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inerested in school nursing, peds, OR
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Kdrenee has 1/2 years experience and specializes in inerested in school nursing, peds, OR.

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  1. Kdrenee

    Chamberlain Houston - Please Help!

    Great chances!!
  2. Kdrenee

    DNP online

    Only 25000!? That's not bad! I didn't really look at the DNP info. I just figured since the BSN program is a whopping 86000 that it would be alot. Idk about at chamberlain, but doing all of my pre reqs I took mostly online classes and really enjoyed.
  3. Kdrenee

    DNP online

    As far as anyone who knows anything about the DNP program, I would love to hear your feed back as well. IMO, chamberlain is a great school despite what some people may say. The facility is state of the art and seems like it will take learning to the next level. The school is accredited and the advisors have always been wonderful to me. The only draw back is the price tag. Which is big! Idk about the price on the DNP program though..
  4. Kdrenee

    Chamberlain Houston - Please Help!

    Your chances are good! There are no pre-reqs.. They can all be done at chamberlain.
  5. Kdrenee

    Chamberlain Houston - Please Help!

    Patrick, There is no waiting list and you should get in easily!! I had a 3.6 GPA and a hesi score of 86 and got in! Good luck!
  6. Kdrenee

    Chamberlain Houston - Please Help!

    Chamberlain is pricey.. If you aren't transferring any credits especially. As far as transferring credits from chamberlain to other schools.. The credits in fact do transfer. I've checked into other Houston schools including Texas womens, UTHSC, and UTA. If you do plan to continue your education I would check with the school you plan to apply to first to verify that the credits transfer. In order to use your high school GPA, you must not have over 27 college credits (I believe, I may be wrong) all of the information is on the website.
  7. Kdrenee

    University of Houston: Has anyone attended?

    There are many nursing schools with great programs in Houston. University of Houston only has a nursing program at the Victoria campus if I'm not mistaken, which is not actually in Houston at all. There is Texas womens university, UT health science center, UT medical branch in Galveston, Lamar university, Houston baptist university and probably more that I'm forgetting.
  8. Kdrenee

    Starting First Hospital CNA Job

    I was in your shoes when I got my first PCA (CNA) job. Straight out of my CNA class, and a pre-nursing student. All of my clinicals were at nursing homes as well. My first job was at a hospital on med/surg and honestly it wasn't much different. I liked the hospital atmosphere much more than a nursing home, But as far as skills go I used the same in each place. I learned so much from that job though. Good luck and don't be nervous. I have found that having confidence in yourself in the health care world helps you out a ton. And be able to float sounds exciting! :)
  9. Kdrenee

    1st Day in a Peds office

    I don't have any tips as I'm a student still, but I just wanted to say congrats!!!! You will do great! You are going to be living my dream job!! I hope to be in your shoes one day! :)
  10. Kdrenee


    Wow thanks for all of the feedback! I appreciate everyone's advice. I've been thinking about this constantly and decided to choose BSN because the difference in price doesn't really matter since I will be bridging anyways and eventually getting my masters. As far as chamberlain goes.. It actually checks out to be a very good program and if I don't get in anywhere else, I will accept my spot there. Thanks again everyone!
  11. I wouldn't say there is a shortage in rural Texas (outskirts of Houston: baytown, kingwood, Pasadena, liberty, etc) but nursing homes in these parts are AlWAYS hiring, LVN, ADN, anything. HCA hospitals are new grad ADN friendly, as well as cornerstone and kindred hospitals.
  12. Kdrenee

    New grad offered job at Pain Clinic

    I would jump on it! Congrats!
  13. Kdrenee

    No Callbacks From Hospitals

    When I got my CNA job at a hospital it helped me that I was a nursing student and they also hired several other nursing students at the same time. When I went to full time student, the made me PRN and it worked out perfectly. I would suggest applying for PRN positions. I do think that being a nursing students definitely helps your chances though. :)
  14. Kdrenee


    That is true. I think I'm going to. I just do not want to be broke trying to pay student loans. Oh well, it could be worse! There are schools around Houston that 80000 +
  15. Kdrenee


    The job I have lined up could be an lvn or RN. I would much rather go straight for BSN, but that's so much money. I'm really terrified of a loan. If I did go the lvn route, I would bridge as soon as I graduated. Idk I'm just so up and down about it. :/
  16. Kdrenee


    Ok, so I've been accepted to 2 programs in the Houston area. An LVN and an accelerated BSN program. The lvn program is $5000 and the BSN will be around $42000. I would be able to pay for the LVN program out of pocket, and well obviously I would have to get a pretty large student loan for the BSN. I know LVNs and nurses in general are having a hard time finding a job, but my sister in law and my aunt are both nurse managers so I have a job lined up. I plan to eventually get my masters either way I go, but which would you choose?