview in LDRP

    I would say basic things like, do show up on time and ready to go. Ask questions outside of the room. Shadowing is typically hands off, so no patient care. Bring something to write with and a small notebook to take notes. You got this!
  13. Skips

    Job Shadowing After Interview in LDRP

    Congratulations! I hope I am not too late with this reply. If you already shadowed, how did it go? Ask questions as they come up! I'm sure you will have a lot once you are there. Are you an experienced nurse that wants labor experience? Or a ne...
  14. Skips

    L&D - How long to get used to c-sections?

    Hello! I am just one of many nurses who circulated for a c-section. I will give my 2 cents... I will tell you the very first surgery I watched as a student nurse was a GYN surgery. It wasn't bad at all. My nursing instructors told us students to...
  15. Hello! I was a full-time L&D nurse for 4 years on night shift. I struggled with the learning curve and I suffered from anxiety. At the 1.5-2 year mark, I finally felt better and I had my stride for a bit. At the 3 year mark, the anxiety came...