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CheesePotato is a BSN, RN and specializes in Sleep medicine,Floor nursing, OR, Trauma.

Delightfully unbalanced adrenaline junkie with a penchant for good wine.

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  1. CheesePotato

    Surefire Tips to Starting the Toughest IVs | Knowledge is Power

    I would love to add to this with one of my tips. If the veins keep blowing, or you arrive to start the IV and are told the veins blow the moment they are punctured, try starting the IV without the tourniquet. Tourniquet on. Identify your ves...
  2. CheesePotato

    Not sure how to proceed...

    ^^^^ This. Get your ADN. Less financial output, greater financial gain in the least amount of time. Once you have your RN license, start chipping your way through your additional schooling and career goals. Most APRN programs do not req...
  3. CheesePotato

    how did you know nursing was for you?

    I needed a job. No really. This isn't a calling or a "passion" for me. But I have been a nurse for about a decade and a half and I'm content with my career path. Motivations matter only to the person who holds them and having passion doesn't ...
  4. CheesePotato

    Feeling defeated...

    Step number one: Have your moment. It's okay to feel hurt by these comments and everyone has this moment at least once in their student life/nursing career. Step number two: Collect data. Shelve emotions because this can sting. ...
  5. CheesePotato

    Patient complaint - Did I mishandle this situation?

    Good day, Lily8424, I wanted to build on this to help you as you are a newer nurse and I know the struggle can be real. So let's talk about pain and sleep. As we know, and you can readily find the literature to support, sleep is a criti...
  6. CheesePotato

    Mount Marty CRNA school

    I am not a student at your program but it all tends to be the same: 1. Accept your enrollment by plunking down your deposit, filling out paperwork, or whatever have you. 2. File your FAFSA! <-- this will get you started on setting up ...
  7. CheesePotato

    The golden first year?

    ^^^ THIS.
  8. CheesePotato

    The golden first year?

    Oh my little tater tot, give yourself a break! You are only 23. Be kind to yourself. This is a LOT to go through and feeling overwhelmed and lost when suddenly faced with all the harshness of reality and life is normal in a way. But I am tel...
  9. CheesePotato

    4 Reasons Nurses Need Mentors

    I could write for hours and days about my mentor. I didn't go into nursing looking for a mentor or thinking I needed one. I am typically pretty aloof--like a cat. I mean, yeah, sure, I'll come around eventually, but otherwise I just hide und...
  10. CheesePotato

    The golden first year?

    Hello PinkDoves-- I want to start this out by saying I am worried about you. Your posts on this thread are filled with a sense of almost despair and it troubles me to know you are experiencing such a hard time with this. Much of what other...
  11. CheesePotato

    Do nurses hate nursing?

    Greetings, Pandora1212-- I have been browsing over everything that was written and where I agree with a lot of the frustration expressed by others on this thread regarding the conditions of healthcare, the change of healthcare to "just another b...
  12. CheesePotato

    Feeling Guilt For Being Sent Home

    No, not every school does. To keep this thread clear, I would be happy to discuss my journey to SRNA with you via PM. ?
  13. CheesePotato

    Feeling Guilt For Being Sent Home

    Are there no patients on Tele? LOL. But yeah-I know what you mean. It's not quite the same, I can appreciate that whole heartedly. After all, reading about a balloon pump is very different from working with one . Sometimes when we have to...
  14. CheesePotato

    Feeling Guilt For Being Sent Home

    Knowledge is not something defined by or limited by the floor of your employ. Basically speaking, even should you decide to go to tele, you can always take a 12 lead class or pick up a copy of The ICU Book and read through it. Or you could gr...
  15. CheesePotato

    Feeling Guilt For Being Sent Home

    I feel like there are some things to unpack here from reading your posts. Now, granted, I have never met you and so I am going off of what I perceive from your posts, so please forgive me if I am wrong. First of all, there is the sentimen...