Evolution and Nursing

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    I just want to see how people feel about evolution on the nursing community. This is no way bashing thread. I just want to see if any people choose not to believe in evolution and be in nursing

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    I don't believe in evolution or creation.
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    I believe in both.
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    There are many, many nurses who believe in evolution......atheist and Christian.....quite a few that I know personally. Evolution and creationism are not exclusive though, many people believe in both, and frankly, evolution is the most rational explanation for why life is what it is now. Most people that completely reject evolution really don't understand it. It does not claim that "we came from monkeys" and it deals with a time frame that we literally cannot wrap our minds around.

    This does kind of seem like a loaded question though.......does it not make sense to you that someone could believe in it and still be a good nurse?
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    I believe in creation only.
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    Evolution is scientifically proven. It was either that, or aliens
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    Whether or not I believe in Intelligent Design, I allow for the possibility of some of evolution being possible. But what I find completely unbelievable is Abiogenesis. I find no credibility to the idea that life began from nonliving material. That idea was disproved almost 200 years ago by Louis Pasteur.

    (This post was intended to express my own opinion and not to discredit or bash anybody else's opinion)
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    Quote from sapphire18
    Evolution is scientifically proven. It was either that, or aliens
    Who either were created or evolved... :-)
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    Quote from Anona-mouse
    Abiogenesis... was disproved almost 200 years ago by Louis Pasteur.
    Quite untrue given that Pasteur knew nothing about nucleic acids nor protein synthesis...
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    I'm a Christian who believes the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant word of God--beginning w/ Genesis 1:1. Actually the more science I learned, the less sense evolution made. Take irreducible complexity...we have so many intricacies that have to ALL work together for us to live, from organ systems to cells. So many things would have HAD to evolved at the same time... Heart, vasculature, blood, lungs to oxygenate the blood, respiratory system connected to the lungs... 12 clotting factors and a coagulation cascade so that our blood clots when it needs to AND flows freely when it needs to. The nervous system w/ its sensory and motor functions, which works WITH SEPARATE sensory organs to allow us to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. I could go on and on all day... but those are just some examples of things that would have had to evolve together for there to even be a survival of the fittest...and then in males AND females, at the same time, so that reproduction could occur. And in how many species alive on the planet today... Statistically, the likelihood of that happening is zero. A creator seems much more plausible an explanation.

    Nursing doesn't really deal w/ origins though. Was I in the minority in my science classes? Sure. But the science that you have to learn for nursing is purely empirical. Knowledge that we know to be true b/c we can observe it, can reproduce it. I don't think any philosophy of origins really affects one's ability to be a good nurse, or makes one a bad nurse. I personally am fascinated by the Creator's work though.

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