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  1. Possible Needlestick

    I work at a jail if that helps. I was cleaning an individuals wound today and putting new bandages on and what not. Well I was finishing up and I was cutting the gauze away from the person but i slightly cut through my glove and a little bit of skin....
  2. is it possible to get accepted

    Almost all CRNA program require at least a 3.0 GPA. I figure you the best course of action is to take a class and bump it up .02 points.
  3. NCLEX- 2nd attempt

    Keep in mind the "good pop up" is not always good. I have seen and many members here have gotten the good pop up and still failed, wait for you results.
  4. Failed 3 times and years expired in state

    new mexico is unlimted, the number of tries is 5, but you two more tries!
  5. Evolution and Nursing

    I am an RN, I just wanted to see what the general feel of "evolution" is between nurses because it is so science heavy in nature! Different from other occupations that are less heavy in science
  6. Relocating to Colorado from Texas

    Colorado is horrible for new grads, I am still looking for a job and I graduated in May 2013. They are just little room for new grads unless you have plans for LTC
  7. Waiting patiently...

    Why dont you just get the results lol?
  8. POP up??

    All you can do is just wait for the "unofficial" results. The pop up works the majority of the time, but I have seen people get the good pop and fail.
  9. I have had people get the good pop up and fail. This trick sometimes work sometimes doesn't. Id just get the results.
  10. Evolution and Nursing

    I just want to see how people feel about evolution on the nursing community. This is no way bashing thread. I just want to see if any people choose not to believe in evolution and be in nursing
  11. NCLEX one year after graduation

    I graduated in May 2013, I just recently took the exam in early March, I passed with 265 questions. I also worked in another field.
  12. Good popup! I have defeated the nclex demon lol

    Just letting people know, I have seen many people get the "good" pop up and still fail...but however let us know!
  13. Good Pop-Up but still Failed?

    I have heard of people failing even with the "good pop up" A friend of mine in school this actually happened.
  14. 265 Questions/Got Last one wrong/ Passed :D

    Hey I passed everyone. Just letting you know, you can get the last question wrong and still pass!
  15. Name backwards will they let me in?

    I am taking the test tomorrow, and I went to verify everything was in good order on the website, So I logged in and for some reason my name is backwards. So its Last Name is my First name, and first name is my last name. I take the test tomorrow, wil...