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  1. Guttercat

    Dialysis Nurse Day to Day

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Guttercat

    Saw this post from 2010. New Zealand nursing?

    vyecheverria, thank you. And yes, I am doing some research into the requirements for NZ RN license. Have also requested info from the immigration department. They have a very helpful website as well. That said, housing is an issue, and the salaries are less. I have been looking at Auckland and Wellington...oh my! Even rentals. As a single person with one income, it might be what kills my plans. But I haven't given up. In my specialty, I would need to be in a larger hospital, so moving more than 45 minutes out of the CBD will probably not work.
  3. Guttercat

    Saw this post from 2010. New Zealand nursing?

    Truly appreciate the info, NZrnsoontobe. Thank you so much for the help.
  4. https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/us-rn-planning-458374-page2.html Are there any expat RN's currently working/living in Auckland or Wellington? What has changed? Good or bad? Would love to go for a few years, or better yet even permanently. I am finding a lot of financial reasons *not* to make the move (salaries, rents, home prices). Is it as bleak for a single, working migrant without an enormous bank account as I am finding?
  5. Guttercat

    RFID Implantation and Implementation: A Look Into the Future

    Do you really think that you would have a choice in the event RFID becomes the norm? How many employers offer the choice of a paper check vs direct-deposit anymore? How many employers offer the option of submitting an application on paper? Applications in technology start out innocuous enough, but tend to grow tentacles. RFID technology is about tracking and controlling the flow of data and commerce. That's pretty big.
  6. Guttercat

    Advice for family...

    TraumaRUs and StarBrownRN have already given great points to consider. The question to ask (at your grandfather's stage) is ...what does he want? It sounds like he is at the tipping point as far as his renal function goes, but to put him on dialysis now might not prolong his life with any quality. Indeed a tough question. Edit to add: patients with an ejection fraction such as your grandfather's often do not tolerate dialysis well.
  7. Guttercat

    Seattle Children's Hospital / Living in Seattle

    Seattle is currently the fastest growing city in the U.S....at it's already enormous. And have you looked at housing? It's outrageous. So is the traffic in the greater Seattle metro area, especially in and out of that neighborhood. If you make the move, I'd recommend researching housing and commute times very, very carefully. You have to understand that the entire Puget Sound corridor is a commuter's nightmare. If you fly out, plan to stay at least four days to get a feel of the area.
  8. Guttercat

    I need a loan but can't get a cosigner

    What he said.
  9. Guttercat

    New nurse.. Just want to quit everything..

    Is this for real? I've never heard of such a situation. I'm finding it difficult to believe. Get out of there.
  10. Guttercat

    Irony regarding cellphone use at work

    I do not carry a smartphone. I carry an old-school flip-phone. Problem avoided. I can still receive texts while at work, but that's it.
  11. That's a good point. Thanks.
  12. Why in god's name do they *need* our license numbers? Pfffft.
  13. On my last license-renewal cycle, my college classes counted. But they are now old enough that they will not carry over. I was about to sign up with Nurse dot com...but it refused to allow me access to their CE content unless I provided personal info including my DOB, level of education, and RN license number. Wat! Nope. Stuff it, data miners. Anyone have any favorites?
  14. Guttercat

    Acute renal failure alert?

    Was just looking for this thread about a month ago. Thanks, Chisca.