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Just for fun. If you have to pick one, which one? *yes, we know they are both bad for you* Login or Register to vote (takes one minute)... Read More

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    neither, I stopped drinking any form of soda years ago....unless it has rum in it or vodka
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    I only drink Pepsi when it's on sale lol
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    Coke for sure! Pepsi is just straight nasty.
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    Pepsi, over ice...breakfast of champions! Thank you
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    No Coke... Pepsi!

    If it is good enough for the Olympia Restaurant ("Cheeburger, cheeburger, Pepsi, Pepsi!"), then it has to be good.
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    Root beer all the way! But coke will do
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    Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. There is such a minimal difference between the two that it doesn't matter to me.

    I will not drink Coke or Pepsi . . .too much sugar!

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    Definitely Coke! Pepsi has a fake taste to me.
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    Pepsi all the way.
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    Coke all the way! Pepsi makes me gag and I can immediately tell when I have Pepsi. It has a weird taste.

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