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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with multiple medical issues, and as we... Read More

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    Saw one get frosted like a cake by a pt that just had a Milk and Molasses enema. He was adament about examining their back at that time. Guess he will listen next time I saw it might not be the best time.

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    We once had a beautiful but nasty female OB. She degraded every nurse every chance she got. One day during a delivery, she decided not to wear a mask because the "VIP" patient's family wanted to videotape the delivery and she wanted to look her best. The patient, up in stirrups, pushing, suddenly sneezed and a large amount of urine came out, right into the doc's mouth (she was sitting at the perineum). As soon as she wiped it off, the patient sneezed again and got her again, right in the face! We had the hardest time containing our laughter as the patient didn't realize what happened. Needless to say, she wore her mask for every delivery after that!
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    Hahaha!!! So your mean now? ; )
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    I once witnessed a doctor yelling at a CNA for not properly locking a cath bag and when he checked it - he almost got wet.

    I walked away thinking that could have been said a bit nicer...

    2 hours later this doctor is called back bc a different patient needed a consult. Well as life would have it the new green CNA was walking out the door with a topped of cylinder of fresh warm steaming urine to ask another nurse where the 24 hour collect bag was... LOL, I am giggling already...

    Well as I am sure you are imagining the doctor was barrelling around the corner as said CNA was stepping out of the room and as they were about to collide the CNA knowing she was about to get creamed jumped... Making the urine fly up out of the container as the momentum of the doc propelled him into a pee shower.

    The CNA stood dumb founded for at least a minute before running back into the room to hide. While I stood there trying my best to keep my game face on.

    The doctor dripping in urine turns to me and says very slowly


    And I replied as humbly as possible "Yes doctor, I believe that was pee." He then said "My karma for the day has got me. I hate to see what will happen next when my karma from that proctologist I yelled at yesterday comes back to me!"

    You would think the story ends here but it would seem that our charge nurse had just come back from lunch and as she steps up to the desk yells "Ok, why does my hall smell like a public urinal?"

    The doctor stood rod straight and turned to her and said "Its my new cologne O'de Toilet!" And storms off. Meanwhile as I fill in the charge - she begins a riot of laughs as this doctor was not the most popular on the unit. It should be noted that after that event I never heard the doctor yell at a nurse/CNA again.
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    Quote from MommaNurse26

    Omg, I am trying not to cry. Kudos to you for keeping it together
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    An MD, much like the other doctors described... was notoriously hateful to nurses. He clearly degraded our profession and was just...mean. Once he wrote for a confused elderly woman to start a full liquid diet, even though she had failed her speech/dysphagia study. On his daily rounds, he asked how much she had eaten that day. I stated I didn't feel right feeding her because of her aspiration risk. He chewed me out, told me to follow him, and started to feed this woman a container of pudding himself (which was funny to watch anyway), stating "see, how hard is this??". Not even ten seconds later the patient had a coughing fit and threw up all over the MD's nice white jacket. He got up, red-faced, and left the room. I cleaned the patient up, came out to check orders... and found the doc had written "Strict NPO". Three years after this incident, he hasn't said one word to me. Ha ha.
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    One of the docs at my old hospital was a rotten madman and got sent to prison for heavy duty medicare fraud. I always knew there was something wrong with that guy.
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    Quote from MommaNurse26
    I once witnessed a doctor yelling at a CNA for not properly locking a cath bag...
    That. Was. Funny!!!!!!!

    I actually laughed out loud on that.
    Again, I'm amazed how sitcom-like the real world can be.

    I have no story to tell now because there is no way I have any that funny.

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    Worked at one time with a doc who had a bad case of "small man syndrome". (He was about my height - 5'3") I informed him that his PIH pt. had 4+ DTRs. Of course not believing me he walked over to the bed, standing at the side of the foot of the bed, in FRONT of the patient and gave a sharp rap to her patella. Naturally the foot flew straight out, striking him squarely in the expected location. Hardest time I've had keeping a straight face!
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    This thread is not safe for elderly women trying to get to work. We can't laugh this hard and keep underwear completely dry! After hours case in OR. Surgeon is a notorious screaming anus- literally screams. We're in OR, patient is asleep and while he's screaming at the surgical tech and circulator, he trips over the power cord for the C-arm and breaks a finger. We had an advantage because everyone had a mask on. The case went quickly and quietly.
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