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Fun: Coke or Pepsi Nurses? - page 3

Just for fun. If you have to pick one, which one? *yes, we know they are both bad for you* Login or Register to vote (takes one minute)... Read More

  1. Visit  Spidey's mom profile page
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    Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. There is such a minimal difference between the two that it doesn't matter to me.

    I will not drink Coke or Pepsi . . .too much sugar!

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  2. Visit  turnforthenurse profile page
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    Definitely Coke! Pepsi has a fake taste to me.
  3. Visit  NurseDirtyBird profile page
    #28 0
    Pepsi all the way.
  4. Visit  DoeRN profile page
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    Coke all the way! Pepsi makes me gag and I can immediately tell when I have Pepsi. It has a weird taste.

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  5. Visit  chevyv profile page
    #30 1
    Ahhh Coke, the nectar of the gods
  6. Visit  bkleriRN profile page
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    drinking a coke right now!! it get"s me through the day!!!
  7. Visit  MotherRN profile page
    #32 1
    I'm a Pepper...through and through...but because I live in the south, I still SAY "Let's get a Coke" when I mean I want a Dr. Pepper. Does that count?
  8. Visit  That Guy profile page
    #33 1
    Where is the Dr. Pepper option...

    Coke I only like with Rum or whiskey
  9. Visit  LadyFree28 profile page
    #34 0
    Quote from That Guy
    Where is the Dr. Pepper option...

    Coke I only like with Rum or whiskey
    Yeah...I'm a Pepper too...though I thought it was a Coke product...I will default to Coke when Dr. Pepper isn't around.
  10. Visit  hudabelle profile page
    #35 0
    Cola??? No neither
    Barq's... it has bite! After that I am a Pepper girl as well. I learned a thing or two living near Waco. LOL
  11. Visit  BrandonLPN profile page
    #36 0
    If we're talking about diet cola, Tab was the best. But I don't see that in the supermarkets anymore....
  12. Visit  Okie36 profile page
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    I'm a Dr Pepper girl or Mtn. Dew fully leaded
  13. Visit  Tinker88 profile page
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    LOL I'm from a place where we call soda "coke"

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