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bagladyrn is a RN and specializes in OB.

i'm a traveler x 18 yrs now,mother of grown son,single

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  1. bagladyrn

    Singlism in the workplace

    This post should have come with a "coffee spew" warning!
  2. bagladyrn

    Hospital Ad Campaigns

    The most annoying ad I've seen was a billboard for a hospital ER advertising "make an appointment online and wait at home for your time". People - if you can wait at home - it's NOT an emergency!
  3. bagladyrn

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts

    I work 12 hr. nights and if 8 hr shifts were all that was available I'd retire. As a travel nurse I'd see no point in going to a new area if I didn't have the extra days off to enjoy sightseeing.
  4. bagladyrn


    I haven't looked up her other tweets yet but my first thought on reading the article was that she was writing satire in the tradition of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal".
  5. bagladyrn

    Going to color coded scrubs.

    Color coding is a real pain as a travel nurse! I have an entire rainbow of scrubs purchased for various 3 month assignments. I love the occasional hospitals which supply scrubs in the required color.
  6. Is this really a serious question? I figured the trolls were bored.
  7. I walk up and say "Hello, I'm bagladyrn. I don't believe we've met". Had a few providers become indignant that I don't know them but if they aren't wearing their badge it's their own fault.
  8. bagladyrn

    A Close Call...

    Great catch! And extra kudos for persistence!
  9. bagladyrn

    Mandatory Evacuation: Facing Fear of the Unknown

    Now that the fires are out I was awakened today be my phone blaring an emergency alert warning of mud and landslides and flash floods along my route to work! We are currently under some weird kind of "river" of rain from the Pacific. Told my recruiter for my next contract I want to go somewhere that no natural disasters happen! She says good luck with that!
  10. bagladyrn

    Mandatory Evacuation: Facing Fear of the Unknown

    I went through some of this recently. I'm on a travel contract in Oregon and the entire town I am housed in was evacuated. I was at work on night shift when the house supervisor came around and asked me where I was living. When I replied she told me that there was an alert for possible evacuation in that area. Fifteen minutes later she came back and told me it had been upgraded to "Leave now.". I have a friend traveling with me so I had to clock out, drive home, wake her and grab a few things and get out. Luckily the hospital is in a different town so I was able to get a motel room and avoid staying at a shelter so I could continue working. Just to top things off, Hurricane Irma was at the same time so my mother and my house were in the path of that. Thanks to cell phones we were able to keep in touch during our mutual evacuations.
  11. bagladyrn

    California Requires Gender Pronouns

    And this sort of attitude among health care providers is exactly why this law is necessary. Why would you think that your personal opinion as to someone else's gender identity is relevant or needs to be considered?
  12. bagladyrn

    California Requires Gender Pronouns

    Okay, first of all, an individual can identify as male while still having a functioning uterus, so pregnancy as well as diseases of those organs needs to be considered. If everyone were educated and respectful of other people's gender expression there would not be a need for such laws. Unfortunately we don't live in such a world so legislation is needed to protect patients from the behavior of the bigoted and ignorant.
  13. bagladyrn

    Confused about negotiations

    Hey Ned! I resemble that remark! What do you mean we don't lurk?
  14. bagladyrn

    Can I be fired for refusing PPD during pregnancy?

    There is a blood test called Quantiferon Gold which is an alternative test to the ppd. Why don't you see if your agency will accept that?
  15. bagladyrn

    Credit where credit is due

    I would gladly give the names but will only do so with their express permission. I should also make the point that is wasn't only my recruiter but also several great people in the housing department and those who took calls on the holiday weekend.
  16. bagladyrn

    Credit where credit is due

    Since we so often hear what agencies do wrong I want to give kudos to one who went above and beyond. I have spent the last 11 days evacuated from my housing because of wildfires around the town. When I was told to go it was "evacuate now". When I called my agency (on the holiday weekend) they immediately agreed to cover my hotel cost in the next town. They continued to extend the stay as days passed with no change in the level of evacuation, even as they themselves were dealing with the impending and actual hurricane on both a business and personal level since they are located in south Florida. My recruiter even went so far as to ask if I needed help arranging safety for my elderly mother who is in Florida. The agency is Cross Country. I won't post the individuals names as I don't do that on a public board, but intend to let the agency know how much they are appreciated.