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  1. sapphire18

    Patient waking up during CPR

    I recently had a young patient wake up during compressions...same thing as above, lost his pulse when we stopped compressions...restarted compressions and he woke up again...very disturbing. He made it in the end and of course I'm glad, but can't imagine what he was, or is, going through emotionally because of it.
  2. sapphire18

    USC(south carolina) CRNA 2019 cohort

    I did not get in, either. Sorry, been stalking this thread :/
  3. sapphire18

    Sterile Water for Enteral Feeding Tubes?

  4. sapphire18

    The Doc said this can't happen!???

    WOW that's a long time to be paralyzed...
  5. sapphire18

    Is this normal?

    At my teaching hospital, as at any other, the residents perform procedures such as central line insertions, trialysis insertions, a lines, etc. For the majority of these procedures, the residents are alone with the senior teaching or showing the intern. Each procedure note is cosigned by the attending, stating that they were present for the entire procedure. Well, most of the time, this is untrue. Just a blatant lie for the legal medical record. Such as the other night, when the attending was sleeping and did not show his/her face in the unit at any point in time...yet according to the charts, he was present for at least 4 procedures on that shift alone. Is this a normal practice at other institutions??
  6. sapphire18

    Brian Short News

    Just in complete shock. The length of this thread is a testimony to the legacy Brian has created here. Allnurses has taught me so much about so much, not just nursing. I only got to meet him in person once, but I was in awe, like meeting a celebrity. My heart is deeply saddened for those who were close to him. May Brian and the rest of the Shorts rest in peace.
  7. sapphire18

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    pH 6.8. Alive (at the time).
  8. sapphire18

    Medical Kidnapping

    Prob bc it's so clearly BS.
  9. sapphire18

    Medical Kidnapping

    Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Remember that time when the government enlisted all those nurses and doctors to spread ebola around the world??
  10. sapphire18

    Medical Kidnapping

    Wow. This is some of the finest BS I have ever read. They don't even try to come across as unbiased. Just from what we know from this "article," I am on the hospital's side 100%.
  11. Agree with the shaving. And enough time to provide emotional support and company to the patient- of course I do this but I wish I could spend more time on this.
  12. sapphire18

    Has being a nurse changed your outlook on...

    He** yes. Especially when I started working in ICU; it is a discussion my coworkers and I have all the time. The things we do are torturous- and often do not even benefit the patient.
  13. sapphire18


    "You need to learn English"? Really?? Last time I checked there was no official language for our country...what an awful thing to say...while it may help them to learn some English, it is our responsibility to obtain a translator whether it be in person or via phone, internet, whatever. Completely unprofessional on the SW's part. K sorry I know that was not the point of the thread but this one just hit a nerve. Was this an inpatient situation?
  14. sapphire18

    A Word To The Wise.........

    I noticed that too...
  15. sapphire18

    A Word To The Wise.........

    It feels like we nurses are being scolded and yelled at for abusing our patients- coming from out of nowhere...did a specific incident happen recently that was publicized in the media, or something? I'm so confused.
  16. sapphire18

    I realized that I was an old Psych Nurse when...

    I do this allllll the time. Not even a psych nurse:sniff:

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