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  1. TheFowldogg

    Possible Needlestick

    I work at a jail if that helps. I was cleaning an individuals wound today and putting new bandages on and what not. Well I was finishing up and I was cutting the gauze away from the person but i slightly cut through my glove and a little bit of skin. I didn't feel it and I didn't bleed. The scissors never touched the pt, I pulled the gauze away from the pt and cut. I let my boss, we filled out a needle stick protocol. She said I had nothing to worry about, I might need a tetanus shot. The scissors are chained to the wound cart. I cleaned my the top of the finger and the little skin flap, but again no bleeding and it never meant contact with this pt. I was the only one to use the scissors that day. I dont know am I just freaking out? I know we have used them on other people and they are supposed to clean them when they are done. Any input would be awesome
  2. TheFowldogg

    is it possible to get accepted

    Almost all CRNA program require at least a 3.0 GPA. I figure you the best course of action is to take a class and bump it up .02 points.

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