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Kdrenee has 1/2 years experience and specializes in inerested in school nursing, peds, OR.

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  1. Kdrenee

    Alvin Community College LVN program

    Yes it's pretty easy! I've taken it twice.. The first time I didn't study at all and made an 86, the second time I studied only the math section and made a 92!
  2. Kdrenee

    Alvin Community College LVN program

    Nvm, I just found it! They no longer look at ACT scores. Changed to HESI only!
  3. Kdrenee

    Alvin Community College LVN program

    Thank you!! I hope I do! Another thing.. I saw post about having to take the ACT? I don't recall seeing that online. I have not taken it. Do you know if I will have to? Do you know about how many students get accepted and about how many usually appl...
  4. Kdrenee

    Alvin Community College LVN program

    Is anyone applying for the summer 2014 LVN program? I have been accepted to Chamberlain college of nursing in Houstons BSN program, but after seeing how much it really costs I have decided to get my LVN first and bridge to ADN then get my BSN. It sa...
  5. Kdrenee

    Cost of BSN

    you can CLEP alot of those classes if you think that is something you would like to do. Cheaper, and saves a lot of time. :) I am going to the Houston camus, and this I will be CLEPing as many classes as possible!
  6. Kdrenee

    Chamberlian or UIC

    I'm going to chamberlain in Houston in the fall. The price tag on tuition is just a bit more than some of the universities around town and actually a little less than another university I applied to. My sister in law is a nurse manager for a major h...
  7. Kdrenee

    Who taking A&P this summer?

    I'm taking A&P 1 and 2 this summer.. 5 week courses and then I start the nursing program in August. Eek! I'm nervous!!!
  8. Kdrenee

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    If you don't mind me asking, do you afford your monthly payment alright? I may have between 50-80 in debt and I'm pretty worried about it.
  9. Kdrenee

    How does one become a PCT?

    I'm Texas, you can take a CNA class and work as a PCT. Also, once you finish your first semester of nursing school you qualify as a PCT.
  10. Kdrenee

    Chamberlain in the fall!

    And that's not too late at all!
  11. Kdrenee

    Chamberlain in the fall!

    They gave me my scores the same day, and it took like 2 or 3 weeks to find out!
  12. Kdrenee

    How many are going straight for your BSN?

    I'm going straight for my BSN. Yes it is more expensive, and may take a tiny bit longer than another route, but I have been in college since 2009 and I'm tired of it. I'm afraid if I don't go all the way I won't want to later on. I'm ready to start w...
  13. Kdrenee

    Why a Nurse?

    1) it's the only thing I have ever been interested in career wise. I work well under pressure, I'm a critical thinker, and there are not many career choices that include making a difference in a persons life. 2) 22! 3) I want to be a school nurse and...
  14. Kdrenee

    Hand Lotion

    Jergens original scent ultra healing lotion. My hands get so dry they bleed sometimes. This lotion is awesome and doesn't smell girly. Just smells like lotion.
  15. Hi there! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what does you daily schedule look like? What hours do you go to school, and is there an evening or night option? Also, how many days a week do you go to the campus? Sorry, but my advisor isn't much help!...