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  1. I am very happy, for a multitude of reasons. With nursing, I am guaranteed a stable income. I made very good money at entry level, with raises every year. I live in a stable part of the country, and healthcare is thriving here. I can move anywhere I want and I would probably be able to find a job. It's a career that is flexible, both in hours and skill sets. If I want to try another specialty, I am able to do so. I love my specialty so much. It has given me transferrable, valuable skills that are attractive to employers if I want to move or do travel nursing. I like working with my patients and their families. However, sometimes things get crazy with patients and their families and you can't make this stuff up. You go home and laugh at how ridiculous some situations are, but in the heat of the moment, it was tense or stressful. I am able to be both a nurse and a teacher. I am going to graduate school for teaching. It has given me a whole new perspective on nursing, and I enjoy that.
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    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    If you're not looking to offend, maybe you shouldn't have included the word "morons" in the post. Just a thought. (:
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    If you could meet an AN member who would it be?

    Elvish and Canesdukegirl both seem very intelligent and down-to-earth....and I'm sure I could learn a lot from everyone on this site, really.
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    I am so confused and need some advice!

    Wow! Let me just say that you seem so strong!! 30 years old, 2 kids, on your own since you were 23 with two small children! It sounds like you and your children are making it! But you know, I think you should switch careers if you feel it would make you happy, which would reflect upon your children. When you are happy, your kids see that. It's also easier to be a good mom when you're happy and feeling confident....as long as your kids know you love them, you are there to support them, and show your love to them as much as you can, that's all that matters. Good luck with everything.
  5. I agree! I had my kid in a hospital, and he "roomed in" with me, per hospital rules. I think more hospitals should implement that rule. :redpinkhe
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    What was your first nursing job?

    My husband is an LPN, starting an RN program in June, and his first job as a nurse is home health. He really likes it! He pretty much schedules his own hours, as long as it's convenient for the patients, and if his supervisor approves (it has to be within a certain time frame for a nursing visit). One thing he doesn't like is: he doesn't know the exact hours he will have from week to week, since it varies. I'm not sure if this is the norm at other home health agencies.
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    home health aide certification

    I am a HHA in Nebraska, and I did not need further training other than on-the-job training for home health. I only needed to be a CNA. I would do what the above poster said to do: call a home health agency and ask. (: Good luck!
  8. aww. That's really sad.
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    Single Mom and Night Nurse??

    I am not a nurse (yet), nor am I a single mother - but I must admit that I agree with the two above posters. Would it really be better for your son to be 4 hours away from his grandmother and father? I have the opinion that you should probably wait until he is older to move. It sounds like it would be inconvenient for both you and your son. I wouldn't do it.
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    Nothing can hold you back

    Wow! That's an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. (: You seem wise and goal-oriented, and you're just 19! :redpinkhe You will do big things in life.
  11. I've seen a teacher have a teacher type of license plate before. I can't remember what it said, though. I just know it was a teacher. :)
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    How much I'm REALLY worth ;-)

    I'm a home health aide, too, and most people do think we are mere housekeepers.
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    What schools can you get into with a 3.6 GPA?

    Thank you for the encouragement! I get so hung up on grades, and the horror stories of having a great GPA and not getting accepted. You made my day!:)
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    Medical Dictionary

    xD These are hilarious!
  15. Any schools in Omaha, really. I'm really scared I won't make it in to any schools with a 3.6 GPA. I haven't taken microbiology or a&p II yet, so I might raise my GPA by the time I apply to any schools. However, I am still worried. What are the difficulties of different Omaha schools? What are the accepted GPA's like? I need some help.