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  1. uRNmyway

    Sure to Get Flamed for This

    What is it in your BSN classes that make you better as a preceptor? I've looked over several different programs and the classes to take, and don't remember ever seeing anything related to precepting. Ever. Oh, and this ADN has received nothing but glowing reviews from those she has precepted.
  2. uRNmyway

    Noro-virus Blues

    Viva, if it's running down your legs, it might not be tears! Unless that was implied, in which case I wish to let you all know that I really suck at getting those jokes. Ahem. Really funny article OP. Kinda brings me back to nursing school where I managed to give myself a panic attack because I thought my panic attack was a PE. I know, how does that even happen, right?! Well, it does. And then I thought every headache I got must be some brain tumor, God forbid any kind of tingling or numbness happened with it (like when you curl up in bed cuz your head hurts and you lay on your arm and suddenly, panic, hyperventilation, chest pain, oh crap, PE AND a brain tumor!!)
  3. uRNmyway

    Postpartum Care Plan

    Well, would kind of depend on whether the NICU is in the same hospital. Again, anything to offer? I'm glad to help, but don't want to do your homework for you!
  4. uRNmyway

    Postpartum Care Plan

    I think you came close to this, but along with your skin integrity issues, you have risk for infection. That might be another way to go. I agree with the role problems (parenting). That's where my mind went right away.
  5. uRNmyway

    Postpartum Care Plan

    That all looks good to me. I might add some more interventions, I know my teachers wanted a lot more than what you listed. Do you have to write one more physical or psychosocial? Which way are you leaning? What do you see as a problem or potential issue? If you can give something to work with, it's easier to help you phrase it.
  6. uRNmyway

    ER: A Family's Emotional Well Being

    Oh my. Brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful thing you've done. Seems like so often on AN, we see the opposite thing said, but you, my friend, I would be honored to have care for me or mine.
  7. uRNmyway

    Case Study: Fever

    My first thoughts were TB, or influenza? Was a LP done? Completely agree that he seems to be starting to CTD. BiPap and intubation seem likely. Also, since pulmonary embolism seems possible, prepare for IV heparin/sc lovenox? Not sure if still acceptable treatment for this, but it was last time I was working in an acute setting lol.
  8. uRNmyway

    Nurses Who Smoke Marijuana

    I think the point the previous poster was trying to make was regarding how many accidents are caused while under the influence of alcohol vs accidents while under the influence of pot. You are kinda making a straw-man argument my friend...
  9. uRNmyway

    Nurses Who Smoke Marijuana

    Well, you realize that is one of the biggest arguments FOR decriminalizing and/or legalizing right? If something is legal, you don't need to resort to criminals and gangs to get it for you. Jus' sayin'.
  10. uRNmyway

    Sitters/CNAs: Thank You For "Doing Nothing"

    Posted this on another thread, but oh, how relevant is this to the wonderful work sitters do, and the kind of things they prevent. This man SHOULD have had a sitter. HospitalInspections.org | Report Detail
  11. uRNmyway

    Yikes I'm Getting Old!

    Viva, nothing wrong with eating a little chocolate! Don't they say that eating a bit of dark chocolate every day is good for heart health? I hear ya, have similar family history, at least on Mama's side. If cancer doesn't get me, CAD will. I really have to start being pro-active on that I guess. Daily regimen of dark chocolate and red wine, starting tomorrow! But yes, seriously, add me to that list of people who would be PO'd if you aren't around much longer with your wisdom and humor. Love reading your posts.
  12. uRNmyway

    The Patient Who Receives No Visits

    And then you have the other side of the coin. Family members who ignore their parents while they are home, then all of a sudden when an end seems imminent, they come around and try to ingratiate themselves back into the will...or try to take them home so they can collect retirement, SSI, wtv, when parents are too demented to let on about elder abuse...Just as sad.
  13. uRNmyway

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Hey now, not all NP hopefuls want to work in a Minute Clinic. I HATE clinic/office work! Bedside for me as long as I.can!
  14. uRNmyway

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    This thread has gone nuts! As a relatively new nurse with roughly 4.5 years of experience, I will say that a good mix of new and old is definitely preferable. Not to say that having all newer staff is bad (I worked night shift with a group of nurses who mostly had less than 3 years experience, with 1-2 who had more, and everything went SO well with this bunch). But yea, when the poop hits the fan I'm more likely to run to the nurse with 20+ years under her belt than I am to go to the new grad with 256 different certifications but hasn't had a chance to put any of them to practice. As the wise Confucius said 'I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.' Give me a nurse who has done and understands, anytime lol. BTW, its been real entertaining to see those who have taken this thread so personally. If you are young, thin and pretty, good for you. If you are also a good nurse, all the better. A wise person would understand that this thread has not been about generalizing. Not all cute, young, thin new grads are simpering fools who sit at the nurses' station playing on their smart phones, who have no manners, etc. What does make you look like a fool is coming online and bristling and getting defensive about it. 'Methinks the lady doth protest too much!'
  15. I have a question about this...If you receive a questionnaire and don't submit it, does that affect anything? Is 'No comment' seen as 'bad comment'?