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  1. macgirl

    Do you know your patients?

    As everyone else has said time is key. I try to learn about 2 patients per shift. Key diagnosis on them & key history items. After 15 shifts repeat, (learn the new ones firsts) after awhile you will know thier norm for vitals, meds ect. After a few months you will have them down well.
  2. Might try posing to a larger forum, also try Craigslist, and Simply Hired. Got good leads from both of them.
  3. Thomasville medical center, most nursinghomes. Like White Oak Manor. Where do you live?
  4. macgirl

    Fired during probation... what now-- more than 1 yr RN

    Keep trying. Me I wouldnt even list the job. Dont know where you are but if you would be will to go into psych the are always hiring at Thomasville medical center in NC. And everyone I worked with was in thier second career. 50yrs would be zero of a barrier.
  5. macgirl

    caught up in a dilemma

    in going to agree with the others who said if need to take a class more than twice... But that said I know a girl who took a class A&P 3 time failed it again and again, sometimes how it's taught factors in. Online is harder, some instructor give way too much info. Example, My A&p instuctor had a heart issue and we got the dept head she was great, then a sub he was terrible, I asked to get into her class (follow/transfer) I did best decision ever. I strongly preferd night classes, took another instructor, OMG 6 chapters anight in depth, he would print out lines and add to it. Transfered class dept head again she was good, not even 6 chapters a week. An covered thoughly and understandably. Perhaps ask around whos good do they have the class outline what the work is like, papers test, chapters a week, how it the material covered and explained. If your going to keep trying. Not to be Debbie Downer but let me also say this, ALL my nursing instructers wanted A&P 1 and 2 to count for points along with Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry and algebra/statistics. Without out fail those that had to take those classes multiple times failed out first semester. One guy in class was taking A&P I for the 3rd time while in the program, he failed. It was a bone of contention for the instructors that he and other had gotten in, in the first place. There were over 600 applications for the program. It went by points and application date. 12 Point max day class was those with 11-12, (could also chose the night program Ie they were given first choice) then those with 10-11 points again ranked by date. They also had no maxium limit on retaking classes for point, But that was something the new admission counsler told me was changing (when we talked about my going from ADN to BSN after graduating) The drop out rate was 1/3 of the class in the first semester.
  6. Well first things first you need to be able to support yourself and your family right??? Become an ADN, you can make a living. Most hospitals will pay for you to further your education. after you have been there a year. Which trust me is fine, there 's a big learning curve first year nursing. As far as jobs go, ask HR at nearby hospital, what the outlook is and what will give you an in. As in a summer nursing internship, working as a CNA ect. What I can tell you is, if you can move and are willing to move there are jobs. Those that complain about lack of jobs are the same people unwilling/unable to move. I get it, its harder if you have a family or a house. So look into jobs for new grads, talk to school instructors, Mine knew exactly how long it took the last class to find jobs and what knind of jobs they got. Only 10 out of 30 had jobs in 3 mo after graduation. We told that the market was improving for us, that we could get a job but that we might need to start on nights or in a nursing home. I got my licence first of Feb, It was technically end of Jan but saw it Feb 1st, I put it on every job application and up dated my resume with it. I made a goal 3 applications a day. granted some where 30 jobs with one application. Had an interview on the Feb 9th hired on the 13th. Now mind you I had either Drive an hour one way, to a smaller town or move there. I split the difference, I got a place within 7 min of the hospital, a cheap place and a roomate from work. I drove up, worked my 3 shifts and drive home. Most of my coworkers had a drive 30min-1hr to this job. I now have a job in a major hospital near me. So I guess what I'm saying is this, How easy can you get a job there? and strongly consider, Are able and willing to move?, or Have a 2nd place?, Would put your house on the market and rent knowing you may have to move for a job. Granted being willing to move also gets the chance at a choice field and choice hours. I got both with my first job. Many of my school mates did as well those that went nursing home 1st year did so because they were unable to move due to kids and homes.
  7. I'm guessing TMC, use to work there...
  8. I have a job that's 1hour away, 2 1/2 commute. I got a cheapo place with a roommate. I stay there two days an week and spend the rest of my time at home. The cost of gas is about the same as what I pay in rent. And I can get a bit more sleep. I don't really mind the drive but when the weather is bad, it good to be close. I would take your dream job. Perhaps in time you would move closer or want to move closer, or after a year or so get a job closer to you.
  9. macgirl

    How far do you travel to get to work?

    Update, I got a cheap 2 bedroom near work. It $300 a month, and with my roommate it's 150 a piece, as it turns out many of my coworkers drive 30 mins if there close and up to 1 1/2 hrs if there far away. My roommate is also an hour way from the opposite direction. We just stay there 2 days a week between our 3 days.
  10. macgirl

    From a simple foster mom...

    I agree, submit this to Dear Abby, it's great information. And an eye opener.
  11. macgirl

    Clinical Failure

    I understand it's hard to get up early I too found AM clinicals awful. I took melatonin to fall asleep and Benadryl to stay asleep I set 2 alarms. An got there early and eat breakfast. I wore no nail polish. The importance of being on time was made clear to us this way, your gonna be awfully ticked off, if after a 12 hour shift your replacement isn't there and you have to stay, so be on time, in fact be early, that way you can stash your crap, chat with people before hitting the floor. It makes for an easier and better day for every one. We were constantly told to act as if it was a job interview, those nurses notice if your late, lazy, sloppy ect and it can keep you from getting a job. Also your clinical instructors write your recommendations for your first job. Getting known in the wrong way, hurts you way more in the long run. Right now, here's what you need to do.... Get up on time, go to the health department and get a TB shot it ten dollars, (frankly I'm surprised you were allowed on the floor with out it, we were told if we didn't have it it was an absence until we did and you only allowed to miss so much before failing the class) and get there on time, early in fact and apologize. Then make yourself the most awesome student from here out so that hopefully the other clinical instructors will give your a good recommendation, and the other floor nurses will like you and give you a recommendation. I have my first job it's nights so yes getting up on time is whole lot easier and I don't need to take anything anymore to sleep. But my job is an hour away. It 2 1/2 hour round trip, I leave an extra 1/2 hour early to allow for traffic, my boss knows where I live and drive that's involved, (her daughter lives here) she doesn't care, too may people are looking for a job. It's still a write up if I'm late (not I have been) and yes I have been late 10 min or so a couple of times, due to really bad weather. I would have been a lot later without my cushion. Also they look at call outs and tardiness when they do reviews, and it factors in to raises. My sister hospital had 1-3% raise places on your evaluation. Being on probation for tardiness or anything else meant 0 raise.
  12. macgirl

    Nervous going into Nursing...

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  13. macgirl

    For those who passed: Please share your study habits

    Here's what I can tell you. I got an 99.29 conversion score on my hesi on the ncbon questions...60 it was all I could do to get a passing score, on some of them. I got 75 on nclex lot count of how many sata q's and was done in just over an hour. Longest hour of my life but still...
  14. macgirl

    For those who passed: Please share your study habits

    It was a little pricey and not very helpful. It was a hard read review wise. I found Saunders great for review. It hit all the the main points, of course with out the med/surg background to explain why's of things. If you can read it and know why things are then it helps you remember the key/main points. Mosbys questions are tough, better than the state board questions. By which I mean if you can do them you can do nclex. You would think the state board questions would be better, but I found them confusing and not great with the rationals. with mosbys if you get it wrong you know why and don't make the same mistake. So more progress... Doing questions that don't really clarify what is right and why so you get the next ones right just are not helpful at least not to me.
  15. macgirl

    Day shift or night shift - Which do you prefer? Why?

    Artsmom not true. The truth is YOU. If you are day/ morning person go that way if you are not a morning person, but a night owl go for nights. Days would kill me. Clinicals were awful for me getting up at that hour. I would go to bed only a few hours earlier normally.I need stuff to sleep before clinicals.
  16. I too am in NC, I got my license in February, then started applying within 2 weeks I had 2 jobs. I had to turn down interviews for weeks. Sent from my iPad using allnurses.com

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