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  1. lrobinson5

    Help with interview outfit

    After being away from Allnurses for a while, went to my activity and found my last topic was this thread. So an extremely late update: I got the job I was interviewing for! You're all awesome, thanks so much
  2. lrobinson5

    The Cannibalism of Nursing

    Sometimes I think, "maybe if I would have gotten pregnant at 17, I'd have 4 kids living on welfare in my section 8 house eating steaks with my food stamp card living it up right now". But no. I haaad to go to college to be a nurse. I could have been a stripper, a drug dealer, or anything else for that matter. Wow. Let me tell you that I had my first child at 17, and now have 4 kids that I support with my nursing job. I don't find my choices on par with stripping and dealing drugs. Wherever the hell you work you need to escape, it has already burnt you out. If it isn't the workplace then you need some serious self-reflection.
  3. lrobinson5

    November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    I swear, this is the fifth person today trying to give me a bird flu vaccination.
  4. lrobinson5

    Help with interview outfit

    I have these heels in my closet (Picture is from someone else selling them on ebay): What do you think of the heel, toe, and also does it matter if it is shiny black? Others said to wear flats or a low heel, so I was worried the ones I owned weren't a good fit. Thanks again for your feedback!
  5. lrobinson5

    Help with interview outfit

    Okay, so here is what I found at Kohls: This plus a pencil skirt. The picture of the blouse shows the neckline less conservative than it is when I tried it on, I think it was very modest with no cleavage. Also, I found a low wedge heel: After I found the shoe online, I noticed that the material for the heel and shoe are different, making the heel look lighter (almost gray in the picture, but in real life just a different shade of black). Is that a problem or am I seriously becoming too picky? You all are amazing! It is so nice to have constructive feedback. So what do you think of this different setup?
  6. lrobinson5

    Help with interview outfit

    I'll check it out today and post if I find something :)
  7. lrobinson5

    Help with interview outfit

    Thanks so much for the feedback! Feeling the love from you guys helps a lot As for the suit jacket and pants, I wasn't able to find a suit jacket that I liked... it seemed that in order for it to fit in the middle, the shoulders and arms are too big for my frame. I did find a nice pair of dress pants but was underwhelmed with the options for a blouse. I'm not a fashionista--I've only tried going to Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory. Any stores that I should check out in Southern California? At the very least I know the dress isn't a train wreck, and all isn't lost if I can't find a good alternative
  8. lrobinson5

    Help with interview outfit

    I feel a bit awkward asking for help, but hopefully someone can give me some feedback because I am very stressed out about what to wear. I have an interview for a job on a Med-Surg/Tele unit and I have a little over 2 years of experience. For my first RN interview, I loved the outfit I had and felt very confident. After trying unsuccessfully to recreate the look, I need advice if what I picked is okay. A little background: I had a baby in January and my belly is still very squishy, which is why I am having trouble finding something that fits right. I tried to do a pencil skirt with a nice blouse but I just have awkward rolls everywhere. I picked out a dress that I think looks nice, but I never think of dresses for interviews, which is why I am apprehensive. This is the dress: I am also pairing it with a black cardigan because I don't think sleeveless is okay for an interview. Anyway, what do you think? Should I continue looking (I still have a week left) or stop stressing? If you guys have any suggestions I'll try them. I feel very self conscious because my figure has changed a lot with the last baby, so ANY feedback is appreciated because my husband is probably too kind Thanks for your time!
  9. lrobinson5

    Acronyms: Where's the COW?

    We had someone complain about that, so the nurses that referred to them as COW's have to be satisfied with WOW's. I just call them a computer? lol
  10. lrobinson5

    Critique of Nursing School

    Just curious why parents should search for the best BSN program while completely ignoring the ADN programs out there. Especially since you seem to be disappointed with poor clinical training. It really depends on the school, both programs can offer vastly different clinical experiences.
  11. lrobinson5

    Just tattoo DNR on my chest. . . it's been done!

    I am sure someone will sue the medics that follow the order on the tattoo.
  12. lrobinson5

    "What I Really Do" meme

    Love both pics! Thanks for sharing :)
  13. lrobinson5

    New glasses

    I probably have the same prescription as Juan (not very good lol) and what you did for him was amazing. Great article!
  14. lrobinson5

    Problem Students

    For our test review there is a no question policy. We take the test on the computers, and once everyone is finished the instructors review questions and will make corrections if necessary (They look at problems that a majority got wrong and change if needed). We come back in the room, sign in, and we get to look through the test. If anyone asks a question the review is cancelled for the entire class. IF we signed in we can schedule a meeting to go over questions. Test-reviews are very quiet at my school for all of the above reasons :) I think it also allows time for students to calm down and really think about the answer. I know that there is usually more than one right answer, but there is a more correct choice. Putting that much effort into getting a one-on-one test review weeds out a lot of the knee-jerk-gimme-points reactions.
  15. lrobinson5

    How to Handle Student Incivility

    I actually think banning computers would be the easiest way to keep the classroom under control, but it doesn't help later when your grads have no self control with staying on task and using things appropriately. The most annoying thing at my school is people constantly interrupting the beginning of lecture to ask if the powerpoint is up, where can I find it, are you sure it's there, under which class? ARGH.