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  1. I was in my very first semester of nursing school, and went to a family picnic with a guy I had just started dating. One of his relatives asked me to pull the loose tooth out of her screaming 4-year old daughter, thinking I would be able to do it without hurting her because I was a nurse.
  2. aboucherrn

    The dumbest thing you've ever heard...

    I had a patient tell me he was allergic to suppositories because they gave him diarrhea. We REALLY need to be educating these people on the difference between a true allergy, an adverse side effect, an intolerance, and 'did not have the desired effect'. Just because potassium burns when it goes through your IV, does not mean you are allergic to it.
  3. aboucherrn

    HELP! Masking the smell of feces!

    I put Carmex in my nose during my entire first year of hospital nursing... ha ha. It really does get better.
  4. aboucherrn

    How guilty do you feel?

    No need to feel guilty. My personal motto is "Life first, then work". You'll work short-staffed some days, it all comes around.
  5. aboucherrn

    Best Mispronunciation?

    I was in charge one night and got a page for an incoming patient with "Shortness of Breast". Ha ha ha. I also had to correct a HUC who entered an order for "Due Battle May Citrate" instead of "One Bottle Mag-Citrate". Computer order entry has really ruined the game of trying to decipher MD handwriting.
  6. aboucherrn

    Best Mispronunciation?

    You guys are cracking me up with your quotes... I don't think I have read one about "OldsTimers" disease (Alzheimers). I worked with a nurse once who pronounced it like that. A little piece of my soul died every time she said it.
  7. aboucherrn

    Best Mispronunciation?

    That's actually very logical... lol
  8. aboucherrn

    Best Mispronunciation?

    Vegetable surgery....That is hilarious!!!!!
  9. aboucherrn

    Best Mispronunciation?

    I admitted a patient last week who said that the pain medication "Millonick" worked for her in the past. It took me a while, but I was able to figure out that she was talking about Dilaudid. I also had an elderly lady who was very concerned about her "Coodamin" being given on time. Then there was the lady who called her peripheral IV a PICC line all night. Of course, I gently corrected all of them. What entertaining mispronunciations have you heard from patients?
  10. aboucherrn

    Change of Life

    What about the federal government? They have a huge need for AP nurses for the Indian Health service. There are many remote places you could go that would fit what you described. Good luck, and congratulations :).
  11. aboucherrn

    Getting older...feeling forced out

    Ditto... I have a BSN, yet I feel exactly like you. I give 100% at work, but canʻt seem to keep up with the charting, the constant changes, and management down my throat to "do a little better". I keep asking myself, "whatʻs the point?". Getting that degree does nothing for your pay, your workload, or your sanity. Trust me. If healthcare is moving towards "customer service" and "patient satisfaction", why do we need degrees in the first place? We are just going to do whatever the "customer" wants to get that high score, right? Iʻd take a hospital staffed with ADNʻs and LPNʻs any day :)
  12. aboucherrn

    Transport in the hospital.

    I feel your pain!! And I think itʻs only going to get worse. Transport is gone... whatʻs next? Housekeeping? Weʻll have to clean and sanitize the rooms before the next admission. And then dietary... weʻll have to take custom meal orders and prepare and serve them ourselves. Itʻs getting ridiculous.
  13. aboucherrn

    History of Bipolar Disorder, can I do this?

    Much like the two previous posters, I am a longtime nurse with a longtime history of bipolar disorder and anxiety. Some days I wonder how I have made it this far as a nurse. I work nights for the anxiety, and stay on a night-shift schedule on my days off so I can get a proper amount of sleep. My husband works from home and we donʻt have kids, so it may be easier for me than many other people. I have had multiple conversations with my extended family about daytime events, and they finally ʻget itʻ. I did the best when I worked 3p-11p three days a week. This schedule is nearly impossible to find in the hospital setting, and I donʻt want to do it 5 days a week, so 3 12ʻs it is for me. Itʻs hard to function sometimes on my ʻlowʻ days, but I try to forget myself and remember I am there for the patients, and I just do my best. I rarely work overtime, and I seem to use up my PTO on mini-vacations when things get really stressful. I see a therapist and a psychiatrist occasionally just to stay on track. Thereʻs very little research out there (that I can find) regarding bipolar disorder and 12 hour night shifts. I donʻt broadcast my issues at work, but I trust a couple people that I can tell when Iʻm a little ʻoffʻ and may need a little extra help. I make up for it on my ʻupʻ days. Ha ha. Routines really help, and you will find your own! Having a good support system at work and at home helps a lot, too. Good luck, let us know how you are doing!
  14. I have been a floor nurse for nearly fifteen years. It seems like the profession has turned from a mutual respect relationship between nurses and patients, to a demanding, kiss-my-butt-or-Iʻll-give-you-a-bad-score relationship, and I wonder why nurses even need a degree anymore. Why do I need a degree if Iʻm just going to do what my patients want anyway, regardless of what the doctor has ordered or what is good for them? I feel like management doesnʻt have our backs anymore, and itʻs all about "get those scores higher". Itʻs really tough to do your best every day, sacrificing your own health and happiness, only to be told itʻs not good enough. Wow, that was a little off-topic. Iʻm having a bad week! I relax on my days off, swimming, journaling, napping, reading... I tried management, and while my body felt better, my mind felt WAY worse. Travel nursing used to keep me from getting burned out, but itʻs not as glamorous as it used to be. Precepting helps me feel like Iʻm making a difference. Great posts, everyone, Iʻm always so relieved to come to this site and know that Iʻm not alone!
  15. aboucherrn

    The Worst Hospital Visitor I've Ever Seen

    The family members who would come in to visit the trached and vented patient and turn off their oxygen and suction so the patient would desat and they could try to sue us for negligence. Thank god vented patients stay hardwired to a monitor. Idiots. The woman that came in four hours after her 41 year old sister had unexpectedly died and asked about the $5 bill she saw on the bedside table the day before. The 21-year old who came in at 2:00 a.m. drunk and crying for "his mommy" who was a patient on the unit. Not sure who let him through the doors. Shockingly, no sex stories come to mind!!